Hospital Bag Must-Haves: What to Bring When You Give Birth + Giveaway!

– I can’t remember if I showered or not. I feel like one of the
times, maybe I was forced to? I don’t know, maybe they told
me, not ’cause I was smelly but maybe I think they were like, okay, now it’s time for your
shower and I was like, okay. Hello everyone, welcome
to FAM: For All Moms. My name is Sharzad, this is
Susan, and our beautiful guest today, Olivia, who is expecting her first wittle baby girl. – Wittle, wittle baby, and
today, because she’s so close to giving birth, we’re
going to talk about what is going to be in her hospital bag. We’re going to share our knowledge, a little bit of experience,
what we wish we had, maybe didn’t have with
us, and then we’re gonna send her home with her own hospital bag. – Woo!
– So excited! – Yay! – One of the things I really wanted in my hospital bag was makeup.
– Yeah – Okay, I know that may
be like the furthest thing from somebody else’s mind
when they’re thinking about having a baby, but I
really wanted to feel pretty, I knew there was gonna
be, I mean as pretty as I could feel. I knew there was gonna be
photos, I knew I was gonna want to post them, I mean
that’s just the honest truth and I wanted easy makeup. Not like I was gonna
do full lashes and glam and like a winged liner,
but I wanted my skin even, my brows and my lips. So I brought something like this. This is one of my favorite foundations. It’s so easy to use,
Susan and I actually share a love for this. I don’t know if you’ve ever used this, but it’s not like a liquid-y foundation so you can just, you know,
you can skip the concealer, you can put it on, it’s easy,
blend it with your fingers. You don’t need a brush, and I just, I wanted to feel, I wanted
to feel as best as I could and for me that means
a little bit of makeup. – Yeah. – And then like, I mean,
and it was such a simple amount of makeup, I like
to have my brows done so this is just a little easy brow pencil, and then something like
this from Trestique. Oops, there’s some teeth marks
– Teeth marks – In there. – Little Cyrus got into that maybe. – Got into that, yeah, but
this is just lip and cheek and it’s just easy. That’s all I wanted,
I wanted to feel fresh and put together and as
good as I possibly could, ’cause everywhere else felt like a whale. – Yeah. – So I wanted my face to look decent. – You know, I feel you
on that and I did take just a few simple makeup
items, I didn’t use any of them, any of them. What I did do though
ahead of time was I got my lashes done
– Yeah you did. – I think I would’ve,
like the semi-permanent. I loved having them, I got so
many comments on my pictures, like you look so pretty. So I think that was worth it.
– Yeah – Considering I had to have my lashes heal for the next four months after, but that was awesome
because I didn’t have to put anything on my lashes
and I just never did. I didn’t put any makeup on. The only thing I did use, I
went crazy with my lip balm. Like I was constantly putting on lip balm and that was like
– Your thing – My thing. Lashes, lip balm. I also have dark brows
– Yeah – So I felt like my
brows were totally fine. You know what, and it
was one of those things where I just felt like crap anyway, and I was like, I’m not
gonna try that hard. – I needed a little
something, ’cause I felt like such a whale, and
I did actually apply a little bit of makeup and
stuff when people would come in, I don’t know,
it made me feel good but everybody’s different, so – Everyone’s different, so there you go. – That’s the thing. Because I was putting a
little bit of makeup on, I also wanted to take it
off at the end of the day, so I used wipes on my face. It just also felt good,
like a nice little refresh to have something like Water Wipes, we’ve talked about Water
Wipes a million times. They’re just really pure,
I wanted to use that on my face to just give
myself a little something. – A little something. – Because it’s hard to
get to the sink sometimes and if you feel like you’re just like – Mm, maybe I
– Ew – Need something to clean me up right now. – We should also be clear,
we both had C sections. I had an emergency C section, your babies – Were C sections. – Were C sections because you
started off as a C section. – That’s the way it goes. Yeah, so it was a little
harder for me to get up and go to the bathroom.
– Same – I know it’s probably hard
if you have a vaginal birth to get up and go to the bathroom
– 100% – So it’s nice to have just
wipes to like, you know, clean up the bits that
needed to be cleaned. – I’m with you on that. I had Water Wipes with me, also. – Oh did you, yeah? – But I didn’t end up
