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– Ready? Shingles. – Apple juice. (Mike laughing) (upbeat music) – This is my buddy, his
name is Dr. Dilshad Atwal. We went to college together. He’s about to become a
full-fledged attending and take over the world himself. – That was a great intro. – Him and I are quite competitive. We play tennis sometimes, I
usually beat him at tennis. But then Dilshad’s mom, Mrs. Atwal, sends me videos about how she’s
gonna make me a mango shake. – [Dilshad] Mike is too
afraid to play me in tennis. – Why, why Mike? Don’t worry I’ll make you mango shake, that will make you strong.
– [Dilshad] Mom. It’s a good mango shake by the way. (Mike laughing) – Have you ever watched Jimmy Fallon? – Yeah, of course. – Have you ever seen on the show they do something known
as the whisper challenge? – Deflated balls. (audience laughing) – Feel my balls? – I will whisper you that word while you have the music bumping. – And if you don’t get it right, you’re gonna have to
knock out ten push-ups. – Straight. – What do you think? – Let’s do it. – What do you think, nervous? Ready? – Shingles. – Apple juice. (laughing) – No, you didn’t. – [Dilshad] Say it again, say it again. – Shingles. – No idea. (both laughing) – Wasn’t the first ones
supposed to be easy? – Stop yelling at me, first of all. Shingles. – Jungle juice. (laughing) – Shingles. – Shingles? Oh my god. – You said jungle juice. – ‘Cause you made it sound like– – But what’s jungle juice? Ten pushups. – Let’s do it. – One, two. Oh those are fake pushups. – You like the form? – Too fast. – You ready? Can you hear me? – Um, wait are you saying the word? I can’t hear you at all. – No, no, no, are you ready? Stroke. Stroke. – Trojan? Wait.
– Stroke. Stroke. – Stroke? – Yes, yes. – J. Cole’s so good though, especially with these headphones. Asthma. – Asthma. – Oh, come on! He got it only because he has asthma. (Mike laughing) Where’s your inhaler? – It’s in my, you want me to get it? – EKG. – Evil. (both laughing) Evil, I don’t know, something. – EKG. Try. – I don’t know. – EKG. – EKG? – Yeah.
– Yeah! – I don’t even want to give
you a high five for that. – I was about to say evil (bleep). – I’m not feeling this. – Good, I don’t want you to feel it. – This song is messing
up my thought process. – Good I want you to mess
up your thought process. – Blood. – Blood. – Oh come on, that’s BS! – And please, a better song next time. You’re not gonna get this one. Chest compressions. – He doesn’t think I get this. It’s chest compressions,
chest compressions, chest compressions. No, actually I did a good job lipping it, that’s what happened. – No! What are you saying, I’m a bad lipper? Vaccine. – Fasting. – Vaccine. – Fastest. (both laughing) – Vaccine. One more time. Vaccine. – Vaseline. (both laughing) – Vaccine. – Vaccine. – Oh, vaseline! I’m gonna make this guy
get into good shape. I should do this with all my patients. Eight, nine, 10. – I gave you an extra one, Mike. – Oh, he gave me an extra one, wow. Bro, I’m sweating ’cause I suck and then I’m sweating
’cause I’m doing push-ups. (laughing) Okay you’re not getting
this, one by the way. I’m letting you know this.
– All right. – A sphygmomanometer. – Big hamburger. Yeah?
– Yeah, that’s a medical term. No, of course not. Sphygmomanometer. – Spin calibrator? – Sphygnomanameter. – Oh, sphygmomanometer,
the blood pressure cuff? – But that’s not the right word though. – I don’t know what you’re saying. What? – You said it incorrectly. Try again, what is it? – It’s sphygmomanometer. – Is that how you say it? I thought it was a sphygnom-anameter. – What? (both laughing) Scalpel. – I don’t even want to guess. – You have to guess. (laughing) – Salmonella. There’s an S. There’s an S at the beginning. – I don’t get why he’s screaming at me. Scalpel. – Tempo. (Mike laughing) – Scalpel. – Sample. – Oh, that was really close. Yes? No. Scalpel, oh my gosh. – That was close. – Eight, nine, 10. One more again. Oh my god, I suck at this. Ready? Let it out. Hypertension. – Operation. – Hypertension. – Abcess. – Hypertension. – Hypertension. (laughing) First aid. – I’m not kidding, I
thought you said vagina. (both laughing) – First aid. – Versed. – What? – Versed, like the drug. Versed, no? – First aid. I suck at this game. (both laughing) – I’ll give you one more, I’ll give you one more, ’cause you didn’t guess.
