Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat: The Movie (Cutscenes; Game Subtitles)

A GameHouse Original Story Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat: The Movie GameHouse presents a Blue Giraffe game I’m standing in front of Little Creek Hospital… …where despite the firemen’s best efforts, it looks like the fire has yet to be contained. Oh no… Some people are still stuck inside!? Kids – we need to evacuate the building. Quickly and calmly, let’s get moving. Ryan, let’s go! Ryan, come on, we HAVE to go – now! But what about my mom? I’m sure one of our staff will be taking good care of her… …but as of right now, we really need to go! I’m afraid this might sting a little… Sophia, please stick with me! Time to go… We can see people are starting to make their way outside We can only hope that everyo… I… I’m… not sure what’s happening now… It… it appears someone… …is trying to get into the hospital? I can’t get any closer, Allison You have to jump now! The flames are getting higher, I need to pull up! OK – you can do this! Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat FIVE MONTHS EARLIER …It’s going to be ON FIRE! Yeah, the party for the new wing is gonna be pretty great. Wow! I know, the new pediatrics department’s looking hot, right? A hot room for a smoking hot doctor. Ooh! A smoking hot doctor! Can you introduce us at the party tomorrow? You know I love my new boss… …although I kind of have to say that, now that we’re dating. Yes… Yes, you do… There you go. Mom! You wanna get some ice cream? I got the bestest mommy in the whole world! You okay, Allison? I’m perfect… So? How did I do, my first day back in pediatrics? You did amazingly! Although… …although I guess I kind of HAVE to say that now that we’re dating… I guess I deserved that. Oooh! I got you something, as it’s your first day here… Dr. Chance’s Herbal Tea! To the first of many great days! Allison, are you ready to help us set up the party? My girls, all together! This is going to be so much fun! Do you think you’ll survive without me? I guess I’ll have to manage somehow… I’ll save you a dance. You better! Just you and me today, Princess. WOOF! You were right, this party is awesome! Told you! Finally, everything is perfect! Allison! It… it’s your mother… You have to take it, dear… She’s ill… She’s being moved to the hospital as we speak… Mom…?? Mom…?? Alli… Don’t call here again… Allison… Are you sure about this? Yes, I’m sure… Right now, it’s late, and I need to get some sleep… I’ll walk you out. Ruth? I… well… here… I don’t want to meddle, but… This is your mom’s room number. You never know – maybe just keep it around. I… I… need to get back to work… Well, what are we waiting for?! I know you don’t really want to talk about it, but… Are you okay? It’s just not FAIR! I used to want nothing more than to have a family… but that just didn’t happen… And now that I have everything in order… …a good job… …a good guy… THAT’S when she re-enters my life… No. I just want to focus on my job, and my relationship – that’s way more important. At least with them I’m somewhat in control… Daniel?! ALLISON! I finally found you! I’m so sorry I left… I’m not putting this off any longer… Daniel! I’m with Connor now… I… I… didn’t… You and me are going to take this outside, RIGHT NOW! NO YOU ARE NOT! I don’t know what’s going on, but this is a hospital… I’m sure you have important work to get to, so why don’t you go to your office… And as for you – why don’t you start examining this boy? He’s been vomiting all day! That is still what you do, right? Allison? Can you keep… Ryan… Can you keep Ryan hydrated during the day? I will. I’m feeling much better, thanks… That’s great news, Ryan. …and how are you? How do you think I am!? You didn’t have to kiss him back, you know… I pushed him away and told him you and I were together. Took you long enough… You’re being unreasonable, Connor… I have a lot on my mind now my mom’s suddenly here… But if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll talk to him. …men. Daniel? Do you have a minute to talk? Don’t worry Allison, it was just a huge mistake… Connor’s a great guy – I’m happy you found someone… You left, Daniel. You left me here, all alone… You’re right Allison – and I’ll have to live with that. I’m sorry. You’ve changed… I have, haven’t I? Victor! I told you, he’s not here… Oh, I guess he is here… That’s good, because you’ve been stalling me for long enough! I almost started thinking Daniel wasn’t here… Nope, been here the whole time, just very busy… We’ll have to continue this conversation later, Allison… …but for now, just know that I’m sorry. And please, let Connor know too. Now, what can I do for you and the board, Victor? You can tell me what the heck has been going on in this hospital. Rumors have been flying around… An intern performing operations by herself, medicine disappearing – the head of the hospital vanishing without a trace… Nothing but rumors… I mean, I’m standing right here. But if