Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy

My daily routine is anything but routine. In the morning I usually will see patients and I never know what’s going to walk through the door, whether it be someone who’s suffering from heat exhaustion, someone with the sniffles, chest pain it’s different every day. I’m Petty Officer Second Class Ashley Wagner, Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy. I joined the Navy because I was really interested in traveling. I knew that the Navy had great opportunities for seeing the world and I also was very interested in getting my college education paid for and I knew that they would cover that. A hospital corpsman in the Navy basically is patient care. We see the patients when they come in which are generally active duty or reservists military and we get their initial interview. They tell us what’s wrong with them, we take notes, we ask all the medical questions that are pertinent that we know the doctor is going to want to know the answer to. And once we interview the patient we go and brief the doctor and he or she will come in and see the patient and give them the diagnosis and treatment. To someone who wanted to be a hospital corpsman there are so many different paths that you can take. You’ll be able to go to a hospital or work in any other clinic and then you can choose what specialty you’d like to work in and the Navy will send you to a school. Say you wanted to be a lab tech then they would send you to lab technician school. You would specialize in that. And then you would be able to go and work in a hospital. It’s rewarding but it’s very challenging. I definitely enjoy patient care and not knowing what you’re going to get in your office constantly keeps you on your toes. So, staying in the books is definitely a challenge. I learned about diving medical technician, which basically is working in the medical field and in the diving community and it was great for me because I always had an interest in medicine and in diving. As a diving med tech I learned how to use a hyperbaric chamber and how to re-compress a diver. My plan for the future is to continue working as a diving med tech. I’d love to be a physician’s assistant or some type of doctor myself. The Navy has been paying for 100 percent of my school thus far so I plan on continuing to take advantage of that opportunity. My advice to someone pursuing a career as an HM in the Navy would be to definitely have an interest in helping people. You’re going to be working a lot with sick and injured people and it’s good to go into that having that compassion that you want to help this person get better. It’s an adventure every day I go to work I never know what – what I’m going to get tasked to do and I love it. It’s awesome.

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  1. I've gotta be the only male Corpsman to not have the honor of going with the Marines. I've wanted that ever since I left for Corps School but I had my orders jacked and sent to a shore command. I'd kill to get that opportunity.

  2. hahahaha awsome!!! im prolly one of the few that understands this!!! Semper fi! , and obviously she never been operational, ya shes a boot!

  3. 2-3 months, there are factor like how fast you class up. Sometimes there are so many students that some wait until they can start school, but say if you go with the marines theres more schooling after regular corps school, same for any specialty like dental tech x ray teach and so on. Be more specific on what you wanna do, and what kinda corpsman you wanna be.

  4. Oh I'm the dumbass?? sorry if your miserable with your life decisions that you are trying to bring people down. And 9 months later I am a corpsman and proud.

  5. i think women in the military should have to cut their hair short too. i'm sick of pro female sexism. women go on as if they are being discriminated against, look at the shit that you fucking get

  6. I just joined a week ago as a hospital corpsman 🙂 I'm an 11s in the DEP program and I leave for basic 20130624 & I'm beyond excited!!

  7. I got to agree with you.Hell I had my ass saved back in 2008 by a Naval Corspman that got attached to my unit.After that I found a new appreciation for the Navy.These pricks on here have no idea what they are talking about..Guess ignorance is bliss.My hats off to the Navy.
    75th Ranger Regiment Alpha Co.RLTW! Hooah!

  8. Hell ya, tell us your war stories of eating Burger King and taking showers everyday! Awww what, Linkin Park cancelled their concert last second? The chow hall ran out of your favorite ice cream? thats ubsurd!! hahahaha FMF UNITED STATES MARINE CORPSMAN!PONDIN GROUND AND MAKIN SOUND! URRR KILL!


  10. there's jealousy everywhere, may as well face it, the person that made the above statement, ie divemeddc, would probably bitch if he was hung with a new rope

  11. What is the process like for being able to work with Marines? Are there physical tests, exams, anything like that? Is it competitive to get a spot with the Marines as a corpsman?

  12. No, I'm not, but I'm interested in going into the Navy and being a Corpsman. I don't think being a Marine is right for me and my interests after my military service.

  13. Well said. People make comment from the safety of the internet because they see a video of someone doing something with their lives and it brings them pain. The anger they spew at others is almost always misplaced self loathing for not making something of their own lives.
    HM3 FMF – Retired

  14. I'm in 2nd year of college and I've always wanted to work in a hospital and do something to help people. It's sad to say that I don't think my current major of electrical engineering is the right path for me towards this path. What better way to help people by working in the field directly with men and women fighting for our country! I know I want to do this for sure. I just need to know if it's possible in the situation I'm in. What can I do? Do I need any qualifications?

  15. My dad was a navy corpsman in Korea, chosin reservoir to be exact. He is the reason I joined the Marines .. boy, the stories of he told! He also told me about how the marines treated him as their own and vice versa. There was a metric ton of support for their corpsman and I saw the same exact thing when I was in the marines. Marines don't give out accolades often, but you guys definitely deserve them. When I see this woman speaking about her experience, I am glad we have her

  16. she might not be an FMF corpsman, but i wouldnt be surprised if she was atleast an 8404 (fmf capable) corpsman ontop of being a DMT. and for you guys getting ready to go to boot, when you get to A school, study. top grades get first choice in orders. and remember, 29 palms does not have any palm trees.

  17. My daughter just left for us navy 7.30.2013 I love you brittany and saw your message on here…I'm proud of you and proud for all our military services… thank you for serving and protecting our country… I'm proud to be a sailor's mom, aunt, cousin and friend…

    Keep up the positive good work! I wished my parents let me go when I was young… @Brittany you make our ohana proud and much alofa on your way…. see you in 2 months my little one…we love you and praying for all your endeavors..

  18. i am a future HM …. so what you are saying people in A school that score high get first choices in c school? and do they let you no whats available? and also is it true all males automatically go to fleet service i ve heard so many things….please reply thanks bro

  19. @America's Navy please do a in depth video on FMF im enlisting in the next few months and would love some more info on the pipeline to becoming a fleet corpsman thanks

  20. I'm an enlisting in the Navy as a hospital corpsman and was wondering if any of you guys specialized in xray training they offer. How hard was it to get in to that c school?

  21. I want to finish up my RN degree so that I am licensed before joining so I can get more experience . Im currently a cna and enjoy it. But will the G.I bill still count to further my education to become a Nurse Practitioner or MD?

  22. Got the job i wanted! Signed January 4th, 2016.. Shipping out August 24th, 2016; anyone else shipping out with me?

  23. I tried to go in and do this in navy and the recruiter basically gave me no hope and to just become an engineer she told me to come back to them when I think of a job that is realistic. Even those saving lives is the most realistic thing I could think of. Wish I had heard this instead of the complete opposite

  24. It was a great job, and you will get to meet a lot of good people. But, it's still the military, and there are more than enough mediocre assholes in every rating to ruin your experience in the military if you let them get to you.
    Stay focused and don't let the pinheads get you down.

  25. Navy doctors yeah right a bunch of homosexuals just like all other branches of the military. thanks Queer President Obama you weakened America

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