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(Heartbeat) Becca: I just can’t believe this is happening Becca: I am so nervous Becca: I’ve been praying like crazy all morning Becca: So that I could have strength. So that I can have peace of mind and that I will be mentally ready to have this baby Becca: I need to calm down Michael: Are you eating? Becca: I’m cheating right now. Michael: Because once you go inside that building Becca: They’re really mean and they say you can’t eat anything or you’ll puke on us and that’s rude Michael: So you’re getting some fries and sandwich before we go in there Becca: My hair look okay? Michael: Yeah, it looks great Becca: My legs are so stretchy. Becca: To be able to like, look like this and within like six months or a little while to look normal again Becca: That’s kinda crazy. Michael: Totally crazy Michael: We’re here Becca: I just had the sudden urge…I was like imagining this edited. Becca: And I had this certain urge to like Becca: Skip ahead and see what the baby looks like. Becca: In the video Michael: Now skip ahead Becca: I want to skip ahead Becca: I don’t want to go thru the pain of it. Let me just skip that part. Becca: And I’ll just skip ahead to the baby part Becca: That sounds good. Doctor: There we go Michael: You ready for this? Becca: Never Becca: Never ready Becca: And at the same time absolutely I’m sick of being pregnant Michael: This is your new hotel room Michael: Okay guys here we are Michael: This is it. Michael: You are having contractions Becca: I’m in the middle of one right now Michael: Yeah, you are. They’re like three or four minutes apart. We just got checked in. Just go all hooked up Michael: I’ll show you guys a little bit around the room here that we got Michael: A tour. So I’ve got my tripods everything’s ready to go over here Michael: Extra cameras. Tons of cameras. All my batteries and chargers are back here Michael: This is the nice camera for photography and my backpack down there. Becca’s bags and paperwork. Over here we have Michael: The women of the day Michael: All ready Becca: This is always so nerve wracking Michael: You’re gonna do great Michael: And over here, this is the heartbeat of the baby Michael: They said they want to keep the line keep the baby’s heartbeat in the blue line. That looks pretty good Michael: And then this was the first contraction a few minutes ago, and she just ended a second contraction right there Becca: Yeah. I’m having contractions. I’m coming in to be induced. But it’s like… Michael: So your body’s just ready to do it Becca: I bet if my water was broken, I would start having a whole bunch of really strong contractions Becca: I wonder what I’m at? Michael: Dilated? We’ll find out when the doctor gets here Michael: Or if the nurse checks you maybe Michael: So I’m wearing my new Beach House t-shirt today to celebrate the birth of the baby Michael: Did you bring the baby’s onesie that says Beach House? Michael: Okay, we’ll have to get pictures Michael: I’m a little bit nervous and I’m excited. And I just feel like everything is gonna go really really great. Michael: And I’m ready to film Michael: Anything that comes our way. Michael: Don’t look Becca: All right Becca: I have my IV in. Becca: I have…my monitors on my belly that are kind of monitoring Becca: This one is for the baby’s heartbeat. And this one is for contractions Becca: I’ve been having contractions about three to five minutes apart consistently and that’s without doing anything Becca: No induction whatsoever. I’m just consistently having that which has been the same all this morning. Michael’s about to do something really funny Michael: We have a family Marco Polo group. Which is like just like it’s just an app where you like send video messages to each other Michael: And everybody’s been making guesses in the family group Marco Polo asking, you know, okay everybody guess Michael: How big is the baby gonna be? How many pounds. So I was like Michael: Oh I think he’s gonna be seven pounds five ounces or whatever Michael: And so I’m getting ready to post a picture of Rebecca right after she had Charlie Michael: And say something like…welcome Becca: He’s here Michael: He’s here Becca: Welcome baby boy Beach Michael: Even though it’s not real. Just to make everybody angry. Becca: I’m really interested to see if any of them are like…hey that’s a picture of when Charlie was born. Or if they’re just like Becca: He looks just like Charlie. Becca: Ellie? I guess that’s true. Charlie was very small Baby: Your baby picture it will be too…no, that’s too old. It looks it looks like an old picture. Michael: Are you sure that looks… Becca: It’s too old. Michael: Okay, fine. Becca: You got to get one that’s at least like Ellie Becca: Cause Ellie…I bet everybody thinks this baby gonna be big and Ellie was kind of a big