Hospital Food Around the World (Japanese Food is a Like a Gourmet Meal!)

Yes, talking about food today! Oh, you say
it’s the stuff they serve in hospitals across the globe? Eck… Actually, some of these
countries might make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about hospital food!
Wait until you see what the Japanese are cooking up for their patients! But first, let’s
start right here in… 1. The United States
Many U.S. hospitals seem to have the same staples: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes,
mixed veggies, and yogurt. Another day it might be chicken potpie with a chocolate chip
cookie for dessert. It seems U.S. hospitals try and cover the main food groups – a starch,
a meat, a vegetable, some dairy, and a fruit. And, of course, just like the other countries
on this list, a lot of the time the meal will change depending on the hospital, season,
time of day, and the patient’s condition or dietary requests. 2. Switzerland
Quiche, some type of fruit-and-nut salad, and a dainty dessert would be a common meal
at a hospital in Switzerland. There are different meat and cheese combos you could choose for
your quiche, as well as different salads if the nut-and-fruit mixture isn’t your thing.
Hey, where’s the chocolate? 3. Italy
An Italian hospital would serve you gnocchi (that’ a delicious potato or flour dumpling
served in a finger-licking sauce), whole fruits (like an apple or plum), and good old-fashioned
water. This would be more of a lunch option. But for dinner, of course, you’d find pasta
on the menu, but as a side! The main course would be seasoned sole (a type of fish), veal
stew, or chicken with lemon. Then you add your pasta, cooked veggies, a slice of bread,
and coffee or tea to drink. Nice! 4. Germany
The Germans like their “hot meal” (or main meal) in the middle of the day, with
breakfast and dinner being a little simpler. The same holds true in their hospitals. Breakfast
would consist of bread, a meat, and a cheese. Dinner would be pretty much the same thing.
In a German hospital, your hot and hearty lunch may consist of breaded quark (a smooth,
creamy cheese that’s even thicker than Greek yogurt), a vanilla sauce, applesauce, and
another fruit. Vegetable options would include broccoli or zucchini. Yum. 5. Russia
In a Russian hospital, you might get a bowl of oatmeal with yogurt or cottage cheese as
a side and a cup of tea or coffee to drink for breakfast. Come lunch or dinnertime, some
popular staples are hotdogs with buckwheat or macaroni. Soups, chicken and rice, white
or black bread with butter or cheese, and all kinds of salads are also quite common.
The surprising thing is that most hospitals have a cafeteria area where you get served
“school lunchroom” style – not all patients get meals delivered to their room. 6. Australia
What about Down Under? Apricot chicken, lamb tagine, and pumpkin soup are some of the more
exquisite finds you might see on an Australian hospital menu. They also love their spreads,
especially Vegemite! It’s made from yeast extracts, vegetables, and spices. They say
it tastes like beef bouillon. Anyone down in the comments ever had this stuff? 7. Thailand
In Thai hospitals, a boiled rice porridge dish called jok is often given to sick patients
for breakfast because of its mild flavor and smooth texture. Lunch may consist of a hearty
soup and a slice of bread with jelly – again, something that would go down easy. Dinner
is the main show – you’d get to enjoy an amazing Thai noodle soup in a delicious
broth seasoned to perfection! 8. Norway
Most main dishes in Norway—even for a hospital—are going to be locally sourced, with meat consisting
of elk, beef, or even reindeer! Sorry about that Prancer… You might find yourself staring
down at a tray with a single beef cutlet with caramelized onions on top, a side salad, a
piece of bread and butter, and a cup of coffee to wash it down. Potatoes and cabbage are
also common side dishes. 9. South Africa
A hospital breakfast in South Africa doesn’t sound too different from what I eat every
morning! Poached eggs, sausage links, toast, a slice of tomato, and coffee. (Ok, I like
my eggs scrambled, but still…) For lunch or dinner, you may get chicken with rice and
lentils, mashed root vegetable, and milk. Sounds delicious and nutritious! 10. Israel
Israel has really stepped up their hospital food game. Since 2013, they’ve been focusing
on meeting those recommended dailies, offering patients plenty of options, and, of course,
doing it all without giving up taste. So for breakfast, you’d be served whole-wheat toast,