– Yeah, give me one more. Say it slowly. – Okay, first aid. – First aid, yes.
– Yeah. – Deep vein thrombosis. I realized how slow I was going. – Tuberculosis. – Deep vein thrombosis. – Idiopathic thrombosis? – Close. Deep vein thrombosis. Finally. Gimme it. – Hold on, I’m gonna get it. Venous thrombosis, I don’t know. – Close. Deep vein thrombosis. – That’s what I just said! – You said venous thrombosis,
it is, it is, but– – That’s the same thing! – But you did not get deep, we’re playing the game of words. – Hold on a second, that’s the exact term. – Nope. – Oh, I’m so sore. – Oh, whatever. – Thermometer. – Thermometer, easy You seem upset. – Blood pressure. – Pillow washing. – Blood pressure. – Blood pressure. – Yeah. Crap. – This is gonna be really hard. I don’t know if you can
even get this mother. Syringe. – Syringe. – How does he get it? – Easy, easy. I’m getting better. – Cholesterol. – Ketchup. (Mike laughing) – Cholesterol. (Dilshad clearing throat) I kinda choked on my own– (both laughing) – You’re, like, choking. – No, I hadn’t realized how
much spit I had in my mouth. – Cholesterol. – Yeah. Oh, my god, you get it
like 20 minutes later– – No, I thought I had it. – Stethoscope. – I saw palindrome. (Mike laughing) – Stethoscope. – Stethoscope! Diabetes. – Diamonds. – Good. Diabetes. – Diabetes? – Yeah. – Yo, his lips are magical. Ladies, if you’re trying to
find a single Indian dude, he enunciates like a champ. Bronchitis. – Mayonnaise. (Mike laughing) – Bronchitis. Bronchitis. – I have no idea, again. – I’m gonna give you a fourth
try, ’cause I’m so ahead. – Slower. – Okay, slow. – Enunciate. – Bronchitis. – Bro, I can’t even get in the ballpark. – Bronchitis. – Bronchitis, oh my god. Eight, nine, 10, 11. Once again, one more. – This guy’s done 44 push-ups already. – Otoscope. – Oslo, I don’t know. – Otoscope. Last time. – This is my last time, so do it slow. – Otoscope. – Osteopenia? Yeah, ostepenia? No. (laughing) – Otoscope. – Oh, otoscope. Oh-toscope! Aw-toscope or Oh-toscope? It’s different. – Are you kidding me, move your lips. (Dilshad clearing throat) – Aw-toscope! I don’t even know what an “aw-toscope” is. It sounds like a scope
that works automatically. – [Dilshad] Okay. – Reflex hammer. – Reflex hammer. – Yeah okay (laughing) – Prescription. – Prescription! – Yeah, oh my gosh. I didn’t even say it loud, I– – You said it quick. I’ll wet my lips for you, baby. (Mike laughing) Arthritis. – Ready, you ready? Arthritis. I didn’t hear you, I didn’t hear you. – I’m good at lipping. – Osteoporosis. – Asthmaticus? – Osteoporosis. – Osteoporosis? – Oh, my gosh. – No way he gets this. No way he gets this. – I got what you were about to say. – What? – “No way he’s getting this.” – Yeah. Let’s fix these. Epilepsy. No, he got it, he had the
confident twinkle in his eye. – Epilepsy. Hospital. – Hospital. – That was easy. – Multiple sclerosis. No, he got the confident smile again. (Dilhad clapping loudly) – Multiple sclerosis. Boom. (arcade machine sound effect) – In all seriousness, I hope you enjoyed our very first episode of Doctor Mike’s Whisper Challenge Medical
Edition with Dr. Dilshad Atwal. And if you wanna she
more of this amazingness, please jump down into the comments and let us know what you think. He’s gonna be responding
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