baby Michael: Charlie was small. Becca: And Charlie was really small and we had him way early. So it would make more sense if he was big Becca: Okay. This is the picture we’re gonna post Becca: See what they say Michael: Should I say like welcome Chester, you know, just like some weird name. Becca: Sure Becca: Not too weird. Make it kind of a normalish name but one that we’re not going to use Michael: Okay Becca: So that they are like…oh that must be it Michael: Humphrey Becca: I’m sorry, if your name is Humphrey. No because it’s a bad name Michael: I got the picture ready. Okay, everybody Michael: He is here. He’s healthy. Everything went so fast. We couldn’t even believe it Michael: Welcome to the world Chester Michael: He is seven pounds three ounces and just so perfect Becca: We’re so sneaky Becca: That’s so funny Michael: That was so dirty Michael: I feel really bad Becca: I want to see what they say next Michael: Okay. Alright. Woman on phone: That looks like an old picture Woman on phone: Grandma’s even in the background Woman on phone: Well guys? What do you got to say? Michael: I think there’s somebody in the background there. Becca: Cause they’re like that’s an old picture Becca: Well, find another picture and try again. Becca: The baby has hiccups you can hear it over the monitor and you can see it my clothes jumping Michael: It’s like every four three four seconds Michael: That’s cute Michael: All right guys so all joking aside Michael: I don’t think we’ve even mentioned yet today that we actually had an appointment scheduled today to come in and have Rebecca be induced Michael: She’s officially at 39 weeks today and the doctor said we can’t induce before 39 weeks Michael: So we said okay on the day at 39. Let’s schedule it Michael: We’ve never yeah, so we’re like Michael: You know what? She hasn’t had the baby all on her own before that and let’s just plan on that Michael: So we had an appointment today Becca: Was with Corbin and we were I was at a five Becca: Dilated to five and the doctor sent me to the hospital because like Becca: You live an hour away from the hospital. You’re gonna have the baby on the freeway if you don’t go to the hospital. Becca: So we went to the hospital. And they broke my water. And then Corbin was born really quickly. Michael: Right. So we’re hopeful she just got checked. And she’s dilated to a four now. Last week on Friday she was dilated to a three. Michael: Right. To be able to have the baby. She has to be dilated to 10, which is 10 centimeters Michael: She’s progressing and she’s doing better and feeling pretty optimistic and all hooked up and ready to go. Michael: The doctor should be coming in. Is it really almost five? You feel like it’s just barely four Michael: Check my phone to be sure. Yeah. Oh my gosh. We’ve been here for two hours Michael: Yeah, but the doctors may coming soon. Hopefully and he’s gonna break her water. And then right after that you’re gonna get your Michael: epidural right? Michael: And then once you got the epidural, and the water broke it’s go time. Michael: We’re gonna try and see how quick you can progress and push out that baby Michael: I’m really excited Michael: Make like babies and head out Michael: I think every thing is gonna go really well. Doctor: Go ahead and curl your back for me just a little bit. Michael: Getting your epidural in. Michael: All right, the hard part’s over Michael: You got your epidural. Here’s the line of the epidural going over to this machine right here. Michael: It’s gonna keep pumping you with… Becca: I think that this is how thick Becca: I think this goes straight into my back. Michael: that little wire right there? Becca: Like I think that’s the thickness of it Becca: Which makes sense because it hurts a lot. Becca: It makes me like… Michael: Angry? Michael: So how are you felling? Are you feeling any numbness? Becca: Like really super tingly. Like when you’re at the dentists office Becca: And you’re like… Michael: Is you belly numb? Becca: Yeah. It feels the same. It’s all tingly. Michael: How about down here in your foot? Becca: I can feel my toes almost perfectly. Becca: But like, you go to my heel. Becca: It starts to get tingly. And then beyond that it’s like… Becca: So weird but in a way, I’m like calmed down and thinking okay Becca: I want my water to break now Michael: You’re ready? Becca: Like I want things to just start happening Michael: You can start making things happening. You know the secret password. The doctor will be here soon to break the water. Becca: I want to wait until then Michael: Okay Michael: First of all, what did you just discover? Becca: I can have jello? Becca: I never knew I could have jello. Michael: Well, they never offered you jello with any of your other pregnancies Becca: I think they used to say Popsicle Michael: They used to give