fresh veggies, eggs in any style you like, cheeses, and oatmeal with jam. For lunch,
there’s chicken or fish fillet with cooked vegetables and a baked or mashed potato, couscous,
or buckwheat on the side. 11. Canada
As for my neighbor to the north, a meat, noodles, macaroni and cheese, peas, or carrots would
probably appear on your menu in a Canadian hospital. Also, like in a lot of places, the
food is usually frozen and sent to the microwave to save time and resources. Locals say it
doesn’t taste great, but the good news is that they’re trying to improve the situation.
I hope they at least serve fresh maple syrup there! Mmm… ooh, and Canadian bacon! 12. Japan
True to Japan’s stellar food reputation, Japanese hospital food is a lot like a gourmet
meal. Hot soba noodles, chicken in a mushroom sauce, and a daikon carrot side salad is just
one example of a delicious-sounding hospital meal! Patients are also offered a small afternoon
snack, such as a cream puff or a slice of cake with tea. 13. India
Just like in Japan, the people of India take their hospital food pretty seriously. Indian
hospital food may include fresh, seasoned Chicken tikka masala (a traditional dish that
put this country on the food map), fresh naan bread, a variety of healthy curries and soups,
and fresh veggies. Some hospitals will even cook their dishes in the traditional tandoori
style, which uses a special clay oven! 14. Mexico
Hospital food in Mexico does not disappoint! Just a few delicious items on the menu include
aguas frescas (flavored fruit waters), homemade sopa de fideo (kinda like Mexican chicken
noodle soup), grilled chicken with rice, and plenty of fruit! Breakfast would include a
choice of a freshly squeezed juice and an omelet with diced tomatoes and greens. Yum!
Can I get some flan for dessert? 15. Spain
Spaniards have a pretty high expectation when it comes to food, and this goes for hospitals
as well. Dishes come to you piping hot and are cooked from scratch! A standard offering
would be your choice of meat – chicken, fish, or beef – cooked vegetables, and a
starch (most likely some kind of potato). You may also be offered a delicious and hearty
stew chock-full of veggies and potatoes in a comforting broth. In Spain, it’s all about
quality! 16. Greece
You’ll eat the Mediterranean way at a Greek hospital. Healthy offerings include beans
cooked in olive oil, a frittata (which is basically an omelet with your choice of meats
and cheeses), veggies in a tomato sauce with herbs, and Greek yogurt of course! 17. Poland
In Poland, the hospital meals are rather dainty: bread and butter, half a cucumber, and a piece
of sausage. This would be your breakfast. For lunch, you may get a ham and cheese sandwich,
another meat choice, more cucumber, and hot soup. Not bad, especially if you like cucumbers! 18. Malaysia
In a Malaysian hospital, there are two diet options: standard and therapeutic. The therapeutic
diet just refers to modifications that need to be made due to the patient’s needs, such
as a lactose-free diet or a liquid diet. A patient may also request their food to be
spicy, non-spicy, or vegetarian. A patient on a standard diet may be offered lean meat
or chicken, fish and shellfish, fruits, leafy vegetables, and either regular or low-fat
milk. Looks like they’ve got all the food groups covered here! 19. The U.K.
A typical hospital meal in the U.K. may be some roast beef, roasted potatoes, green beans,
cheese, a white roll with butter, and peaches in cream. So, repeating pattern of all food
groups being covered. U.K. hospitals also offer “snackboxes” if a patient misses
a meal. This might consist of a cheese sandwich, crisps (that’s what we Americans call “chips”),
a juice box, and a chocolate bar. Yea, chocolate! 20. France
So, does the hospital food meet the prestige of fine French cuisine? You bet your buttons
it does! In a French hospital in Paris, you’ll be served a smoked salmon salad, chicken with
a baguette, and a slice of pie! Lean meats such as that salmon and chicken are great
for a healing patient, as are the veggies in the salad. This meal sounds filling too,
finishing off with a sweet treat to warm the soul. Mmm, bon appétit and get well soon
too all the fine hospital diners over in France! Of course, one video isn’t enough to cover
all the countries in the world, so let me know down in the comments: what food do hospitals
serve in your neck of the woods? If you learned something new today, then give this video
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  1. One thing I can't stand is plastic plates and cups some Hospitals use, I rather have foam cups and plates.

