Hey guys, I’m Siobhan A second year medical resident Today we are going through a very requested video And that’s emergency codes in the hospital You guys have heard them overhead, you have been apart of them in some of my other videos *Over intercom* Code blue level 1. Code yellow is being called so that’s for a missing person And the question is what do they all mean and what are they all for? So let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever heard an emergency code like that overhead Or if it means something slightly different in the hospital you work at Across the world, people use these emergency codes in the hospital I live in Canada and I’m in the province of Ontario and across Ontario we have actually standardized the majority of emergency codes. There may be some little extra ones that are site specific but for the most part no matter where you work , you’ll know what it means Okay so let’s dive right in Code orange is an external disaster So something outside of the hospital is happened and we expect a whole bunch of patients to be coming to the hospital. Basically like Grey’s Anatomy when they have all those catastrophes, like a ferry sinking or a train accident, things like that but instead of going out into the field, we’re getting prepared for the patients to come And that actually happened last year so here’s.. here’s a clip from last year that I never ended up showing you guys Hey guys, it’s Sunday night. It’s about 7 o’clock.. umm I just got an email saying that there’s a code orange in this case.. um.. there’s a fire at one of the nursing homes so they’re asking for all of us to come in at short notice. Just to come in right now tonight because we have a whole bunch of patients who are going to be showing up at the hospital so I’m just getting my stuff ready to head in and um I just really really hope that um.. there aren’t too many people who’ve been injured Honestly, I was so impressed with everyone at the hospital there were probably about 30 residents who came within less than an hour to the hospital to be able to admit 100 patients 100 patients all at once coming is huge amount of work so administrators, nurses, doctors everyone pulled together to find a place to be able to care for and treat these patients So code black, this is a suspicious object or it’s an actual bomb threat so really scary .. um.. obviously we don’t hear this often, I’ve never heard, I hope to never hear it ever but because we’re not going to be as familiar there’s actually a protocol that’s kept at the nursing desk so that we can open it up if there is a code black ever anyway I can never imagine that, it’s terrifying Code blue, now this is a medical emergency. This is where I jump to action It’s when a patients heart has stopped, so cardiac arrest or when they’ve stopped breathing, respiratory arrest Or it can actually be when people are worried that’s about to happen Or a patients gotten really sick really quickly and you want more help in the hospital, you call a code blue So when I’m in the hospital working away, seeing patients and I hear an announcement and they start saying code you can just feel everyone kinda pauses for a second and is waiting and if they say blue all of a sudden, you snap into action and this is a real team activity and a lot of people showing up to these, you’ve got a respiratory therapists, anesthesia, nursing, residents, medical students they all flood in to a room to help As the senior medical resident so me I’m the team leader so I stand at the foot of the bed and you’re organizing what everyone’s doing and you’re the one giving orders and giving medications and telling people to do CPR and intubate and all that. You are the captain of the team So it’s a.. it’s a very high stakes time we’re trying to bring someone back to life often.. um So if you want me to go in depth and really tell you all about what a code blue is like and what we’re doing just let me know in the comments below, give this video a thumbs up so that will be the sign to me that you guys want me to make that video Code silver, another scary code this means there’s an active shooter or someone with a gun or expect a gun. so again never heard this, never want to, very scary stuff Code omega, so okay not a color and it’s not actually code in all hospitals but I’ve been apart of a number of them and it’s basically to let people know that there is so much blood loss from a person that it’s life threatening and it’s a way to get the blood bank, the staff everyone working together, having good communication to get a bunch of blood products to that person to try to save their life. The first time I ever was part of a code omega was in medical school And I was on my emerg rotation, down in the emerg and a young guy had been in a motorcycle accident and he broke his pelvis and if you break your pelvis you can just bleed into your back it’s called the retroperitoneal space, it’s this area in the back that can hold liters and liters of fluid and what ended up happening is he was bleeding so much that we pumped 30 units in blood products into this patient to try to stabilize him enough to get him to the operating room and that did happen it was incredible to see and the way you get so much blood product in at once is using something called a level one transfuser so you pop different bags of blood products in and they kinda squeeze them down so that the blood product will get in really quickly and in a fast transfusion into the person Code brown.. um.. this is actually a hazardious spill in the hospital okay a code brown, if you look this up on urban dictionary or just like talk about it with people, it would mean something very different.. um.. so i don’t know it’s kinda a funny code or the name of the code is kinda funny, maybe I’m immature Code red, so this is fire um.. unless you actually are in the area so usually they announce where the code red is located so unless you’re in that area you just close the doors and windows and you wait for further instruction, so you’re not actually evacuating until you hear code green and now I think green for go, so that’s when you’re actually going to leave the hospital, you’re evactuating at this point code aqua is a flood I have heard that one, I don’t know where that was or what was going on but then the code was called off and it didn’t really affect my day so I don’t have a story there Code yellow, so this is a missing person or missing patient really.. um.. and this happened to me when I was on call and vloging with you guys and it ended up triggering a whole bunch of comments and questions about whether a patient decide to leave the hospital this would automatically trigger a code yellow so to answer that it’s not about a patient leaving so much it’s about whether the patient is competent, so can the person make the decision for themselves, can they say the pros and the cons and understand the risks involved with leaving the hospital when their still sick so if you can tell me very reasonably these are the reasons I’m going and I don’t care if something bad happens to me well, I can’t stop you, you’re competent So at that point, it would be leaving AMA So against medical advice and that happens but just imagine, imagine someone had meningitis they’ve got an infection in their brain, they don’t know where they are, they’re confused if they left, maybe they run into traffic and get hit by a car we have to protect these patients who aren’t able to make decisions for themselves because they’re too sick or they are not able to think clearly for one reason or another and that’s when we call a code yellow because they’re not competent, we have to get people to look for them and for their own safety and if we can’t find them in the hospital we get police involved to actually bring them back to the hospital, so it’s a really big ordeal Code white, this is a violent person that could be a patient, that could be a family member but if people are feeling unsafe in the hospital because of someone’s actions and it’s usually in the emergency department in the psychiatry wing but it can really happen anywhere and in fact, this has happened to me a couple of times where I was physically intimidated or people where yelling at me.. um and I really felt unsafe, you feel nervous and we have to be treating everybody, you have to treat every patient and sometimes violent is actually a symptom of their disease or.. um.. their illness, mental or physical and so you have to treat everyone but you also have a right to feel safe in your work place.. um.. all it takes is a code white, security guards come they look big and burly in their uniforms and they stand there and sometimes that can show strength in numbers is enough to calm someone down.. um.. it also gives you backup so that you feel safe because you should never be harmed at work So those are the main codes Thanks so much for watching and if you want to know really in detail what goes on in a code blue let me know in the comments below, if you’re interested I’ll make that video So if you want to see me vloging in the hospital with a code blue check this one out and if you want to see a code yellow, check this one out Otherwise, I’ll be back in the hospital vloging again next week So don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of those I’ll chat with you guys next week so bye for now

