HELP…I Broke My Tooth

What’s up, guys? This is Dr. O from Innovative Dental. One of the serious problems that we see, man, it seems like I’ve seen it twice in the last week is people
breaking off their front tooth. So if you’ve broken off your front tooth, leave a comment in section, you know, comment section below
about that experience and share it with me,
and I’ll try to give you some feedback if questions or whatever. I know this has happened
to a lot of people. It’s probably gotta be one
of the most scary things for anybody to experience is, I had a front tooth, and now I don’t. Because of that, obviously
it’s an emergency to figure out, even if
they’re not in pain, to figure out a solution
to try to help them. I wanna share some things
about that whole process of finding a solution for your front tooth if it’s broken that you’re
gonna wanna make certain that you consider when
you go to a dentist. That way you’re gonna make certain that you get a really good solution for it that’ll last you and be worth your money. I’ve seen a lot of work
and a lot of consideration and maybe panic from
patients that drives them to make decisions that are
maybe a little shortsighted or maybe they had a dentist
that didn’t give them or wasn’t able to give
them the complete story or the complete picture that
led to the tooth being broken. So I’m kind of alluding to
what we’re gonna get into in this video. So I promise if you stick around, you’re gonna learn what to do
if you broke a front tooth, what things to consider, how
to maybe find the right dentist to help you, those are all
gonna be important things if you watch the video here. So, before we dive right into that, I wanna just say, thanks for watching. This is Innovative Dental YouTube channel, and obviously we share
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to do with a broken tooth. And hopefully it’ll help
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and obviously subscribe if you haven’t already? And let’s dive right in so I don’t waste any more of your time. First thing to consider if
you’ve broken a tooth is it’s kind of a really important one, but a broken tooth is always
a symptom of something. Now, if you just had a car
wreck or something traumatic, that’s obviously the cause. But if you were biting into a sandwich or your kid bumped you in the
mouth and all of a sudden, a small bump and it
broke the tooth right off or I’ve had a lady that
just in the last two weeks, they bite into something
and the whole front tooth just breaks right off, that is not normal. And that would be something that, there’s an underlying cause to why a tooth would break like that. A lot of times what I’ve notice, and I’ll show you these two individuals. Obviously I won’t share their names. I’m gonna keep them private. But their closeup X-rays and their photos will be helpful to helping you understand why it’s so important that you go and get good diagnosis and you understand that maybe a quick fix
isn’t what you want. Now, who doesn’t love quick
fixes as long as they last? Quick fix, if it gives you your money back and you get a good return
and it works, that’s great. If you get a quick fix and it doesn’t last and you spent good money on it, you’re gonna be pretty disappointed, it’s gonna be pretty frustrating, and you’re gonna be back
at ground zero again. And it may even be painful. So that’s another thing, too. So that’s why it’s important
to make sure you seek out a dentist that’s gonna take the time and have the right technology to give you a good comprehensive analysis of why you just broke that tooth. In this first situation, this
lady broke this tooth off, had it repaired, I believe
maybe once or twice, and it kept happening. She was concerned, looked us up, and said, hey, maybe these guys can fix it. And so when looking at the X-ray, it was pretty obvious that this tooth is broken off pretty badly. There’s an infection at the
end of that root anyways, but there definitely was a broken tooth. You can see there’s not hardly any tooth left to work with. That’s just one major symptom. If we go to the 3D X-ray,
that’s what’s so important, this 3D X-ray. You can see on this
upper right, we even have another condition that’s pretty bad. It’s an infection that’s causing her sinus to have inflammation. She has multiple abscesses
around each of those roots. There’s hardly any bone
in between the roots of her upper right molar. There’s significant bone loss
to the front part of that. So hopefully you can see all
of that in the X-ray there, the 3D X-ray. But this is a bridge she just got done. So this bridge was done months ago, and she paid probably $3,500
to $4,000 for this bridge. Can you imagine how disappointed you’d be if you came to me and I take a 3D X-ray and you’re trying to go, is
this guy telling me the truth? Because you’ve just spent that much money. It’s not that the other
dentist was a bad dentist. They just didn’t probably
have the proper X-ray or technology, the 3D X-ray,
to be able to determine that. The bone loss is significant. I would probably say that that
tooth would need to come out because there’s not a good
long-term prognosis there for her for that type of investment. On the left side, she said
she’s got a tooth that is loose. And so the dentist that
she was going to said, “We’ll just keep an eye on that.” And that really is concerning. So if you have a loose tooth,
know that that’s not something you wanna be ignoring and
just keeping an eye on. So, a loose tooth is likely from significant periodontal disease or, in this case, a traumatic bite. So you can see on the left
side, what do you think, what tooth actually comes into bite? It’s only her one premolar. And no one was meant to
chew on just one premolar. And so she was chewing on
this for quite a while, probably many years,
and throughout that time had had her body responded
by removing all that bone, and you can see there’s hardly
any bone around this tooth. Also, if you look at her lower teeth, we’re missing most of the
bone around the lower teeth, or a lot of it around her lower teeth. So there’s a lot of things that she, and by the way, no symptoms of pain. So that’s another really good point here. No way for her to know other than going to a dentist that did a thorough exam and then gave her some
feedback that was really hard. And I’ll tell you this,
it was really hard for me to give that, it always is. No one wants to say, hey, by the way, you’re probably, unless