  2. I’m an Aussie and I love Vegemite on toast the thing is you can’t have it to thick you gotta lightly spread it

  3. Well that may be in north india…. but many hospitals in south india include steamed rice cakes (called idlis) and other South Indian stuff.

  4. I don't know what sources you got mate, but according to the comments you got alot of stuff wrong. In switzerland you get to choose from a variety of meals. But what you mentioned is extremely rare. Next time choose actual pics instead of drawings, might help.

  5. In switzerland you normally cant choose what goes in your quiche, if you even get one. And there is mostly one standard salad you can get. See, normally they have a vegetarian menu option and a normal menu option per day. If you dont like those, they have 3 or 4 things you can order if you dont like any of the normal menu options. But those are very basic. Like a simple cheese and meat plate or "birchermüesli". If you want different salads or good sandwiches you need to go to the hospital restaurant, if there is one. How do I know? I was in a swiss hospital recently.
    But i must admit that the food is quite tasty, they've got good cooks.

  6. Most aussies hate vegemite and in my local hospital we get mashed potato silverside (corn beef) and pumpkins for dinner

  7. The Norwegian hospital food is the delicious food wanna now why because when my dad had cancer we sometimes visit and he got dinner and they asked us if we wanted food and I chose beff it was delicious👌🏻

  8. I had surgery last year in the USA. At the hospital I was given a menu, almost like one in a "casual dining" restaurant. There was an large selection of choices I could order from: chicken, beef, pastas, salads, sandwiches, burgers, fruit, etc. Breakfast choices were ample too. The food wasn't bad, except that it was a little bland, which is to be expected.

  9. in brazil they serve traditional beans and rice with pork all mixed together they have veggies and a juice or water i loved it i had to stay for 3 weeks i was only five at the time tho and btw brazil has the best orange juice ever

  10. What you show for Indian hospital is totally wrong…they are in hospital not in five star hotel that they offer a patient chicken tikka..if you know the right information how can you post something like that you share a wrong information about India and I think you share wrong information about other countries too

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  14. So basically all the hospitals around the world has great food? Eh.. probably not. This seems just made up in 5 minutes. Norway doesn't serve moose and reindeer, so ridiculous. Content farm is running out of ideas?

  15. Dear Americans, what they say about Poland in this film is not true I am from Poland and I know how it really is

  16. In Russia serve just tasteless soup or oatmeal 😓
    In my opinion, video information about Russia is all wrong (either I was in just not good enough hospitals 😁) but inspite of this, the video is very informative!! ❤ 😘

  17. Your acting like all the foods in the hospitals are extravagant. AT THE END OF THE DAY THEY AL ALL FREAKING HOSPITAL CHEAP FOOD

  18. About vegimite I was in Australia and I thought that vegimite was Nutella and wen I did eat it I nearly spit it out

  19. Im from poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 the brekfast is extremly bread and Jam and butter we eat brekfast in the morning and like dinner a 15.00 btw the lunch is a lie .Ktoś z polski ?

  20. 10:09 this dude just said Americans call THEIR CHIPS -CRISPS
    Last time I checked the British called them crisps and the Americans called them chips
    I am so lost
    EDIT: Just listened to it again and it's correct not what I said above

  21. I live in Bangladesh ♥it is very hot in my country and I am 6 years old.
    I like the Japanese hospital food the most ♥

  22. Hospital food in usually better now than it was in the 90s when I had to stay in hospital for a while, in fact at one point because it was so bad my later father brought me a sandwich and chocolate bar from the hospital's own shop.
    Also recently a load of people here died after eating bad hospital sandwiches, so the whole subject here is rather political.

  23. Lol I wishhhhhh they served that in USA . We don’t get stake! Maybe a small meat loaf with a small cup of mashed potatoes or tuna fish with potatoe salad with lettuce and tomato. And a apple juice and a fruit cup or jello. Sometimes we get bread and butter. But everything is literally small and unsalted if you don’t ask for food you don’t get. And if you ask most people dirty look you like if you’re being greedy. And we don’t usually choose what we get

  24. What hospitals have you been too?, It really isn't, that nice in the UK Hospital my food tasted flavourless and everything was disgusting

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