the board’s still worried, feel free to look around. I was hoping you’d say that. How did it go? He’s really sorry, Connor… He told me to tell you that, just before our conversation got cut short by Victor. Victor? Hmmmm, that means something’s up… Board members never come down here. Thanks for talking to Daniel, Allison. Let’s get back to work. Daniel just called a staff meeting in the hall. …and that is why we’re currently under audit. Please provide Victor and his son Mason with anything they might need. After all, we’ve got nothing to hide. Thank you… An audit! How exciting! You’re an odd girl, Jenny… Daniel? You and I both know that we DO have something to hide… The stolen medicine… We can’t talk about that… There’s nothing to worry about right now, okay? Time for us to get back to work… Connor, you didn’t have to do that… I’m sorry, Allison, but… Mr. Connor! Mr. Connor! Look at my mask – doesn’t it look great? Ryan helped! Wow, Julie, that looks fantastic! You’re going to make an awesome wrestler! What’s going on here? I thought we could use the distraction, so I organized a play with the kids. We’ve just started making the costumes, it’s called “Superhero Wrestlers 4: The Wreckoning!” I even got Ryan to join in and help out… Jury’s still out on that one, McCoy… Shut up and sew, Ryan. Guess I’d better help out then! Enter… Enter… Please take a seat… These seats here are still free… Honey, these seats here are still free… No, my mom’s sitting there! Oh, I’m sorry. Honey, I’m afraid I don’t think your mother’s coming. Maybe we should let those people sit there? Your mother hasn’t called or sent a letter in years. I know she’s coming! She promised she’d be here… When I first started ballet, she told me that when I passed my final exam, she would be there. She’d get her old ballet outfit, and we’d take a picture together… Honey… She’ll be here!!! I’m sorry, honey. You did amazing, though… You did amazing! So… your parents didn’t show up? No surprise there – I didn’t even invite them. They have their own things to worry about. Who needs ’em… I can take care of myself. Yeah… But still… You did a great job helping the little kids today. Thanks, Allison. I’m here to pick up every file from 2000 until now! Umm, did we have an appointment? The board doesn’t need appointments. The files? As you can see, we’re pretty busy, but I might be able to get them for you by tomorrow evening? EVENING?! I could help out? It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do… Thanks, Ryan. Then Mason will pick them up tomorrow morning. So… Victor’s a pretty calm and collected guy, isn’t he? Thanks again, Ryan. Wow, Ryan – those are all the files we need! Now we just need to go through them to check that everything’s there. Again… I’ve got nothing better to do here… Guess we’re working late together then. I’d love to help out, but Victor wanted to talk to me. Don’t get any ideas, Ryan. I’m watching you! It’s done! Phew, look at the time! It’s almost 1 AM. Are you sure your parents won’t mind? They won’t even know. You know my mom’s in this hospital as well, right? Well, then that’s something we both have in common… Moms… Moms… Actually, the hospital food isn’t all that bad compared to my mom’s cooking. Hey Ryan – I sweet talked my connection in the kitchen and nabbed you an extra pudding… Okay… Thanks, Allison, you’re awesome… What’s up with him? Don’t know, he’s been extra mopey all morning. #$*@ ALL THESE $#&*#@ TOYS!? Ryan!? What’s going on? It’s all these toys, they’re… they’re so annoying… Ryan… I don’t think this has anything to do with the toys… It’s my mom… The doctors just told us it’s not looking good. I might complain about my mom, and we might fight a lot… But she’s still my mom. She’s still the one that takes care of me when bad things happen… Honey, I came as soon as I heard… MOM! Where’s your dad? Is he with the doctors? Oh… oh no… It… It’s going to be alright, honey… …it’s going to be alright… Allison? Maybe just go give her a hug and tell her you love her… You can’t go wrong with that. A… Alli? You… You’re Alli? I guess you’ve met already… This is Ryan… he’s your half-brother. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. I… I need some time to process this. I understand… But please, please sit down. Tell me how you’ve been? I’ve been okay… and you? I’ve been okay as well. So, as it turns out, I have even more siblings. This is all so weird. I thought the hardest part was going to be talking to my mom. And, I mean, it WAS pretty awkward – but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. She seems to really want to get to know me. I’m proud of you, babe. Going in there took guts. It sounds great, Allison. Everyone needs their mom. Did you ask her why she’s in the hospital? Oh, no… I forgot… Doesn’t matter – I’m sure you can ask her after your shift. I can’t tell her yet… We need to test her compatibility as soon as possible… You need that organ transplant now, Mathilda… A-an… organ transplant!? Allison?! You… You