you’ve got a boatload of money and wanna spend a ton
of time doing grafting, you’re probably best off
removing the remaining teeth ’cause there’s not a
good long-term solution to keeping you infection-free and healthy that way it doesn’t
affect your whole body. That’s never a fun conversation. But it’s the one I had to have with her, and obviously nobody takes that very well. I think she appreciated it. I know the lady that I
spoke to the other day really appreciated it. But that’s never fun. Anyways, I hope that clarifies why you wanna make sure you
have a really good exam. She has the same problem
that this other patient had with the way that the teeth
were hitting, so the bite. She also was missing many back teeth. So nothing to help support
and stabilize as she chews. And then the front teeth aren’t straight, therefore, and you’ll see
in this second patient here, she was breaking off that tooth, that bridge that she had,
a little cantilever bridge, she broke that off because her lower teeth were becoming more and more crooked. So you can see in this image
here where she broke that off. And she had a tooth attached to that. Well, it broke off pretty
much right at bone level. Here’s her bone. You can see it right there. And there’s the broken completely
right off at that level. So very difficult to do
anything with this tooth, meaning it’s gotta come out. The reason this broke,
and you can see it here, and then you can see it in the photo, too, but see this canine
that’s sticking forward? When she was chewing, it was banging right up against this lateral. And since she didn’t have any back teeth or at least molars to work with, no molar here, and on this
side no second premolar and no molar, because of that, the bite kept changing and shifting and collapsing, putting more and more force on this. And that’s why this eventually broke. So when she came in,
she wanted a solution. Obviously we wanted to give her one. Who doesn’t wanna be the hero? Sometimes being the hero is being hones and helping her understand
that the best solution might be some corrective
measures to get these teeth back in the right spot, potentially, some options with a denture. And I know that’s a, like I said, a long, a big thing to hear, but there is on really
good solution to replacing and fixing this quickly. So partials are possible options, but there’s not much room there. I think ended up telling her that I think a long-term solution is if she wanted to keep her upper teeth, you could do that by
getting a lower denture or by aligning these teeth here and moving this canine back in, so that way a bridge of
some sort of prosthetic, whether it’s implants
here, would work for her. So, there’s another example
of some underlying causes to a really frustrating immediate symptom. The damage was from crooked
teeth and missing back teeth. That was the cause. The symptom was her bridge breaking off. So when she came in to see us, wanted a solution for how to fix this, very similar story to the first lady, and had to give her the news that there wasn’t a great solution that
was very low-cost and quick, to giving her something
that was worth her money, that would last her a long time. And so that was concerning. So we came up with a
temporary solution right now so she can at least smile. But you can see this bite. Look really close at that. There’s no room there for even a bridge. There’s just not space. That canine on the lower
has shifted forward. It would’ve been nice. In this case, giving you some feedback on what could be done to prevent this, is make sure that if you lose back teeth, you need to replace them. If you have crooked teeth, make sure that they’re straightened. Otherwise, you might have
some issues down the road with the misalignment
causing abnormal wear and forces placed on your teeth, on your other teeth, opposing arch. And that would cause
some significant damage maybe down the road. So I know we all think
it doesn’t happen to us, but these are two examples
of very kind ladies. I think really pretty
devastated that they’re, where they’re at with their smile, and no quick easy solution to help them other than to be honest and
try to have high integrity with their funds and try
to give them a solution and some options for
maybe long-term health, which sometimes is a denture. Definitely not my choice, I don’t love doing
dentures for any patient, but I’ll tell you that sometimes
they’re the right solution rather than nickeling and
diming and wasting money. I’ve seen that a lot where
people keep patching a solution and really the underlying
problem’s never addressed. And I can’t tell you how many times people spend a boatload
of money doing that. So, I guess the rant in
all of this message is to say, hey, if you have a
problem and you break a tooth off or you have a condition that
you have you’re chipping or wearing your teeth down, make certain you seek out somebody who has the proper ability to take great records. So in order to make
certain that you’re going to an office that has the
proper technology and techniques to help you, make sure that they have some experience aligning teeth. Make sure they have some
experience replacing missing teeth. I think that’s important, so
implants, Invisalign or braces. And then the other would
be I would make certain that they have the ability to
take the latest in imaging, with 3D imaging, 3D X-rays essentially, called cone-beam CT. So those three things I
think will really help you when you’re looking for a dentist to help address maybe an immediate concern of a broken tooth, especially
if it’s that front tooth that scared you half to death. And I hope this was helpful. I know that it was long and a maybe a little bit longer discussion, but it’s obviously near
and dear to my heart. I felt really badly for these ladies. I wanted to really help them. I think I was able to do that. Hopefully I can replicate
that by this video reaching some more people that
maybe that will happen to. Hopefully not, but maybe it
has happened to you already, and you’re searching. So thanks for watching. Give it a Like if this was helpful. Go ahead and comment down below
if you have some questions or maybe there’s another
topic that you’re going, hey, I appreciate that, but I’ve got a totally different question. Post that there, and I’ll
take that into consideration and see what I can do to
create another good piece of content video for you
to better understand it. So until then, you guys
have an awesome day and keep smiling, it looks great on you!

