History of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

(gentle music) – [Narrator] Welcome to
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. – Pomona Valley Hospital
Medical Center has a long tradition in history in our community. It started in 1899 as the
result of a train crash that this hospital was born. The community recognized at that point we needed to have a fine institution that could meet the needs of
the people of this community. The first facility was a two story, 12 bed hospital that was opened in 1903. Then after a horrendous fire, the hospital was rebuilt
on this property in 1913. Pomona Valley Hospital
Medical Center’s mission from the very beginning, since 1899, has been to serve the ever-changing and evolving needs of
our diverse community. – It’s always looking
to what we can do next, what we can add to the community, and I think that is one
of its biggest strengths. – We always take the
needs of our community and our patients, we put that first. – We are a community-based,
not for profit hospital. That makes a huge difference because the whole mindset is
based around a community and the fact that we
reinvest the funds we make through the operations of the hospital and every philanthropic dollar, right back into the community hospital. So that’s why we’re able to
offer the finest technology, the finest education for staff, the finest care that hospitals can have, and it makes a profound difference. (bright music)

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