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Amy Antle, PA-C When to get
screened for hepatitis C – Your risk factors for Hepatitis C include anything that could expose you to an infected blood source, anything from sniffing or injecting drugs, blood transfusions before 1990, before the screening technique
was adequate for that, people that have tattoos, body piercings, been treated for sexually
transmitted disease, have had sexual contact
with people infected with Hepatitis C, or
if you’ve had multiple sexual partners, those
are the type of people that we would recommend having tested for Hepatitis C. Also, they’re now saying that people born between the years of 1945 and 1965 should be screened, as well. Most people that have
Hepatitis C have no symptoms. Probably the most common symptom I hear people complain about is fatigue, which is a pretty common symptom, amongst lots of things. But that’s probably the
most common symptom. Most people get diagnosed with Hepatitis C just by having their
screening exam for a physical. They’ll notice that the
liver tester elevated, will look into in a little further and find out that they’ve
got the Hepatitis C virus. Want more information?
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