Home-focused rehab proving a success

-Oh, well, I was
helpless, you know? I couldn’t move, and gradually
I’ve got to move and walk. -So, I’ve been in base
hospital for a fortnight and I’ve come to Tainui
for my rehabilitation and to get my leg going
again, which was– I had a broken femur. And now I’ve got to
get it working again. All the joint, I
find, or the knee, doesn’t seem to
want to function. -We had established a role, the
nurse consultant in aged care, within the directorate,
so that that person could go out and support the nurses
in the aged-care sector. We were aware that
they didn’t appear to have a lot of
support, and we felt that DHB could provide
some of that support. The reason we
introduced the EICATT, or the intermediary programme,
into the aged-care sector was because we noticed that
people, especially the elderly who stay in hospital
for any length of time, becomes deskilled. And therefore, we had people
who were ready to be discharged, but not ready to go home. And so they needed a place to
go that would bring their skills back up to independent living
and could be discharged back into their own home. -I’m able to do a lot
more things for myself– very carefully, but
it’s been very good. Yesterday, I managed to
do 15 metres on my walker, where previously to that, if I
did two or three metres, that was a real effort. But each day I’m
getting stronger and the staff are marvelous
in the way they’re helping me. Like, at this point in
time, if I went home, I know for sure I’d fall over. Or there’s things that,
if they were difficult, instead of being encouraged
and told to get going and get it done, you
possibly wouldn’t do, because you’d put it
in the too hard basket. I feel I’m on the
way to recovery, yes. -Here at Tainui, we’ve had
the enhanced care programme, which has allowed us to develop
a much stronger relationship with the DHB, because we’re
understanding what they need and what we need. And it’s good for the staff and
the facility and the resident. -The opportunity of having the
enhanced ICAT team at Tainui has given the staff a
really good opportunity to learn new skills. It’s also had a flow-on
effect to the other staff to see what they do. The other staff teach themselves
and amongst themselves. They’ve assisted the
residents in the fact that they now stand back and
get residents to help more, because the enhanced programme
with being rehabilitation means they have to
help themselves. They want to succeed, so
we’re there just to assist.

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