Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Chitalu Chilufya, speaks about Children’s Hearing Clinic in Zambia

One of the omissions in our primary health care programme is the lack of primary health care programme in audiology or hearing
challenges for children. So in our strategic plan for 2017-2021 we have
decided that we should inculcate audiology in our primary healthcare,
therefore we will be detecting early hearing challenges in children in schools and communities and be able to link
them up to therapy and that’s why it is important that we create the property
for structure, which is what we’re doing here and second, supporting for us to have
the human capital that will provide this audiology service. Well, we have been privileged to work with Bhavisha from the Sound Seekers organisation in the United Kingdom, who has worked with us with admirable passion and she’s left an admirable legacy of a well set up audiology platform. We will now be able to train audiology technologists here and assess and be able to provide services right here and will create a critical team of people that will be going out into the communities and schools as part of our primary health care programme. So we have been privileged to work with Sound Seekers and their very very hard working volunteer, Bhavisha.

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