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  1. We have a code red at my local hospital. It’s when a patient is suffering from extreme blood loss. So, kinda like code omega.

  2. U.S codes are
    Blue-Medical Emergency Of An Adult
    White-Medical Emergency Of An Infant Or Pediatric
    Yellow-Bomb Threat
    Orange-Toxic Spill
    Pink-Infant Abduction
    Purple-Pediatric Abduction
    Silver-Active Shooter Or Hostage Situation
    Gray-Combative Person
    Green-Missing Patient/Elopement

  3. I’m a nurse in Nevada & it seems our codes are very different down here! It would definitely get a laugh to hear Code Brown announced overhead. 💩 We use:

    Blue- cardiac arrest
    Pink- infant/child abduction
    Grey-threat of violence
    Silver-person w/weapon
    Black- bomb
    Orange- biohazard (spilled chemo/leaked anesthesia gasses, etc.)
    Crimson- maternal hemorrhage
    Walker-missing patient
    Green- all clear
    Triage internal- hospital is at capacity
    Triage external- mass disaster
    Eddie- the ER needs transporters

  4. When my older brother had an operation and was in recovery, We had walked in to see him before a code blue and a code pink both went off AT THE SAME TIME!
    Code pink in the hospital we were at means infant obduction

  5. I am from New Jersey and we have similar codes as you do. So different ones are a "Rapid Responce". That is you notice someone is about to go down hill you call a rapid and that gets everyone there similar to a code Blue. I guess trying to prevent the code blue before it happens.