need an organ transplant… …from me… So… the only reason you came to this hospital… …to me… …IS BECAUSE YOU NEED SOMETHING FROM ME?! Allison, that’s not true! Stop, please… Tell me, would you have looked me up otherwise? M… Mom… A… Allison… I thought you finally wanted to get to know me… I do… Ladies! This is going to have to wait! Ryan!? Ryan!? Are you okay? Talk to me! Don’t worry, Mathilda. He’s in a hospital. And hospitals are the safest places in the world. So he’s completely fine?! Looks like it… Most signs point towards a panic attack, but we’re going to have to check his blood work to be sure. Can I go see my mom? I’m sorry, Ryan, but we’ll have to keep you here for observation. How are you handling the whole situation? I… I just want to get back to work. I understand… What a coincidence that you’d be interning with me in pathology just as we need to run some blood work… Yeah about that… Shouldn’t there be dead bodies here? Or police reports? You’re thinking of forensic or criminal pathology – this is clinical pathology… Which is basically a fancy word for: a lot of lab work related to blood, tissue and… other fluids. Can you make sure this one doesn’t escape today? You, young man, appear to be fine, so you’re free to go… Finally! But not before I say this… Allison… My… I mean, our mom… She didn’t even want to come here… No… that’s not what I meant… …There was just one option left, and we forced her to take it. She talks about you a lot… She really needs your help… Ryan… It’s been a long day for everyone… Let’s just give it a rest for now, okay? Did you have a good rest? Yes – and thanks for saving me yesterday… My mom, my brother… I… I just couldn’t… I know, dear, I know… Although, in my opinion, you should start thinking about what it is you want to do… ’Cause it’s better to face things head on, than to keep running from your problems. You never know how much time you might have left with someone. I thought you could use a hug… How are you doing? I thought she’d come back to get to know me, Connor… Instead my mom’s just here because she needs something from me… And now I’m just supposed to help her… I… I don’t think I can. Allison, you don’t owe her anything… There are people in this life that only take, and who betray your trust without even thinking. Those people… You’re better off without. Then again, I don’t know your mom… I wish I could give you some real advice, Allison… I’m just glad you’re here. And I’m not going anywhere… …unlike some other guy we know. Yeah, we’re really happy with the new microscope. All the new machines Daniel provided are really great. Yes, I’m so happy to have him back here, it feels like a family hospital again. Ah-hem… I’ll talk to you guys later… Victor… John… Okay, back to business. I’m here to collect last year’s files from the pharmacy, lab and pathology. The pharmacy… Yes… and the lab, and pathology… this isn’t that confusing, is it? No, it isn’t, dad. Err… yes… Sorry, Victor. We’ll start getting them together immediately. Why don’t you come back tomorrow evening… Those files… they… Yes, they could end Daniel’s career… Stupid addict… EX-addict… Still… This is Daniel’s problem. He’ll have to solve it himself. We still have to gather those files. You dumb idiot! What was that all about? Victor asked us to gather all the pharmacy files from last year… What are we going to do? Can you lie to him and buy us some time? I’m not the best liar, but I can try… Oh, hey… Connor! I was just leaving. What was that all about? He was having some trouble with some of the new machines. Really, Connor, it’s nothing… Hey sis. Bro. You know, we’ll have to talk about it at some point… I won’t if you won’t. She’s getting worse and worse, Allison. She’s getting worse and worse, Allison… Maybe she’s just thinking about… things… Allison… If this keeps happening… you might have to come live with grandpa for a while. NO! I want to live with mom! But Allison… She’s fine! And I can take care of myself too! Allison, your mom hasn’t been fine ever since your dad passed away… Allison… Donald… Hey… I didn’t hear you guys come in… See! What’s going on here? Allison? Allison? Can you at least take the kidney compatibility test? Allison, please? Let me think about it, okay? I’m not making any promises. So, is this all the files? Well, yes… You sound unsure… Well, I found that some… err… have gone missing… They’ve probably just been misfiled… Misfiled?! Isn’t anything in this hospital in order?! Now listen here! I need ALL the files to finish my audit. So YOU… That looks like quite a lot of files to me, Victor. How about you just go through those first… I will be b- My hero! Saved me once again. All in a day’s work. Allison… We do need to talk about something… I feel stupid even saying this, but… It feels like there’s something going on that you’re not telling me about… And yesterday, when I saw you talking to Daniel… Well… I was a tiny bit jealous… Connor McCoy… Jealous… You can trust me, Connor, I’m