pulling them out at all because when it actually
came to, I had brought them for baby, but when it came to
actually cleaning the baby, I found that they just used
rags and stuff like that. But what I did use were these. – [Sharzad] Shower in a Bag. – They’re little shower
sheets, they’re by a company called Yuni and I love these things. They, you know, they give you
like a little French bath, an old fashioned French bath. – Where it’s just all the sweaty parts. – You wipe up some
stuff and then it leaves a nice, clean scent. These are very natural
ingredients and stuff like that and you know, I just thought that these were kinda key to have with me. I did have makeup wipes with me too, I don’t remember which brand but I found that I used these every single day. A lot of people tell
me that they showered, so I had brought all my shower stuff – Oh did you – And all that, thinking
I was gonna shower after, but guess what, I didn’t. I was there after a C
section, you’re there for like three or four days. I was there three days, I wanna say, and I did not use that shower
once, it looked disgusting to me, and I was just like you know, I literally just had surgery. If I had surgery for
anything else, I wouldn’t bother showering. – That walk to the bathroom,
going to the bathroom was like
– Not fun – Probably one of the hardest
things that you do after baby. – But speaking of that,
a lot of people told me to bring pads and tucks
and I was planning to try to give birth vaginally and so I brought, I was scared out of my mind that you know, all that, and so,
someone told me recently, she just had a baby, she was
like it was very profound to feel a baby come out of my vagina. And that’s a nice way of saying it. I was like oh my god, what’s
gonna happen to my vagina? So I brought like, if you watch my video, I had like Tucks, I had, which
are like witch hazel things, and I had like little cooling
pads and I had blah-blah-blah and I had diapers, Depends, with
me and all that kinda stuff. I didn’t use any of it. – Any of them, I know.
– They have everything. – They give you everything there, too. So like these, I feel like
everything we’re telling you is just added bonus to make
yourself feel a little bit more comfortable and
confident, little touches of your life there, but you
really don’t need anything. I feel like they have so much stuff. Like
– They do – The pads and the diapers
and the mesh underwear that’s just so hot that you get to wear that’s like – It’s like Ali Wong
said, it’s like the stuff that covers like the fancy Asian pears. – Yeah. – And you know what, that
actually makes me realize, I should’ve probably called ahead of time, because it turned out they
had, and you can do this, apparently, you can call your hospital, ask the maternity ward
what stuff they give you for you and your baby ahead of time, because they had toothbrush,
and toothpaste there. They had shampoo and conditioner and actually it wasn’t
even terrible shampoo and conditioner. – And they have stuff for your baby too. They gave us so many
diapers to go home with, so you don’t need to think about
getting little tiny diapers – Diapers, wipes
– For your baby or anything – Pacifiers, caps, all of that stuff. – Yeah, they have everything, and like all these extra little things truly are just like added bonuses. – Necessities is what I
realized after I had the baby, when I was just sitting
there with nothing to do was I realized they had the necessities. Anything you absolutely needed, they had. – But your phone and
charger, probably one of the most important things
though, because let’s be honest, you wanna post a photo
of your cute little baby after you have him for social media, it’s like such a fun, proud moment. It’s probably like the
most exciting thing for me that I’ve ever posted
is that hospital pic. And just to document it,
whether you share it or not. It’s fun to have your
phone and your charger. Susan and I were texting
on my way, with Cyrus, on my way to the hospital. I got a text from her at
like five in the morning, she’s like thinking
about you, and I’m like I’m fucking scared! (laughs) – You know what else? – Ooh, yeah. Okay, you’re fancy with your hair tie. I have like a janky, regular hair tie. – This is Invisibobble and
I’m obsessed with these. – Lemme touch it. – You know what it’s like,
it’s like those little like things that you use on your keys. – I don’t know what that was. – And stuff, but what I like about it is that it holds your hair
in place no matter how thick or thin it is. Like if you go like this and
