Highlands Regional Medical Center- What is Knee Replacement?

(upbeat music) – My name is Dr. Tahir Chaudhri and I work here at Highland
Medical Specialist in Sebring. In old days or traditionally
the total knee replacement was done with instrumentation, which involved lot of cutting. And lot of special
instrument that were used. In order to place this, those
instruments we used to cut certain bones, certain cuts
which in the present day now there are new things which are available which is called robotic surgery. So robotic surgery meaning that
you feed in the information through a CT scan and you put sensor on the patient and before you start your
surgery, feed the information into the computer. And that information is going
to pass down to the robot. The robot would now lead you. It’s not that robot that
you are going to sit and robot is going to do surgery. You are still going to hold the saw and the cutting instrument. But it would determine which
safer way you are going. So it will direct your
hand where you need to go. So you still use certain
jig but they do not involve lot of cutting. So, but there in computer
navigation, computer helps me but I do everything. (upbeat music)

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