24 thoughts on “HELP…I Broke My Tooth

  1. Yes when I had my son 4years ago I broke off my front tooth during delivery 😭 it was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me… I've had the worst luck with dentist I had three root canals on the three front teeth on the right after that they told me oh by the way your insurance won't cover the crowns so here my teeth are hallow ready to break.. eventually I had to have them removed because they all broke to the gum line… I just recently went to the dentist and they told me I need 12 root canals and 12 crowns and of course insurance denied it… Other option is full set of dentures but I don't want them cause I feel like some of my teeth are still good… I'm only 27…. Hope you guys have a great day ❤️

  2. My 2 front teeth keep chipping, they are like 1,2 milimmeter chips, but they're noticeable. Amd they are getting more and more chipped.

  3. I’m a dental student and I always hate having the denture conversation, and I’ve always had trouble convincing myself that denture is the way to go. this video has really framed the idea in a way that really helped me justify and convince to my patients as well as myself that sometimes a certain treatment plan is the best we could do. Thanks doctor O!

  4. I chipped my two front teeth. (1-1 and 2-1) from playing baseball when I was 15. I had them temporarily filled. In 2014 I had crowns place and in 2018 I had them replaced from a porcelain crack and the other wasnt necessary just wanted them to match up. I wish you can do my bridge. Mine is going to cost me $8,000.

  5. Not sure if you are aware, or care…but I reached out on your contact us section of your website almost 2 months ago…about traveling to Springfield for dentistry work. NO RESPONSE! I didn’t ask for anything but information. No reply, whatsoever!

  6. I broke my boyfriend at the times’ front tooth off with a penny; you know, how you put the penny in between your fingers and make a snapping motion? Yup, broke his tooth clean off.

  7. I broke my very front tooth directly at the gum line and it was pretty much the breaking point for me where I went ahead and got dentures. If I had been provided more options I think I might have gone about it differently. The price was a big part of my decision as well.

  8. Thanks for caring for others so well and thoroughly. Too bad we're far away. Dentists don't discuss like you and aren't honest and knowledgeable.

  9. Right now ,my front tooth on the left side, is almost gone. Half of my tooth on one side is gone. And the tooth I had a root canal is chipped too.
    I just had a root canal last year and still paying for it through
    It is a credit card for dental, eye doctor and if you have a pet, the need the go to the vet medical care. The interest is kinda high, but don't have a choice, if you are on a budget, fix or low income.
    It cost 1 thousand dollars, just for 1 root canal.
    I know meds, muscle relaxer, I was taken cause dry mouth.
    Biotene helps with dry mouth to prevent cavities

  10. You can try a post into your root and a crown on before you go ahead and remove it. So long as you don't bite much on it, and cut up your food, it might work for you. And if there's a root infection, have a root canal, then a post.or have a bridge. Patients need to treat teeth gently and work around the delicacy of the teeth and dentists need to have more imagination. Going straight to dentures is perminant, and you might get some years out of trying more options.

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