throw your hair in a bun, it’s gonna stay. – It actually does
– I love those things. – And it’s not gonna dent your hair so if you suddenly have a visitor, I had surprise visitors. – You had a lot of visitors. – Yeah, I had
– I did not. – Next time I have a
baby I’m not gonna allow this many visitors. If you want to just take
your hair down, be like, – I’m cute, – I’m good, I’m good. Like a lot of people said
to bring like my own pillow with my own, and they said
put like a bright pillowcase on it so that it stands out
from the hospital pillowcases and I actually think I did bring a pillow and I really enjoyed having
my own, big fluffy pillow because their pillows
or like, they had to put like 10 other pillows around me, because their pillows are like womp. So it things like that, like a pillow, maybe even like a really
light blanket or something make you feel better, then
that might be something you want to bring. – What about like a
baby, ’cause I’m getting like baby nursing pillows. Am I gonna need that yet? – No
– No. – I did not have this, I
wish I would’ve brought this. Nipple Cream, because that was one thing that I did not have with me
and I wanted an organic one. They’ll give you a nipple
cream at the hospital but they’ll give you like
Lansinoh or one of those brands – They didn’t give me a nipple cream. – You don’t, they gave me
some because my nipples immediately were like ehh. – Like melting, like the
colostrum was coming out? – Well the colostrum was
coming but they also hurt, really, really bad, and
so, and then you’re like putting the cream on, then
you’re like feeding your baby so you know that that’s going in his mouth and for some reason it bothered me. And I wished I had my
own nipple cream with me because you know, it’s not
even that I think the brand that they gave me was bad,
it’s that I knew nothing about it, I didn’t know what was in it. – Susan does her research
– I do – On all things – I get really, and so I knew
nothing about the ingredients and they gave me like
a sample, they gave you sample-sized things, and so it doesn’t, and so it doesn’t have like
a list of ingredients on it or anything, so I just didn’t know, and not knowing is
actually terrible to me, and so that bothered me a lot. – How far in advance did
you guys have all this ready and packed, ’cause I’ve
heard of, prepare it like a month in advance,
which seems a little crazy but maybe not? – I can’t remember, a
couple weeks for sure, just kind of like there because you know, the thing is is that you never know when you’re gonna go into
labor and after, what is it, 37 weeks or something,
you’re considered full term and it could be any time. And of course people deliver way earlier. Somebody I know just had
their baby five weeks early so I don’t think they were
prepared at all for that. But yeah, if it gives you peace
of mind to have it packed, do it now
– Yeah – Or when you get settled and, – Yeah, I would, well I
was packed probably like at least a few weeks before, but I’ll say it was because I was gonna do a video. Right, I shot a video
for my personal channel so I organized it, and I was really glad that it was ready to go because when I did go into labor, it was
literally ready to go. It was just literally hanging
out in our living room and my husband just grabbed
it and put it in the car. I brought these kind of pajamas. They’re maternity pajamas and
I’ve never worn them again. But they’re the kind that
you can breastfeed in. The first 24 hours at least I wanna say, I just wore the hospital stuff,
because I was so out of it. But once I like, like actually took a wipe and wiped down and stuff,
I was kind of like oh, you know, I wanna put
on something of my own and people start visiting. I put this on probably
like the second day. I just brought like a
really nice, soft robe and I wore this every single day. It got a little cold in the hospital. You’re not getting to adjust
your temperature too much so it got a little bit cold. They gave me socks in the hospital also, just like these, but I liked having my own that have the little
sticky pads on the bottom so that you can walk around and stuff. Let me show you other things
I wish I would’ve had with me. If you watch my hospital
bag video, I’ve packed some loafers, you know,
like those Gucci loafers that everyone’s wearing. My feet were so bloated
after that I actually couldn’t put my feet into them. – I’m not surprised by that. – So I wish I would’ve
had some really ugly Birkenstocks with me because
I went and bought these immediately after, because all I could do was fit my feet into something like this the first couple of days