you like crushed ice that you can chew Becca: You can have crushed ice. And I’m like… Becca: You trying to starve me to death? Is this a torture chamber? Michael: But someone discovered that you can eat jello Becca: So I just say jello. And I’m so happy cause I love jello Becca: Also this feeling of having an epidural is comforting to me Becca: It’s weird and it’s not like I have the urge to push right now. I know I’m not there for a while yet. Becca: But it almost made me feel like oh now I push Becca: Like just like muscle memory almost. Becca: Even though it’s not time to push Michael: Are you feeling more numb now? Becca: I’m definitely feeling more numb. But it’s like also very comforting to be numb. Michael: Knowing that if you had any pain you wouldn’t feel it? Michael: You’re doing great. Becca: It makes me relieved. Becca: I’m a little shaky though. I can barely feel that. Michael: Just barely barely barely feel that? Becca: What does that mean? Doctor: That the hands like above the head. Becca: So the baby is doing this? Doctor: So it’s like, it’s probably like checking out like who’s touching me Doctor: So there’s a hand right there. I just want to wait until it’s hand gets out of the way. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: We’re getting an ultrasound to just make sure the baby is… Michael: Good Becca: Do you think you could feel the baby’s head but then the hands were above the… Doctor: Can feel the head and the head shifted a little bit. I mean hand was above it and then I can still feel the hand then I felt something softer Doctor: Just want to make sure it’s in the right location Doctor: So the head is in the right direction (inaudible) Doctor: Help me push on the belly a little bit just to kind of guide the head in the right direction (inaudible) Becca: Makes me very happy that I got the epidural already. (inaudible) Michael: Alright. So the baby’s head is Michael: not quite engaged enough and the baby’s hand keeps hanging out in that same area Michael: So the doctors not gonna break the water yet Michael: So he’s hoping that she can have some more contractions and that’ll kind of move the baby’s head where it needs to be Michael: And if we give him time, Michael: or a little bit of patient maybe he’ll move his hand. The doctors said at this point because the waters not broken Michael: It really nothing. Like we’re not past the point of no return at this point if we need to Michael: even wait a day or whatever we can. So we’re just waiting at this point to hopefully make it happen Michael: So you’re having pretty consistent contractions nowadays like every minute or two three apart, it’s just after eight Becca: Yeah. I can’t believe it’s been this long already Michael: And they’ve got you on Pitocin too to the help make things go quicker. Michael: She was just checked again just a second ago. Michael: and she’s still at a four and at this point we’re basically hoping that the baby’s head will engage a little bit more so that we can break the water safely. Michael: Hopefully the baby’s hand moves out of the way, but once we break that water and the head engages further Michael: I think those centimeters are going to start dilating a lot faster Michael: I just I was hoping we could have the baby while it’s still light outside. It looks beautiful outside Michael: But in about Michael: An hour from now. It’s 8:15. In an hour it’s gonna be dark. So we’re like… Michael: I wanna have the baby now Becca: And I don’t want it to be another twelve hours before the Sun comes up Michael: That’s right, well it is what it is. At least they have lots of lights around here Michael: So it should be nice and bright in here Michael: And the most important thing is that the baby’s healthy and that you’re healthy. So if we have to wait until after dark Michael: That’s okay. You’re doing great babe Becca: Even though all these contractions I’ve been having. Which is very typical for me. If you don’t…like if my water is not broken Becca: I don’t really progress that much. So unless it’s like slowly over a week and I progress like a centimeter Becca: Oh I think I can feel this a little bit. Michael: Yeah, that you’re pretty numb? Becca: Kind of. There’s some places I can feel things. So… Becca: But it’s not like terrible. So I’m not like pushing the epidural button like Becca: I have feeling. Becca: You know? I can fee something. Michael: You’re doing great. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Doctor: So I’m gonna have… (Inaudible) Becca: I’m really happy that I have a epidural. Michael: Water’s broken Michael: How’s the head? Still in the right place? Doctor: Still there yeah. Michael: Good Becca: I think I could already feel like… Michael: How much water do you think has come out? Doctor: Well, at least a lot Doctor: It’s like minimal moderate large Michael: Well we’re definitely past the point of no return at this point. Michael: That’s great Becca: So, it is nine o’ clock right now. Michael: Okay. It’s started to get dark outside Michael: After nine. Michael: Just broke your water Becca: Because the baby’s hand moved Becca: And the doctor said Becca: If he pushed down really hard on the top of my stomach. It would make the baby’s head go in the right place Becca: So he had the nurse push down Becca: My stomach and it made that baby’s head go in the right place and then he broke the water very slowly Becca: But there was so much water! Becca: He was like…wow. This is a lot of water. Becca: Woah. That’s a lot of water. Becca: That he started apologizing to the nurse because she’s like Becca: She wasn’t preparing Becca: She’s like put like one check thing underneath it, to catch the water and it wasn’t enough. And she was like Michael: Oh. Like that almost… Michael: Like seriously, like when you’d normally deliver the baby, there’s like a gush of water Michael: Usually when you break the water. It’s just like a water balloon. Michael: Kind of a little pop. And just a little bit and then… Michael: Like all the water came out. Michael: Like there’s not gonna be a lot left over right? I’m just glad the baby’s head in the right place ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Doctor: That contraction that’s exactly what I…(Inaudible) Michael: Oh seven. Michael: In about an hour. That’s great. So the doc was just here. Becca: He just checked me and I’m at a seven. Becca: And what did he say? Michael: Seventy five percent or something. And he said the head is like right there Michael: The doctors just like hey, let us know when you’re ready to start pushing Michael: Feeling pressure..he like Michael: It’s gonna happen so soon. Michael: I’m so excited. Michael: Well this is a good chance to take a little break maybe. Just kind of take it easy and let your body progress naturally. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: So right now what Rebecca’s doing is just kind of resting and she’s not asleep Michael: She’s really feeling tired. And so she’s just kind of closing your eyes and Michael: Trusting her body and letting her body naturally worked through the process of birth. We’ve done this four times Michael: This process is very familiar to me. That’s why I feel like I can explain it in a way that’s accurate Michael: I’m not just assuming what’s going on Michael: Oh, she just is agreeing with me so she’s awake Michael: She’s hearing me I was trying not to disturb her because I know that she’s not a lot of energy Michael: She’s just kind of really tired and just trying to let her body do the work without her Michael: consciously trying to make the changes happened and so Becca: Could not do this if I didn’t have an epidural to let me be calm. Michael: Yeah the epidurals taking away all the pain for the process. Because epidurals taken away the pain she’s able to just calmly Michael: wait and rest as her body is progressing through contractions and Michael: Oh the baby’s got hiccups again. Michael: Do you hear that? You guys listen. Michael: That’s cute. That’s the second time he’s gotten hiccups during this labor. He had hiccups earlier during the labor too Michael: Oh yeah, sure Michael: So anyway. I just want to let you guys know that kind of slowed down Michael: I mean, I don’t want to say we slowed down cause in all reality. She’s probably Michael: Getting closer to a ten every minute Michael: So we’re making progress. Things are happening, but it’s just happening naturally. So we’re just kind of waiting at this point Michael: Once as the baby she just explained to me that her stomach is feeling more empty. Becca: This part right here getting a little more empty Becca: And like between my legs is a little bit more…pressure. Becca: Not enough to be like, I need to push but just enough to be like oh during this contraction Becca: I can feel it’s going down. Michael: Your epidural is perfect because you still have mobility but Becca: Oh I’m excited to see this baby Becca: See what he looks like. Like see his personality and just… Becca: It’s exciting. You know, it’s exciting to have our family grow. It’s such a miracle Becca: The whole processes it’s hard. It’s difficult. But you know you work so hard for something you appreciate it Becca: That’s how I feel Becca: Like when the baby actually comes out, I will feel like I earned it. Michael: Seriously Becca: So so worth it. But in the middle of it, it’s just kind of like…so difficult. Becca: This like I seriously think I was the worst Becca: Scared the most about the epidural Becca: Once the epidurals over, now I just feel like Becca: Whenever I feel like I need to push, I’ll just push. Michael: Alright guys. It’s been a while Michael: Since the last update, it’s