with you. I know you’re with me, but we did get together while Daniel wasn’t around… You think the only reason we’re together is because Daniel wasn’t there? Okay, you don’t have to be mean. I just wanted to be honest and tell you how I felt. I can’t bear the thought of losing you… I love you, Allison… If you wanted to hide these files, an almost empty cabinet might not be the best place. Sorry… This time it was me who found them, but if I was Victor… As soon as I’ve found a better place, I’ll move them, Ruth. Aside from the files, I found the kidney compatibility test too… We could do the test today? I have everything we need. I’m not sure if, Ruth… You could always do the test first, and decide what to do later. If the test says you’re not compatible, you’re worrying about nothing. I can’t argue with that logic. I guess I’m doing the test. Good! Why is this so important to you, Ruth? It just is, dear, it just is… Well, it looks like you’re a match for your mother… YOU ARE! You’re a match! Ryan… Ryan! RYAN! Ryan, this doesn’t mean I’m going to do the transplant. WHAT?! Your mom… My mom… There’s a lot of history there… I DON’T CARE! I… I… can’t be here right now… Monster Drones?! You looked like you could use a little cheering up! If you want to do something else tonight, that’s fine too. Like, I could cook, maybe… Even though Connor McCoy’s cooking sounds like an experience… It can’t be as good as MONSTER DRONES! I’ll pick you up at your place at eight. ALLISON Victor is on his way here now with some interns, and he wants to go looking for the missing files himself! Maybe we should just burn the file… No, we can’t. First of all, the sprinklers would go off, but… …more importantly, this file contains more than just my indiscretion. I guess I’ll text Connor and say I won’t be making our date… Sorry, Connor… Some work came up. I’ll be a little late, meet up after dinner? Workaholic ;p See you then! *KNOCK* *KNOCK* They’re not here… I can see that… So go find them, you moron! Let’s make sure we don’t get seen by any doctors while we’re moving this file. They aren’t going away… I guess we’re stuck here. Someone’s coming! I’ve hidden the file, but what are we going to say? Us being here… it’s highly suspicious. Here goes nothing… Connor, PLEASE! Listen, I know it’s hard to believe… Allison, I don’t want to hear it. Even if you were somehow magically able to explain why you were kissing… him… You still kissed him twice… That’s not something that just happens if you’re not interested in the guy. Connor, please… I’m done, Allison. Don’t forget to taste the wine, it was quite expensive… I… I’m sorry… Oh… Honey… You just can’t seem to catch a break, can you? Well, I still have you! And on top of that, I almost forgot about my mom for a few seconds, so there’s that. Still smiling… You’re an amazing woman, you know that, right? After work, you’re staying at my place, and we’re eating some comfort food! Deal! Wow, Ruth… This place is huge! The hospital must be paying you a pretty penny. Not nearly enough for what we go through each day… The food’s getting cold – let’s eat… …so now I just put Quinn’s pills in these really hard to open bottles. Thanks, Ruth. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun. Oh no no – the guests don’t clear the plates in this household. Did you drop something, dea… Ruth, these are eviction notices… And this letter is about a psychiatric evaluation?! Don’t worry, it’s not my psychiatric evaluation… About a year ago, my mom started slowly losing her mind. In our family that’s just something that happens with old age. So I moved back into my old family home to take care of her. My mom and I never were really close, but finally, we were really starting to connect. Her dementia actually made her softer. Then one day I left for work, like I did every morning… In fact, I was pretty excited, because I was going to try out our new pathology room for the first time. Sooooo many tools, I can’t wait to use them all!!! Meanwhile… Ruth! I’m telling you, officer, that is my daughter Ruth. Ah, Ruth – tell him that’s you, will you? Mom? What… What happened here?! This lady has kidnapped my daughter, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED! MOM! That woman is a danger to society! And that’s when she was placed in a psychiatric facility… That’s terrible… I know it’s neither the time nor the place, but… …that’s why I care so much about you and your mom. You never know how much time you’ll have together. Would it be okay to talk about something else? Naturally, honey… Again, I’m so sorry, Allison… It’s not your fault, Daniel. With everything that’s been going on, it’s only fitting. Victor trying to get you fired, the ever-looming files, my mom and brother going after my organs… What’s next? We burn this place to the ground? I’m sorry, Allison, this must seem like an ambush… But Ryan came to me, and I think you should listen to what he has to say. I’m sorry I got so angry, Allison… …but it’s my mom. Without