because I was so swollen. – And also just really
easy to get on the shoes because you’re not gonna be bending over, I don’t care how you have a baby, but it’s gonna be really
hard to move around, bend over. You don’t wanna like have to tie a lace or strap anything on. You want everything to
be as easy as possible. So if, and that’ll be, I
agree with Susan on this one. This outfit. – The going home outfit is key. I brought with me a button-up shirt. Yeah, this is actually
perfect, you should actually take this with you.
– Yeah, definitely. – I brought with me a button
up shirt because everybody had said, I originally
was packing like a dress that you just pull on,
but it was high neck and everyone was like,
well if you need to whip a boob out, you need
something that’s easy, so I’d brought a button-up
shirt to whip the boob out but I brought leggings. I brought leggings with me, and they were maternity leggings and that was a mistake. I couldn’t put leggings on. – It’s just kinda hard,
it’s just like a little hard to move,
– You’re so swollen! – You want to make it as easy as possible. So something like this where
you can nurse very quickly and easily. – It’s loose and stretchy. – You don’t have to move
your arms around to get in any weird fabric and the fabric is soft and it could be the same
thing you wear to the hospital that you wear home, too. – Yeah, totally. – And comfy shoes. – Comfy shoes, comfy shoes, comfy outfit. You’re gonna want like a going-home outfit for the baby. Again, people can bring you things. I brought an outfit that
was for like a newborn. I brought I think two outfits, a newborn and like a zero to 3 month outfit, and guess what, Nikosh
was even smaller than that and so my mother in law
ran out and she got me a preemie outfit. – Oh, she did? – And they had something for him but it was this huge onesie. They had swaddles, they
swaddled him all the time. They had caps, you probably see them in like everyone’s newborn
pictures when they first announce the baby, it’s
the same blanket and cap. And I was fine with that
– Same – I was totally fine with that. I mean if you want a
swaddle for a picture, that’s cute too, and
so you might wanna take like a cute swaddle for that. – Oh wait, did you say Rune
packed something fancy? – Yeah, actually, he
ordered, and this was because somebody told him this,
they were like pro-tip. – Pro-tip. – If you want to be actually comfortable because they’re only
going to give your husband like a cot next to your bed, you can get these
mattresses that are thicker for cots and they fold up and just keep it in the trunk of the car,
and that’s what he did. He got this like cot mattress. Had it in the car, after I had the baby, he went downstairs really
quick, just brought it up, gave them their mattress back, he’s like here, I don’t need this. I mean he laid his mattress out and he was so happy he did that. He said there was like no regrets at all, and then he just passed that
to our next set of friends that were going to have
a baby and that dad got to use it too, so I think it’s just getting passed around. – I can’t remember thinking
about what Michael needed, ’cause I remember
Michael could come and go pretty quickly and easily if he needed to but I really don’t remember. – Well, yeah, – You’re also letting him go. – Agreed, give him a heads up
that nothing is there for him. There’s nothing for him
– That’s true – They don’t give the
husband food, even though the husband is staying there,
the food is only for you. I mean, you could say
you want something extra and I guess give it to
him, but it’s not for him. When they ask, when they bring food in, they’re not bringing
an extra tray for him. When they bring you like
toothbrush and toothpaste, it’s not for him. You might have like a cool
nurse who will be like oh, here you go, – Here’s an extra set – But everything that you’ve paid for, whether it’s your insurance paying for it or you paying for it,
everything you paid for is for you and the baby and that’s it. So they aren’t really
looking out for your husband. Like I said they just throw him a cot and they’re like, you’re good, that’s you. – Yeah. – So tell Brian that,
like he might wanna have some stuff. – Pack your own bag
– Yeah. – I think we covered the main things. If you get anxiety,
though, there are companies that put a bag together for you, so we partnered with YKC,
they do a pre-made bag for momma and for baby
and it’s really cute. We’re gonna give away two of these bags to you guys. We’re gonna tell you how
you can enter in a second but we’re gonna show
