Helen Hayes Hospital Honors Assembly: Celebrating Recoveries Through Rehabilitation

Dr. Pellicone: Welcome to the 2012 Helen Hayes Hospital honors
assembly. I am Dr. John Pellicone. I am honored to serve as the medical director of this
physical rehabilitation hospital. That bears the name of one of our nation’s
most beloved actresses and one of Rockland’s most famous citizens. Helen Hayes MacArthur
known as the first lady of the American theater. On behalf of the entire Helen
Hayes Hospital family, I want to thank you all for joining us today as we
gather to recognize the accomplishments of all of our patients, and most
especially 14 patients we are honoring this afternoon. Nurse practitioner
Vivian Breslin of our medical staff will introduce our honoree. Vivian Breslin: It is my honor to
present her with the Helen Hayes MacArthur’s rose award and a beautiful
honor named for another beautiful woman our hospitals name’s sake Helen Hayes
MacArthur. Let me introduce you to this beautiful lady Gladys Condit. Gladys Condit: Staff
actually deserve this award. I thank them very much for what they have done for me
thank you. Presenter: Jimmy was admitted to unit three meet cardiopulmonary unit on
january 24th 2012 and from the middle he was real done to him by the EMS staff we
Jimmy personifies the spirit of Health News hospital he’s always up heat and
smiling he has a way of spreading cheer shitting lining wrapping crappy jobs at
the drop of a hat without living for rude and motivated bad patients and
staff alike to be their best and I need to recognize mr. change remedies as are
when 2012 cardiopulmonary team award recipient I’m here to get his honor but
in truth I am here to honor the entire staff I came in contact with for the
wonderful boy that me when they continue to do today
election cycle all over the airwaves and quickly that we hear we read about
Obamacare Medicare health care Ronnie care but I’m here to tell you that the
entire staba colony and hospitals Nikita Bernard was a fitted to Helen Hayes
hospital on the day before her 18th birthday bear them to the fall semester
of senior year of high school only five days before she was the passenger seat
of a car that lost control all the vehicles occupants were taken to the
emergency room but Nikita was the only one who has found immediately discharged
her Nikita gives us tremendous pleasure to present you with the 2012 Colin
Haynes Hospital spirit of achievement award you embody all that represents a
fierce determination and strength an incredible ability to beat the odds and
the capacity to do what while showing all of us what’s really important the
award comes with all of our admiration and affection and best wishes for a life
for most success congratulations since my accident I have known these wonderful
individuals on a personal level and thank them from the bottom of my heart
for their support I am honored to receive this award on behalf of those
who are handicapped with with whatever in their condition maybe make it oh my
god plus all of us pinky

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