Hospital Campaign Partners Recognized for Organ Donation Outreach

Hello, my name is
Frank Holloman, and I’m the acting division
director for the Health Resources and Services
Administration’s Division of Transplantation. I am pleased to be
able to speak to you about the overall success
achieved during HRSA’s 2018 Workplace Partnership for
Life Hospital Campaign. As well as to recognize
the accomplishments of many of our participating
partners, for activities conducted throughout this year. Every hour of the day, every
day of the year, hospitals and other health
care institutions work to improve lives. In conjunction with
the work they already do, hospitals in this campaign
are spreading the word that every organ,
eye, and tissue donor can save up to eight lives and
improve more than 50 others. And thanks to all of you,
this hospital campaign has literally motivated
hundreds of thousands of people to register as organ,
eye, and tissue donors. We tip our virtual hats to every
hospital– large and small. Every organ procurement
organization. Every Donate Life
America affiliate. Every national partner and
every other organization and individual, who together
make this campaign and saving lives possible. Following my remarks, you will
see a list of OPO partners that participated in
the 2018 campaign, followed by the number of
hospitals in each OPO’s donor service area that reached
bronze, silver, gold, and platinum recognition levels. On behalf of HRSA’s
Division of Transplantation, I thank you for the
tremendous efforts you’ve made to address the
critical need for organ donation and for
collectively making possible the gift of life. [MUSIC PLAYING] The efforts of our
campaign partners truly make a difference
in the lives of people in need of lifesaving organs. Congratulations to each
of you, and thank you for your continued dedication
to this vital effort.

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