Hip Replacement – Dr. Win Moore, M.D. – Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic

One area of reconstructive surgery that I
really like, or stands out for me is hip replacement. The hip replacement procedures really have evolved to the point that the rehab is much easier. Patients are not restricted like in the old
days of doing the posterior approach. We started this several years ago, and it’s been a big success. Patients in the long run, it’s equal, but
in the immediate post-op period they have less pain. There are no restrictions that apply for example
to the posterior. With that approach you can’t sit in a certain
way you can’t stand in a certain way. With the direct anterior approach, none of
that applies. So, our patients are able to be more relaxed,
and they’re free to do things that in the past were very restricted.
So, in that respect it’s a very excellent approach to hip replacement. Is everybody a candidate? Not everybody, but
most people will fall into a category that the direct anterior approach, we’re able
to use it. In my practice, easily 95 plus percent are
candidate for the direct anterior approach. Again, it’s not new, it’s been an evolution
over the years, but in the last several years it’s become front and center on joint replacement
for the hip. So, we really are excited about that, we continue
to use new technology. The hospital has been very generous in supplying
with us with the equipment. The Hana table was a purchase that happened
several years ago. It has enabled us to really shorten our operative time down. When we first started the direct anterior
approach, surgery was lasting an hour and half to an hour and 45 minutes. We’re now able to complete those surgeries
in 45 minutes to an hour. With the cooperation with the equipment purchases,
and experience, it’s become a much easier operation to complete and our patients love
it. It’s not perfect, nothings perfect, but
they really have enjoyed the freedom that they have immediately after surgery and it’s really made their life in the immediate post-op phase much better. They still have to go to therapy. That’s
a big issue. Therapy is important. Without it our success rate would be much
lower, but all in all the surgery alone has really helped us jump way in the future as far as the amount of time it
takes to recover from a hip replacement surgery.

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