Helping geriatric patients after fracture | Ohio State Medical Center

My area of research passion really is in
the prevention and the improvement of the care of the geriatric fracture
patient. Whether it’s a fall from a standing height resulting in a hip
fracture or the active elder patient who is in a motor vehicle collision or
another trauma, they represent a very fragile patient population who needs the
utmost attention of care in order to achieve their goals of independence
after the injury. I have a team, and we’re focused not only on improving bone
health after a fracture but finding ways that
we can prevent falls and improve bone health prior to a fracture. Our
multidisciplinary approach to this patient population has allowed us to
develop protocols that expedite the care and decrease the complications. We are
involved in international trials with other like centers across the world in
trying to push the envelope to improve the outcomes of this patient population.

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