you what’s inside first. You get to take this home, Olivia. – Yay
– Yay – So you’re essentially packed
– Packed! – So first off, pajamas, pajamas are – And those are very
soft and easy to put on, and they can also be for
when you’re lounging at home afterwards as well, too, of course – Which you’ll love. Robe – Beautiful robe. – So soft
– Super soft – So soft
– Matches it. – And then they have these bags, do you wanna do the honors? That bag says for momma – For momma, you got the socks that Susan was talking about which have
a nice little grip on them. I love those. Hair ties, very cute, a brush, just that’s gonna feel good. Any of those little tiny
things that you can do to make yourself feel good. – It’s like a wet-dry brush, too. Oh yeah
– Hello! – You know, I didn’t
feel like I needed these, but if they have witch
hazel at the hospital, you can wet them with witch hazel and put them on your. – And this is the lip balm, so just like Susan said all the things that she really wanted in her bag and me in my bag, they curated
for you and it’s so pretty and fun and organized
– For momma – And I don’t think this
was around when I was going to the hospital
– I don’t think so either – But I love the idea, it’s
such a cute gift, could be for a baby shower
– for a friend – For a friend, for yourself – And you can buy just like the mom set or you can buy like just the baby set or you can buy the entire set together. The baby stuff comes with
a really cute swaddle, look how soft that is? – Yeah, that’s nice. – So soft, you get to take that, and then it comes with
exactly what you need. – Oh, matching little outfit. – And it’s gray so it’s
like gender neutral. Oh god, you know what I love about this? Is you don’t have to put
it over the baby’s head. – [Sharzad] So tiny and sweet. – Just clips in the front. – Oh my god, and then for your photos, you’re like totally twinning. – Oh yeah? – Oh yeah, that’s right. – I love the twin moment
– That’s right, super cute – Yeah. – So you wanna tell
everybody how to enter? – You guys, to enter to
win this awesome bag, you have to follow our Facebook watch page and then in the comments, tag a friend. We have two bags that we
are giving away to you mommas to be out there, so
they’re really, really pretty, curated, perfect little bags ready for you to rock that birth. No matter how your baby
comes into the world, you’ll be prepared with these bags. – Yeah, exactly, YKC
kinda thought of it all, and even if you don’t win,
we do have a discount code if you look in the
description box, you’ll see it’s for 30% off and it’s a great concept, it really, really is. If you don’t wanna pack your own stuff, even if you do, like I did end up buying my own pajamas and you
know, robe and everything for specifically the
hospital, so they kind of just pick it out for you
and I think that’s great. – One real quick note before we go, you may have remembered
Olivia from a couple of our episodes months ago
before she was announced that she’s pregnant, and
our gender predictor video was correct with Olivia,
because she’s having a little girl, I don’t know
if we ever like came on here and actually said that, but
we know a lot of you guys have seen that video and
she was secretly pregnant or I don’t even know if
she knew it then or maybe she was like one week into knowing. – She did!
– I just found out. – She did know. – How awkward and funny is that, – But she didn’t know
she was having a girl and we found out and I was
like, the gender predictor video
– That’s right – Because it was 100%
right for all three of us. – All free of us
– Which gives me the chills – Crazy – That’s wild, except
I’m not having a girl ’cause I’m done, ’cause it did say that. But let’s leave Olivia lots
of love in the comments. – Lots of love. – ‘Cause she is about to be a mom! – I know – And I’m sure you guys
know how exciting that is. If we forgot anything, leave
it in the comments below. – Thanks guys! – Yay, we’re so happy for you! Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of FAM. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We post on YouTube every other week and we’re also on Facebook once a week On our Facebook Watch page. So there’s lots of ways you guys can keep up with us. You can always check the description box to find links to the private Facebook group that we have, our Watch page, links to all the products, and you guys can always keep the convo going in the comments below too, or anywhere that you want to connect with us. Yeah, tell us if there’s anything we missed for the hospital bag. Let Olivia know. That’s all for today! We’ll see you guys soon. Bye!

