Hongye bespoke furniture from China,FF&E,Hotel/Office/Hospital furniture

Guangdong Hongye Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. We focus on the furniture industry for more than 30 years with 320 acres of own industrial land and 300,000 square meters of furniture industrial park and staff village Classical buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties Hongyun Building Business Center And Jiangnanju Chalet Villa We have leading power in furniture area. Clarify goals, find ways, do things seriously, and take responsibility. We are market-oriented The forward-looking vision leads us to the continuous innovation pattern. Promote the steady development of itself and the industry We take quality as the core Make a 20,000-square-meter five-star exhibition hall showing different kind of products with modern style. At present our main product is red sandalwood teak furniture The main products include office furniture series Medical furniture series And Turnkey furniture series Every piece of our fine furniture, every perfect accessory Constructed numerous comfortable and flexible office spaces In 2017, Hongye Group launched a fashion offset brand Create smart and environmentally friendly, human-friendly office low-cost services for small business enterprises Our products are widely used in government, banks, hospitals Schools, courts, state-owned enterprises, five-star hotels, etc. Obtained more than 100 patented design technologies and shaped countless engineering benchmarks Over 200 high-end specialty stores covering the whole country, standing proudly on the market We make our effort on precise prosess. 300,000 square meters of production line for five series of products Six new branch plants were put into operation in 2018 Jiangnan Hotel Software Factory Hongye Hardware Factory Hongye Rubber Sheet Factory II Hongye Group’s products are all made of environmentally friendly materials that meet international standards At the same time, after 50 exquisite craftsmanship Multiple rigorous testing procedures and perfect quality system Let us test the quality of each of our products without fear We equip domestic and foreign customers with more than ten special buses such as Mercedes-Benz Reception ceremony for distinguished VIP guests Visit the garden-style Hongye Industrial Park Rest in Jiangnanju Farm, a pleasant environment We are always customer-oriented, sincere and sincere, and work together for a win-win situation Our target is for making Brand Has won the national high-tech enterprises Guangdong Famous Trademark Guangdong Intelligent Environmental Protection Furniture Engineering Technology Research Center Top Ten Chinese Furniture Brands Hongye Furniture is fast from order to production Our hotel uses Hongye furniture Their follow-up service tracking is in place and the service is very good Thanks to Hongye Furniture They are very professional and we do n’t know where they will tell us. Hongye brand makes us trust Good product and service experience We are committed to selling the best products to the world Serve global luxury buildings, star hotels, and build excellence projects Leading by strength

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