HOSPICE Episode 2 | “Monster Hospital” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(dramatic chord) – [Child] Mommy. (dramatic chord) Help me! (screaming) (eerie music) (electric beeping) – Alice, Alice, you in there? – Sorry, time of death is 11:05 you said? – You’ll get used to ’em. The death. See that you’re new here,
welcome to Kane Hospital. – Five years I’m here and
he hasn’t looked at me once. – I’m not here to date. – Well come on then, let’s
get Mr. Conley to the morgue. (zipper whirs) – I can take him down if you want. – Fine by me, I hate that place. Do you know where? Basement corridor, take a right. Only a right, understand? (ominous music) (suspenseful music) – [Woman] That wing is closed. – Sorry, Elsa, which way to the morgue? (rock music) (growls) – Carl? Don’t mess with me. (rock music)
(whistling) (clatters) Jesus! Don’t do that to a man in a morgue. – Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. Uh, this is Mr. Conley. – Wow, a new guest and a new nurse. – Alice. – Dan. Welcome to my office. Beautiful isn’t she? Yeah let’s just move this over here. (muttering) – Kane. I had heard that Dr. Kane
lost a son, was this him? – Yeah. Young Norman, good kid. – What happened to him? – Heart disease. Nothing worse in the world than losing a child if you ask me. (dramatic music)
(squelching) – I agree. Well it was nice to meet you. (glove snaps) – Play it cool my darling. (zipper whirs)
(keyboard clicking) (eerie music) – Boss said you looking for the hospice. Now why would that be? – I just got lost. – Or maybe you heard the
stories and got curious. Well do yourself a favor,
forget what you heard. – Why? Are the stories real? What’s down there Barbara? – Nothing good. So unless you want this to
be your first and last night, you won’t go over there. (rock music) (growling) (rock music)
(growling) – Carl? (lock clicking) (suspenseful music) Get a grip Dan, you’re losing it. (door bangs)
(suspenseful music) (phone rings)
(fist bangs) (phone clatters) Norman, I’m your friend. (suspenseful music) (door bangs) – [Phone] Dan, Dan? What happened? Is everything alright? (suspenseful music) (crying out)
(growling) (electric fizzling)
(Dan crashes) (ominous music)
(bulbs buzzing) (Norman screeches)

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