Heather Herman, FNP-C, Neurology – The Corvallis Clinic

I chose to become a nurse 17 years ago
because I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help people, and see if there
was something that I can do that would impact somebody in what happens in their life. As an ICU nurse I love the intensive care portion of
that, I love the critical thinking, but I felt like I could do more. I felt like so
much of the work that I was doing was really just focused on, just a small
portion of someone’s life either during a critical illness, or unfortunately
sometimes the very end of their life, so the reason I chose to go back to school
and become a nurse practitioner was just to really take that next step, and be
able to make maybe even more of an impact, and work with that person more
before they were so ill or before they ended up in the hospital. My approach to
patient care has always been to listen, They know themselves better than
anyone else, they know the journey that they’re on, and they know the goals that
they want to reach. So my focus at the Corvallis clinic in neurology is going
to be stroke care. That is my first love and my passion, and I would love to be
able to work with patients and their families who have been affected by
stroke in the community, so patients that would potentially see me would be those
who have had a recent stroke, that have just been discharged from the
hospital, patients who have had a stroke or a transient ischemic attack, who have
been cared for, or worked up by their primary care provider, and would just like
another set of eyes. I’m very fortunate that in this practice, I work with an
amazing group of neurologists, so there’s a continual collaboration with patients,
patient care, any concerns that I have I’ve got the experts right at my
fingertips. And it’s a great environment for me, for our patients, for
the community, to have this partnership here in Neurology to be able to care for
these patients. I have a fantastic family I’ve been married for 25 years, I have
two teenage daughters who are so much fun. Between sports and music we’re a
pretty busy family, but in the off season we love to travel, we love to go on
vacations, be outside as much as we can. And every summer for the last number of
years, I have been the nurse out at Girl Scout camp, and I do that along with my
daughters who are camp counselors, so it’s just a fantastic week, we’re all in
the woods, no distraction everybody’s getting dirty, and we’re watching 150
little girls in the woods, just rocking it, and just being strong, and powerful
and feeling independent. And that to me is so much fun. And when I’m not doing
that I love to read, I always have a book in my pocket.
I hope that when patients come to see me, they feel a little more empowered, a
little more educated, they feel that they’ve been listened too, and that they
have a plan moving forward. My goal is to educate through the process, whether it’s
a new diagnosis, or a new illness. And just always keep in mind that the
patient is not a diagnosis that they’re given, they’re an individual. That’s
really what I’m looking to do is partner with them to achieve the goals that they
want to achieve so they can live the life that they want and do the things
that bring them joy.

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