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Red Cross Health & Maternity Clinic, Nkandu DRC. By Doctor Pululu Norro Doctor Pululu Information campaign, Kingombi Village, DRC. Doctor Pululu is in charge of the Red Cross local clinic in Nkandu, Bas Congo. Self-financing is the only option for the clinic to continue its work. His requests for help to local authorities have been ignored. The clinic Clinic’s shower and toilet The state is really bad, really bad We are here for health but this here means infections. So, a health clinic can’t have this facilities. It is too bad. Due to the lack of resources and options, look… The patients get sick… That is why we have asked for help. There we are going to build proper toilets. It is now very unpleasant and dirty. – So this is the toilet used by the clinic? Yeah, here’s the toilet that we use. And the shower. The shower is here. So that’s the shower where the patients get washed It is really unhealthy The patients complain and cry a lot “It is very dirty… it is very unpleasant…” I know my job very well. At a sanitary level, this is unacceptable. We got nothing. That’s what really pushes us to act so potential partners see how it is here, and find a way to help us build a better place with enough space. Facilities, showers, really well built and adecuate. So when patients shower they feel comfortable. And if they use the sanitary facilities they are clean. But like this they really get very sick. That is what pushes us to act. Inside the clinic 1st observation room This is the patients room, the observation room. The patients spend the night here. We only have a few beds. Here there are three beds, and there are other patients who sleep on the floor. They sleep here. There are many patients due to the lack of space. There are no windows, the room is too small. It´s suffocating. It is really too hot. There is no ceiling at all. – How many people do you fit in here? As we have three beds, and there are patients sleeping on the floor… we can have six to seven people in here. The room is too small and not suitable for examination. – It is not adequate. It´s not. Is very small and has no windows. … It is too small indeed 2nd Observation Room This is the second observation room that we have. ..and this is the other one. Here there are four beds. But…with so many patients… we have to fit them on the floor. Here we can observe up to ten people. Some stay on the floor and some on the beds. The beds are neither adequate. We have requested proper beds. the ones we have are very poor. – So you have to fit others patients on the ground …because there is not enough space. Yes. There is no space. The room is too small… – That material makes it really hot in here. It makes it very hot because there is no ceiling. There should be a ceiling. It is very hot. The building is also enclosed The beds and mattresses should be changed. That´s why I asked for furniture, mattresses and beds. As you see, we are missing small drawers for food, plates, bottles, cutlery… we don’t have any. This is all we have – That’s all. Here we keep the water, catheters, bottles Therefore, we need drawers with handles that we cannot afford with our means. – Ok Papá. We have no benches for the patients to sit. There is no suitable place. We should reallly have some benches for them. Due to the lack of means the ground is not paved and the concrete is not in a good state. This now is the Waiting Room. The waiting room is also too small. Here we keep the medicines. This is our small pharmacy. – So this is the waiting room. Yes. Here we also administrate medication. – Do you have electricity in the clinic? – Do you have electricity in the clinic? No, there is no electricity supply in the clinic. – So… We have also requested a generator to light the rooms. So… we lack space. This is the small pharmacy we have. – Did you buy all this through self-financing? Yes, through self-financing. Thats’s why we asked for complete equipment. – Suitable, right? / – Yes, suitable. Here is the Consultation Room. It is too small. / Mhm… The Consultation Room. It is too small. We bought this bed. The examination bed. The doctor desk is too small. I am confined here to treat the patients. The patient seats here and me here. We are completely enclosed. -It is too small. / It’s too small for consultations. – There is no room for anything. / There is no space. It is very difficult to treat the patients when they come. The examination bed is not adequate. It is very poor. The desk is not suitable. – It is not suitable for a doctor. / – No, it is not. The window also… The small office for the doctor, but it isn’t appropriate. And those are the new materials we donated… to my dear doctor. This are the new materials Ernesto gave us. – A lot to read. / Yes, a lot to read. We need to read a lot to gain knowledge. Let’s hope it continues and we receive more donations. Materials like these ones. Because this will help changing…. – Improving the health conditions. – Is there any other room? We still have one more. Here… we… Here is the birthing bed that we use…. it is not adequate either. Finally, the materials we have… the injections… The baby scale that we have is not ok… Small trays.. – All the equipment you have here is really dated. Yes, they are really old as you can see. The conditions are very, very bad… – Ok. So this is the delivery room. / Yes. And here we also administrate injections. I am going to film here… – This room size is same as the other one … your office. – Yes. It has… one and a half meter? / – One or two… – Is it two square meters? – Yes, two meters. Ok, I think that… we’ve shown it… This is all I can say about this place. The clinic of Dr. Pululu urgently needs equipment and medical supplies. If you can help in any way or know someone who can, please contact me. Thanks for sharing.

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