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  23. I’m due October 13th can’t wait to have this baby! I pray that I have a fast labour and everything works out , hoping I can have a natural birth without an epidural, if I need it so be it though lol

  24. From a mom who was in labor for 52 hours 🙋🏼‍♀️ I definitely put on make up. Just because I was sooooo bored and angry about the labor process that I was like "FINE. IM GOING TO LOOK PRETTY." And I'm so glad I did it. I felt like my pictures are 100000x better.

  25. Love this video! Would love support for this new YouTuber, check me out and subscribe!! Would love feedback, thank youuuu😘

  26. I guess everyone is completely different. I have had both natural births & c-sections…and regardless I LOVED showering. Our hospital bathrooms are super clean & it made me feel SOOO much nicer, to have a hot shower & keep clean. ESPECIALLY after major surgery… I kept my incision clean. They encouraged it! Running hot soapy water over the incision daily. Keep it clean, dry, and free of sweat & bacteria. It is also HIGHLY recommended to get up and moving after a c-section, it promotes healing, rather then laying down, it will hurt 100x worse once you do try to get up and move around. Another thing that is different (in my opinion) is I ALWAYS brought my own supplies (I am aware they provide everything) but if I can afford my own, and bring it… I would rather use my own. Let them save the extras for the Mamas would are in need.

  27. Omg im giving birth I DONT need makeup bag advice, what essentials for me and baby OTHER then bloody make up!!!! Honestly I know what I need for make up basics if I need them im a woman we all know. What a waste of talk & time

  28. The nothing for the father thing may not apply to all hospitals. I know at the ones near me the father does get 3 meals a day and a toothbrush and toothpaste. And possibly some other items.

  29. I gave birth on a Friday morning but i had been there since thursday and i took a shower on sunday, i couldnt sooner, they didn't let me but that shower was THE BEST shower i had in my life it feels sooo good its a must!

  30. So funny you're video. I got 2 c-section and I thrid one next July and I don't know if I'm normal but the next day of my c-section I was in my shower makeup ….. I known the doctor and nurses was surprised but it's me ….. I only stayed 2 nighs after my c-section also ….

  31. I get free baby stuff from this site >> . I've got cases of diapers , wipes , formula & tons of clothes and toys !

  32. Oh my goodness I couldn’t wait to shower after all my births. I had to have lots of help with my first bc it was a C-section delivery. But it was the best feeling especially after only getting bed bath until I could get out of bed.

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  34. You forgot snacks! I'm always starving. And with my last 3 babies, for some bizarre reason, they didn't bring me breakfast the next morning!! Snacks are very important.

    I also always brought some Powerade or Gatorade.

  35. Are you guys serious? You are the type of people that would forget your baby at the hospital because you're doing your makeup.

  36. With vaginal births I did shower in the first couple hours after giving birth, so I recommend just a basic toiletry kit. You can get the travel size kit from Walmart or Target for a few dollars.

  37. Just did my hospital bag. Also My husband got fed & a comfortable bed. That’s why I love the hospital I gave birth in.
    37 weeks now can’t wait for my 3rd baby boy to come. 💙

  38. One thing I brought was a small extension cord!!! Because nothing is worse than wanting to talk on the phone or post photos and your phone is dead and the outlet is a million miles away from the bed 😂

  39. The nurse told me 1 day after my csection, "you should get up and walk, all the other moms who had a csection are already down the hall"…. I felt pressured lol

  40. Yeah this is a video on what you need and I don’t feel that it was done well- I went to a great hospital class and they tell you we give you bare minimum for comfort and particulars- you need organic nipple cream, my breast friend, your favorite shower gel and toss away flip flops to just rinse off you don’t have to wash your hair, dry shampoo, music list, favorite scent, battery fan, bath robe, nursing tops…slip on slippers, cozy socks…you need a lot…

  41. That pre-packed bag is literally $295 when the contents are worth MAAAYBE $100. Ladies, go to target and make your own bag. The baby outfit and PJs aren’t even cute!!!

  42. It would be so awesome if you guys did a give away with all the products you include in your videos! I would love to get any products I can get, since I'm expecting and totally overwhelmed!

  43. I really wish I had packed a "u" shaped travel pillow for my bum!! After spending hours and hours sitting on the terrible hospital mattresses and then having an unmedicated vaginal birth (with tearing… ugh) I really could have used a little extra padding down there!! And the space in the "u" is perfect for holding an ice pack for the lady bits

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