Holzer Physician Recruitment: Overview

I’m Missouri born and raised. First of my
family to actually adventure outside the borders of Missouri.
I did my internal medicine training in Pennsylvania. Where I did my training was
a small town with a large multi-specialty clinic, so we were
looking for a similar environment and Gallipolis was was where we landed. Holzer has been my first and only job,
I’ve spent my entire career here and I’ve had no regrets about it. Holzer’s not just a health care system.
It’s also a community we give people the opportunity to interact engage, be
someone other than just a physician in a healthcare system, they can put down
roots. Holzer Health System has approximately
500,000 ambulatory visits each year. Our main campus is in Gallipolis Ohio and it
consists of a hospital and attached ambulatory care and that is where Holzer started.
We also have large ambulatory practices in Jackson Meigs
County than Athens counties and we also have a smaller branch in Mason County
West Virginia as well as in Proctorville, Ohio, which is near Huntington, West
Virginia. Holzer has been really flexible in allowing me to pursue my other
interests. One of the things I am really passionate about is music and providers
have really been encouraged and given quite the liberty to develop their exam
rooms so they really allow the patient to get a sense and a feel of who the
provider is, and I think that really builds trust with the patient. Holzer
really takes care of their physicians, they’re very kind and supportive. Our
mission is friendly visits, excellent care; every patient, every time. We truly
deeply believe that mission to be who we are. Our primary focus when we bring a
physician on board at Holzer is to get them successful in a specialty that
they’ve spent eight to ten years preparing to engage in. The mentor aspect
is pretty awesome here I got to say. There are some really amazing teachers
that have really helped me become the physician that I am. They take their time
with you, they’re honest, but they’re kind with their honesty, and they’re truthful
with your performance and they really want you to succeed. I’m in an environment where that’s more
supportive, that’s whenever I have flourished and that is what I have found
here so even though we have multiple nurse practitioners, even though we have
you know seven or eight pediatricians, I’ve never once been competitive or felt
that anybody was being competitive with me at all. If I could pick one adjective
it’s just helpful, it’s a helpful environment. It’s a learning environment
and they really want you to succeed. I think Holzer is a particularly good
fit for people who like to work as a team. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed
to be. That’s what I’ll say. I feel like this is where I’m meant to be. We are
looking for people who will thrive in this environment.

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