Hospital Fight Scene

okay is he gone well you just give her a couple minutes oh no Dan you can’t come back here you can’t be back here it’s okay you okay I can’t do this I can’t take this shit I can’t take this shit anymore I can’t I take this shit I am NOT going outside with you I’ve done okay I’m done I have no I am done I’m done I’m done being angry like this I’m done having you drunk like hey don’t talk okay you know what we’re gonna take a little minute you know what this is why I don’t talk to you did you go I’m here to here this is why you talked to me because I’m here this is only reason you’re talking to me you fucking asshole you can call me sue out of love with you I’ve got nothing left for you nothing nothing nothing there is nothing here for you there is nothing here for you I don’t don’t don’t I don’t think you can take back you fucking asked for it you asked me you asked mycology crazy and you don’t like it that’s why I don’t look and talk to you no I’m not gonna hit you you’re the bad guy yeah asshole okay fuck you will you get out of here you’re done don’t you fucking blame give me the keys fucking what a divorce you

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  1. Great movie. Can't help but think this entire incident could have been avoided, had she just listened to what he had to say.

  2. fuck. She really hit him…hard. Wonder how he was able to compose himself or, how many takes that had to do. Best scene out of the movie. Perfect acting. 

  3. Holy Hell this scene along with the final fight in her parent's kitchen are viscerally powerful, jarring, disturbing and hit home hard for anyone who has been through a devastating & hurtful breakup like this. A timeless classic & masterpiece of cinema!

  4. Dean – "What is this a little fan?" Lmaoooo that was so funny. But seriously, great acting. Love this movie. One of my favorites.

  5. He was right she was wrong
    She was developing feelings for this doctor
    And when she saw her EX who actually treated her like shit she still got excited

    you can even fuck them and live with them, and thats a big IF

    But come on, He did her a favor by marrying her when no smart dude would even take her serious
    She was a single mother fucked, fat, pregnant,
    And now she wanna play like its an equal round?no its not
    You are a single mother, this dude was with you, when everybody rejected you, even your own family
    Are u gonna pay back like this, now that "you thiink you are better"????

    What a bitch
    She deserved what she went through 

  6. The part that gets me angry is the doctor firing Cindy. He wouldn't have done that if she didn't turn him down just a few minutes earlier. He would've used this opportunity to try to white knight his way into her pants.

  7. So sad when he starts looking for his ring. Shows perfectly in the arguments that you can do and say things that you don't mean and at the end you wish you didn't. Movie hits where it hurts 🙁

  8. this scene so intense, they both hate and love in the same time and so romantic in quirky way.

  9. lol 1:43 he makes her a part of the conversation for like half a second. "What does it mean?" Surely she has all the answers, if only he would open the door.

  10. Cindy hitting Dean at 3:06 is so powerful! I love how it's so real and Ryan Gosling was probably like 'just dont worry hit me,' it makes it look so real how he just looks around and takes her hits and wont hit back coz after all this he still loves her

  11. Every time I think about dating or getting into a serious relationship, I watch this movie to remind me to stay single. Works every time.

  12. I like the part at the end where he takes off his wedding ring, throws it & later regrets it. It's very believable. I've done a share of impulsive things just like that out of anger.

  13. This scene is more intense than most action sequences you'd see in Hollywood blockbusters. Michelle Williams really is one of the finest female actresses working today and Ryan's also really worth mentioning, this was the movie that proved to me he's got real acting chops and is much more than a nice looking Hollywood hunk.

  14. You know, the whole time I watch this movie, I think, "Fucks her problem?". I mean, he's going through all these changes to make her happy, not to mention help her take care of a kid that's not even his…and she's mad at him, why? Because he's only wants to work at his moving company and not wanting to be a doctor or something more professional? Fuck her!

  15. I feel like so many people misunderstood the movie. Cindy wasn't an all out villain and neither was Dean. I really do think you know everything you need to know about a person based on how they view these two characters. Same thing with 500 days of Summer.

  16. When he tossed the ring then got out to look for it and then she was helping out…shiitt….broke me….beautiful i love this movie..better than the notebook and why?! Bc it is REAL.

  17. This world really needs more men like Dean. This movie shows that Dean is such a gentle, loyal and patient guy.It really makes me sad seeing him taking all that pain and shit from Cindy which he doesn't deserve but he still loves her back and tries to make an effort no matter how hard his relationship was with Cindy. Men in reality will probably hit back their ladies once they got slapped and probably wouldn't even bother taking back their wedding ring anymore once they're pissed.

  18. Mgtow= sanity
    No wife= debt free happy life

    Make your choice gents
    Either sleep alone jerking off to porn feeling broken, lonely and depraved,

    Or be single!!!!

  19. Lol, this woman is so dumb for marrying a deadbeat. IT's her own fault. I'm a woman and I say that some women are just so fucking stupid. Only marry a guy if he has a good career, if he doesn't then push him aside.

  20. Definition of long term relationships. The more passionate, the shorter time it takes for this part to arrive

  21. This scene reminds me of what Cindy’s grandmother said in the beginning. She said that she was in love with her husband but that she didn’t feel that values her as a person. While I empathize more with Cindy I think that this is what happened. While Dean and Cindy may love each other they don’t have regard for each other as individuals. This relationship was never going to work but it doesn’t mean that either of them are bad people they’re just not for each other.

  22. I sympathized with him all the way up 'til this point. I then understood how hard it must be to be married to him.

  23. After we saw this movie I said to mi girl that she was like cindy…now im alone… I guess I was right.

  24. Dean shouldn't have punched the doctor.. but in all honesty, he had it coming..
    That's why you never hit on a married woman. For one thing, it's just wrong in general Lol, and second, you never know what kind of crazy hothead she's married to.

  25. This actually happened between my parents when I was a kid shortly before they finally divorced.
    My dad walked into my mom’s work and caused a scene, she got fired. My mom still tried to make it work despite that but it was already too late.

  26. Man I wish I could've laid into and told off my family and bullies in middle and high school like Ryan Gossiling did here in this scene.

    Blue Valentine is a helluva lot better than Juno or any Expendables movie.

  27. So wrong that he kisses her when she's hitting him.
    Wish I could say I haven't been in this relationship before.
    So sad. Love turns to black.

  28. Dean: Who are you?
    Doctor: Take it easy. I'm a doctor.
    Dean: You're a doctor? You're a fucking doctor?

    Me: Can't you see the suit?

  29. "there is nothing, there is nothing here for you…..I am so out of love with you"…….. I am a better man than you, yes I can handle it "you can't"

  30. Life with an alcoholic sucks 150%, it is the best energy sucker…..they suck life out of you…..I was Cindy once and hated all the way to the end.

  31. The most powerfull and real scene Was when he returned to find his ring and she tried to help him… Was like they tried to find again their marriage…. Their love… This scene touched me… Cause the ring mean a promise… Mean love…. Mean a story….

  32. This movie is so realistic. Girls just tend to lose interest after a while, some of them work in it, others just give up eventually and the end result is a hard breakup. Sucks. Can relate

  33. What's so special about this film is the accuracy.
    Ryan Gosling's character is one every man in a relationship can relate to.

  34. This is such a great, sad movie. I'm a recovering drunk; a lot of my relationships were like this. The woman falls out of love once she realizes you just want to drink and are lazy. In his defense, he did step up to the plate to raise a kid that wasn't his. In her defense, I can see why she got sick of him. The scene where she runs into the bio dad at the grocery store is probably the most brutal scene of many brutal scenes in this film. Great stuff.

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