Hospital Bag & Essentials Checklist for Your Newborn Baby

[MUSIC PLAYING] Now a couple of weeks
before your due date, it’s a good idea to
pack your hospital bag so you’re all ready to
go when the time comes. Check with your doctor to
see how many nights you expect to be in the hospital. And aside from the personal items and
clothing you’ll need for yourself, there are a few things you really
need to remember for your new baby– weather-appropriate onesies
plus an outfit for them to wear home from the
hospital, burp cloths and bibs to help clean up the spit up. Pacifier– babies have
a strong sucking reflex. And a pacifier can help soothe them. Hats, socks and mittens
to keep them warm and help prevent them from scratching themselves. Swaddles and receiving blankets
to wrap them up safe and secure.

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