Michael: Almost 1:30 in the morning right now Michael: It’s the next day. Becca has been just kind of off and on sleeping and lots of contractions Michael: She’s progressed to about a nine. I think it was the last that we just checked a few minutes ago Michael: Almost a ten. Almost full Michael: She’s getting a little bit of an adrenaline Michael: Adrenaline shakes. You want to call the nurse? Michael: Is it time Michael: Feeling a little bit of pressure you want to start pushing maybe? Becca: Lots of pressure. But I don’t know if I’m Becca: ready to push. Michael: We ought to have her come in here anyway just to see Michael: Since she said that’s the point that they want to be in here for. You feeling okay? Michael: Just shaky. I think that was a sign that you’re full. You’re complete Michael: We’ve got this kind of big ball thing in between your legs to help open things up. You okay? Michael: Shall I go get the nurse? Michael: You got cold. It’s just adrenaline I think. Your body is going into Michael: Adrenaline mode, but I think I’ll go with the nurse anyway Michael: What? Becca: Yeah, maybe we should Becca: Go get the nurse Michael: You’re okay. I’ll go get her Becca: I’m not like Becca: nervous. I just don’t like shaking Becca: Can you get me a water? Michael: Okay, so what just happened? Michael: The nurse just came in to check you. He made a turn Becca: I’m like good for a couple of seconds and then all of a sudden it just… Michael: So she just checked. There’s like yup there’s the head. Hundred percent. I’m calling the doctor right now Michael: So we’ve got the tripod Michael: We’ve got a couple other tripods here Michael: Trying to make sure I get all the best angles so that we can get a really good video for you guys and document the whole process Michael: I’m really excited. Michael: It’s about time to start pushing Michael: Okay. All the cameras are rolling. Michael: This is it ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: Do I grab to her legs? Is that the process? Nurse: Just take a deep breath in. Nurse: And hold it. Change your chest. Pull back on the leg and push as hard as you can down your body. Good job. Right there. Becca: Push hard hard hard. Hard hard. Nurse: Two, three, four. Nurse: Five, six. Nurse: Okay one more time Nurse: Okay. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Nurse: Nine and then ten. Michael: Long brown hair Becca: Really? ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ (Inaudible) Doctor: Say hello. Doctor: Happy birthday. Doctor: Hello (Baby crying) ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: That’s your boy. Becca: Oh my goodness Michael: He’s all yours ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: You did it Becca: That was quick. Nurse: Check him out real quick Michael: Good job. You did it. Michael: He’s great, he’s perfect ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: How are you feeling? Becca: I’m relieved in so many ways. Literally Becca: No tears? Michael: No tear. Good job. Nurse: You want me to weight him over here before? Becca: Sure Michael: Everything looks great babe. Michael: He’s a good looking baby boy. Nurse: Twenty two. Becca: Biggest baby by far (Baby crying) Becca: Okay Becca: He’s like…okay everybody now. Michael: Are you so happy? Becca: Oh I’m so happy. Becca: I got a baby and I’m not pregnant Becca: So happy. Becca: He’s got a good look Michael: How you feeling about that name? Becca: I need to think Michael: Okay, Michael: And we’ll get back to you on that ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: He’s trying to lift his head up already Becca: I think it looks like Jared Michael: Pretty bright out here huh? Michael: It’s too bright. Becca: He’s like…it’s too bright. Michael: He’s been nursing for the last half-hour Michael: And he’s been doing a great job. Becca: He seems really happy. Becca: He has his own look Becca: It surprised me when they come like…like they look a little bit like each other but they have their own Becca: look. Michael: It’s about that time for bed I think Michael: It’s 3 a.m. over here at the hospital. Becca did an amazing job today. She pushed out a baby Michael: The baby’s healthy and Rebecca’s healthy Michael: He’s already been nursing like it’s literally just the perfect Michael: Baby birth ever. So I think that’s it for us today Michael: Thank you guys for watching and supporting and then I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learned something new today. Michael: And we are still not set on the name yet. So we’ll probably be announcing that tomorrow Michael: We have a chance to kind of sleep on it a little bit and think about it Becca: I feel so happy. All right, baby boy, can you say goodbye? ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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