Help Us, Help You at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

We have had an extremely busy week at University Hospitals Plymouth with particularly long delays in the
emergency department we’re asking everyone to help us help you by using
other services where it’s safe to do so and not attending the emergency
department unless absolutely necessary. If you need to see a General
Practitioner, and the General Practitioner is not available, do not where possible
attend the Emergency Department at Derriford. Please ring NHS 111 – they will arrange for you to see a General Practitioner or
health professional in the afternoon or the evening. If you have a minor injury
you can get the necessary treatment from one of a number of minor injuries units
that are available in Devon. They have experts nurse practitioners and most
have radiology equipment that will allow you to be adequately treated. The waiting
time in the minor injuries unit is usually much less than that at the major
Emergency Department at University Hospitals Plymouth. If you have minor ailment or illness, you should go to a local
pharmacist who may be able to prescribe you an over-the-counter remedy for
your illness this is particularly true at the present time when people are
experiencing coughs, colds and flu where simple remedies will
adequately treat these conditions. This time of year flu is particularly
prevalent and we would encourage everyone with a long term illness to
ensure that they’ve had their flu inoculation to protect themselves and
their relatives from the seasonal flu. Finally I would request the public, who have been very helpful in the past, in supporting relatives getting home from the hospital to help
us transport patients home where at all possible.

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