Hospital Campaign for Organ Donation Partners Recognized for 2019 Outreach

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hospitals, small and large,
rural and urban, from coast to coast, educate
staff, patients, family, and community members
about the importance of registering to be an
organ, eye, and tissue donor. Hospitals partner with local
businesses and community organizations to do the
same in their workplaces. Organ procurement organizations,
Donate Life America Teams, and hospital associations
work closely with hospitals, and national partners
recognize their achievements. Thousands of people participate
in hospital-led donor registration activities
across the country. And thousands more register as
organ, eye, and tissue donors all through the Workplace
Partnership for Life Hospital Campaign for Organ Donation,
a national initiative that unites the U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services and the organ donation
community with workplaces throughout the nation, to spread
the word about the importance of donation. In the 2019 campaign, 38 Donate
Life America teams, 27 hospital associations, and 49 organ
procurement organizations participated to
increase the number of people registered as
organ, eye, and tissue donors. The following is a list of
participating organ procurement organizations and the number
of hospitals in their area that earned recognition. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you for the good you do.

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