    A "Code White is a pediatric medical emergency 🚨. It's a code blue but for kids. You hear this code and you know you will need different supplies fit for a child.

    The scariest one is a code Amber. That is all abduction someone is trying to steal a baby from the nursery or OB unit.

    Not an official code we may hear Dr. Armstrong to _______. They are asking for moving help or lifting help.

  6. I’m so thankful there are people like you that are passionate about this because I’m so scared of hospitals lol

  7. I remember the first time working in a hospital, and my first code red… Everyone jumped into action… I also remember that fire at the nursing home last year. The fire dept, EMS, and police, along with all the parimedics sent from Toronto was amazing team work.

  8. In the Clinic where I was interning, they had Code Pink and Code Purple, neither went off in my internship thankfully, but it was posted on the wall along with every other code. Pink and purple are used interchangeably in most hospitals, but in mine Pink was a child going into cardiac arrest, and purple was child abduction

  9. This might sound weird but I like hearing all the different colours for the different codes I dont know why maybe I'm just strange

  10. I did my college placement at a hospital and we had a code yellow, a code white, a code blue and a code red all within a 8 hour shift it was crazy

  11. At our hospital in Toronto we used code silver/grey as "air exclusion" for an external spill or disaster affecting the air. I've also never heard of code Aqua, and we had an extra code Pink which is a code blue for our NICU. I love hearing the differences at all of the hospitals!!

  12. In Florida
    Code red: fire
    Code blue A: cardiac arrest adult
    Code blue B: cardiac arrest pediatric
    Code blue N: cardiac arrest neonatal
    Code pink: infant/child abduction
    Code grey: disruptive/aggressive person
    Code grey/caution: disruptive/aggressive person with a weapon
    Code black: bomb threat
    Code white: hostage situation
    Code yellows: facility lockdown
    Code orange: hazardous material incident
    Code green: activate disaster plan
    Code silver: active shooter.

  13. One time I was at the hospital and a code yellow was going on and they told us to shut are doors the. We heard this man yelling at the doctors

  14. At my hospital (in australia) our codes are the following:
    Code orange: evacuation
    Code black: armed violence
    Code grey: unarmed violence
    Code purple: actual or potential bomb threat
    Code brown: external emergency
    Code yellow: internal emergency (like failure of our computer systems causing staff to be unable to access patient's test results etc)
    Code red: fire

  15. They called a code red while I was in the hospital visiting my mom after she had a baby but I think there was a fire in the cafeteria and they were able to put it out and we did not have to evacuate.

  16. Back in March I was in the PICU for my hydrocephalus (my ns works on children and she still takes care of me and put me in the children's hospital at 19 YO) and one of the nights I was getting my blood drawn while they were taking my vitals. Over the intercom they said there was a code green in the labor and delivery department and my nurse starts laughing. I was confused until she told me what it meant

  17. My mom is an RN (med/surg Neuro) and they once had a code yellow because a patient snuck out to have a cigarette

  18. Not a doctor, but I was a patient when the code orange went off. It was when the London bridge terror attack happened

  19. I used to do contract work at a hospital scanning patient charts, and codes were listed on the back of the ID badge I had to wear. I'm in New Jersey (United States), and not sure if this is hospital specific, and I might be wrong on some of these, as I'm trying to do this from memory:

    Red: Fire
    Orange: Hazmat Incident
    Blue: Adult Medical Emergency
    White: Pediatric Medical Emergency (I think?); pretty sure they had different codes for adult and pediatric
    Silver: Security alert (again, not sure about this one)
    Code clear: Code that was called has been cleared / cancelled or under control.

