Hillary Clinton Makeover by Dr. Phil Hong Nguyen of Happy Clinic

Hi this is Dr. Phil Nguyen with Happy Clinic Denver and as I promised we’re gonna do Hillary Clinton today what
would happen if Hillary Clinton walked into my office and what would I do for
her first off for 68 years old I think she looks amazing I think she actually
looks better today than she probably did about five years ago she was looking
really tired when she was working for Obama maybe Obama was really making her
work too hard or whatever but you know she actually looks better today so I
think personally that she’s probably had a little bit of work done and who’s ever
doing her work actually looks really good that they’re pretty good at what they’re
doing to make her look natural so I’m gonna have some fun with Hillary today
and I want to tell you what I would like to do to her if she ever came to happy
clinic first off, I think that her skin texture can need some improvement
she’s got a lot of fine lines and wrinkles for 68 years old it’s
absolutely normal I believe a mixto fractionated co2 laser resurfacing would
do wonders for the texture of the quality of her skin and improve a lot of
her pigmentation that she’s gotten up here medical grade skin care is
absolutely important I would place Hillary on skin medica’s TNS essential serum as
well as their newest product ha5 which is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles next Botox is amazing we’ll do some
Botox in the glabellar lines maybe a little bit of forehead lines as well as
the crow’s feet and after Botox I would give her some volume replacement as we
age we lose a lot of volume and in our face and everything kind of falls the
the cheeks fall and that’s why we get nasolabial folds and marionettes and
that’s why we start to get a little bit of this jowling that she
got right in there so we need to give her some volume back now a facelift only
pulls and stretches it really doesn’t give you the volume back that you need
so I would like to give her some volume back in her cheeks here with a few
syringes of voluma maybe three or four syringes of voluma, a couple syringes on
each side to give the nice volume back it will help to with this under-eye
puffiness that she’s got to kind of pull and stretch things up and if we pull and
we stretch this way with voluma then it automatically improves a little bit of
her nasolabial folds and her marionettes as well as you can see here I would then
work on her lips I think you know as we age our lips get a little bit depressed
they get smaller they kind of curve inward and if I can plump her lips up
with some Juvederm Ultra or ultra plus give her a little bit more of this nice
lip border and this Cupid’s bow that you see that she’s lacking in this picture
right here also I would throw a little bit of Juvederm Ultra Plus in her
marionettes kind of give it a little bit of this lift as well and we can throw
Botox in a number of places in the chin area to help with the orange peel effect
we throw a little Botox in her lip lines too but for the most part when the lips
lip lines get pretty bad my actually, my favorite product for the lip lines is
Restylane silk it’s a very soft product and when it goes in it looks great it
doesn’t give you that puffy upper lip look like a lot of women get with some
of the other fillers so Restylane silk a fine product for ironing out those fine
lip lines I would also probably do some voluma in her jaw line as well as we age
we get this jowling effect I can place the voluma back here in the
jawline it kind of pulls and stretches this way and it straightens out her jaw
as you can see here I find a very defined jawline works wonders and the
Mixto fractionated laser resurfacing can improve that neck skin as you can
see some of the improvements right in here again I think Hillary looks pretty
good pretty good for her age at 68 but if I got my hands on her I think I can
make her look even a little bit better but keep the dignity that is a part of
what an older woman is all about again it’s my philosophy about beauty is
subtle is the new wow. I’m not here to change you I’m not here to make you look
different than what you are I’m really just bringing out this beauty that’s
underneath you. all of us are just a few millimeters away from looking like a
supermodel and I think if i add a few millimeters here and subtract a few
millimeters there I think Hillary Clinton can look like an awesome 68 year
old supermodel thanks for tuning in with me today this is Dr. Phil Nguyen with Happy
Clinic and I hope you have you guys have a great day. Take care! Bye!

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