Hospital Fire Safety Training

Hey I’m Zack with SureFire CPR and I’m here to talk to you today about the Hospital Fire Safety Class. Our hospital fire safety class is certified through LA City Fire Department and at the end of our class you’ll receive both a blue and a pink hospital fire safety card. The blue card is gonna be good for acute care facilites which is valid for four years, and your pink card is going to be for skilled nursing and psychiatric facilites which is going to be good for two years. During our class you’re going to learn about the four principles of hospital fire safety Which are going to be life safety, notification, how to extinguish a fire, and how to evacuate a hospital or relocate patients. Something that sets us apart is that you’re going to be getting hands-on training from instructors that are currently working in the field. We’re going to teach you one, two, and three person drags and carries, teach you how to rescue your patients and also how to rescue yourself. in case of an emergency. Our fire extinguisher training is hands-on as well and everybody’s going to get a chance to discharge an extinguisher, and learn how best to protect themselves in case of fire. So if you’re looking for a hospital fire safety class come visit us at SureFire CPR. We have regularly scheduled classes or we can come to you with groups of 10 or more. Thanks for watching and we hope to see you in class.

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