History of Hershey – Memories & Milestones – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

[ music ] [ background music ] We have already had a bird’s eye view of Chocolate
Avenue and now as we get a closer glimpse, we begin to realize how very different Hershey
is going to be from the average industrial town. [ music ] Hershey was created by Milton Hershey to serve
as a town for the workers of his chocolate factory. Hershey Estates was a company that Milton
Hershey had created to manage the town and owned all of the utilities, there was the Hershey Electric Company and
the Hershey Water Company and the Hershey Sewage Company. The workers at Hershey leave their factory,
they find beautiful surroundings everywhere. Hershey in the 1960s is a community in transition.

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