Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital – Overview

Welcome to Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital Canada’s largest specialized children’s rehabilitation
hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto Our vision is to create a world that
possibility for kids with disabilities A global leader in the field of
childhood disability with over one hundred ten years of experience Holland
law review serves approximately seven thousand children every year We pioneer treatments, technologies therapies and real-world programs that
give children with disabilities the tools they need to participate fully in
life we do this by bringing together clinical
practice, applied research and teaching to create innovative treatments From nurses to occupational therapists,
dietitians to physicians and child life specialists are skilled professionals
working in partnership with clients, families and volunteers to provide a
very best health care possible We see children with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, muscular dystrophy Amputation, epilepsy spina bifida arthritis cleft lip and palate autism and other developmental
disabilities. A small number of our clients have complex chronic diseases
that require in-hospital medical care Holland Bloorview is here to help
children with disabilities and their families See all of the possibilities that are
available to them and to lead happy and satisfying lives.

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