    I may be missing some, but I think these are the ones I remember.

  20. I’m not a doctor yet, I’m actually just about to start my studies, but one time I was a patient in the ER and I heard a code blue called. I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but now I just hope that person is okay.

  21. I know what code blue is like. I was in the hospital as a child and a severely burned firefighter coded and it was a code blue.

  22. Once a kid at my school had a mother in hospital who went on Code Yellow. Without reasoning she snuck out and went missing for 12hours.

  23. Code ICE: for protocol to begin therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest protocols/pt stabilized.. ect ; in NYC hospitals

  24. My aunt is a nurse at a hospital in Hattiesburg Mississippi and she let me come with her for a day on Christmas eve. Well that day there was a code blue and I was sitting in the break room when it happened. I was freaked out the whole time.

  25. Yes, actually. I was in the hospital as a patient. And I forgot what happened but they say I stopped breathing so a "Code Blue".

  26. I got a code called on me before,and I don’t think it was in this video,my blood pressure dropped super low,I was almost paper white,and I had almost a fuzzy feeling in my head,if your even reading this could you tell me what kind of code it was????? (I have heart defects if it helps any)

  27. arent These Codes supposed to be secret? or why do u Need Codes if still every one panic is Code silver is Heard? 😀 i work in a Hospital in germany we dont have sth similiar to that so its interesting to hear

  28. For my hospital…
    Trauma X – this is similar to your code omega. We are a trauma hospital, so Trauma X (for extraordinarre) is an emergency room code
    Blue – cardiopulmonary arrest
    Rapid Response – sudden deterioration/change in patient condition. Pre-code blue
    Gray – elopement
    Silver – active shooter or armed combatant
    Purple- security only response
    Orange – hazmat spill
    Yellow – internal or external disaster
    Black – bomb threat
    Pink – missing child
    Green – aggressive or combative patient
    White – snow emergency, but still get to work!

  29. The hospital I work at the code green means a respiratory distress patient that is arriving via ambulance. Code red is fire. Code purple is overflow: the ER is full. Code blue: cardiac/resp arrest. Code grey: combative patient/person. Code pink: child or baby is abducted.

  30. I was apart of chicago med and to be honest code orange is a chemical spill and you have to evacuate and get all patients out with medical stuff hazmat have to pull the vent out

  31. Ah code red takes me back to fire alarms going off in the emergency room. No one told me what to do so I started playing subway surfers

  32. The codes in the hospital that I volunteered in as a teenager were basically the same but we also had a code purple which was for a hostage situation and a code grey that meant that air quality outside the hospital was compromised!

  33. this might be a weird question but what happenes when you dont know what the patients blood type is? or does that matter when you are giving them blood? if so, how fast can you find out?

  34. Our codes are pretty much the same!! Though, we don't have code aqua and your code white is our code gray! And then your code blue, we just say code 3!

  35. For code green which is to evacuate when there is a fire how do you get the patients that can’t walk out of the hospital in time.

  36. I had a minor surgery in april. When I was in phase 1 recovery (waking up checking vitals to make sure I didnt have a complication). Phase one recovery is made up of 3-4 bay areas 6 beds a piece. Well there was this guy across from me in the bay I was in. He was rapidly deteriorating after something was done to his heart. They rushed me off to phase 2 recovery after I was alert and oriented. Shortly after I got there, they called code blue. Sadly he didnt make it

  37. What do you do on all the really ill patients on a cupboard need to stay in hospital but there's a fire and they need to evacuate how do you get the ones that only like wheelchairs and Beds out safely carefully

  38. You say that you shouldn't be harmed
    St work but a teacher at my school got knocked out by a student but his is ok now.

  39. Code Neon pink and black combined. A extreme fashion disaster in the hospital. Fashion swat have to be called in and fire officers need to carry out a controlled burn on the items

  40. Code black or silver makes me worry for people like you and my mom, she’s a nurse and every doctor that works with her has been super nice when I met them and it just worries me sometimes that someone would want to hurt y’all. I’m glad you haven’t gotten one, neither has my mom. 🙂

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