her, I’d be all alone. You’re a doctor – you’re here to save people, that’s what you do. Now you have a chance to save my mom. And from what I hear, you do everything you can for all of your patients. Can’t you just save her for me? Not for her, not for you, but for me? I need my mom, Allison. As long as we’re clear I’m doing this for you… Are you ready, Allison? The IV’s connected. We’ll take you to the operating room in a minute. I don’t know about this… I’ve never been on this side of an operation before. Don’t worry – you can do this, Allison. It’s actually much easier than performing an operation. Daniel? What are you doing here? I didn’t want you to be alone before you went into surgery. It’s time to go! There is actually one more thing we need to talk about… It’s going to have to wait, we need to leave for the O.R. OK. Don’t worry – we’ll talk after your surgery… Hopefully, I’ll have found the files we hid by then. It’s not like they could have walked off by themselves. Alli… Okay… You don’t want to talk… I get it. Alli…? Do you even remember the fire? The fire? You should start feeling drowsy right about now. There… There was a fire… Moved up two ballet classes! Guess you’re more like your mom than you thought. What did I ever do to deserve such an awesome kid! I’m just here for the food. How about you do a little work for that food? Clean my stuff from the living room? Indeed – and while you do that, I’ll finish dinner. It’s your favorite – browned butter pancakes with blueberries! YES! I guess I’ll get started then. Mom…? Is everything OK? Something smells like it’s burning… Mom? MOM!? Mom! We have to go, mom! Please, mom… And this is where I’ll be starting out – our brand new burn unit. Wow. We can make loads of money here! Er, don’t you mean, we can help loads of people here? That’s exactly what I said. Kids! Daniel, Mason! Please! Sorry, Dad! / Sorry, Victor. This is a hospital, not a playground! I’m glad we got into this venture together, John. Me too. Who knew that being assigned to the same room in med school would lead to us opening a hospital together! And not just any hospital – the biggest one for miles around. Time to make us some money, John. That was a great first shift. We’ve got two females, both suffering from smoke inhalation and burns. I’ll take it from here! A…are they okay? Are they okay? It’s too early to tell for sure, but honestly, it’s not looking good… We’ll give them both some oxygen, but beyond that, we’ll just have to hope they pull through. For now, you’re going to have to let me get to work. Please, help them. They’re all I have left… I’ll do everything I can. H-how are they doing? …I just don’t know… The treatment needs to activate the lung tissue, only then… Whe… *COUGH*… Where… am I? Y-you’re in the hospital… You were in a fire… A… fire? A FIRE?! Where’s Alli? Alli inhaled more smoke than you, and with her small lungs… These next few days are going to be critical. The medicine should start working… …but if it doesn’t… You’ll need to prepare for that outcome as well. Is there anything we can do? Aside from being here for her if she wakes up, not really. It’s up to her to do the hard work now. Donald… Could I have a moment with Alli, please? Uhm… Sure… I… Err… I’ll go get a drink. Honey, what happened…? I… I can’t remember anything… Did… Did… Did I do this? I didn’t know what you wanted, so I brought you one of everything. Mathilda? She’s not responding to any input. Has this happened before? Yes, it has. Ever since her husband… my son, died… …she’s been having these episodes every now and then. Psychosomatic loss of time, they call it. The psychiatrist hoped it would pass, but they didn’t have a clue how much Mathilda loved my son. From this point on, I want you to start using this cream on your burns patients. Turns out the company who makes it are willing to pay us to use it – literally. I can guess why! You know this cream can cause a heavy allergic reaction and respiratory problems, right? I’m not using this, Victor. This is a burns unit – there are enough people with respiratory problems in here without this cream making everything worse! But it’s FDA approved! Just because some corporate lobby somehow pushed this through, it doesn’t mean it’s right! John, I’m ordering you to use this cream. It’ll make this hospital money! Ordering?! We’re partners – you can’t order me, and I can’t order you. Now how about you order yourself out of this room!? Daddy, why is this girl here? This little girl was in a fire, Daniel. Is she going to be okay? We don’t know, son… I hope so, she looks nice. I see you received the shipment of the new cream. Yup – and you can take it all with you again, ’cause I’m not using them. ARGH! I promised the salesmen we’d take these boxes! WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A PAIN?! ME?! Take your dangerous cream, and get out of here! Mo… *COUGH*… Mom. You had us worried there, kiddo… I… *COUGH* I’m sorry, mom… Are you… *COUGH* okay? I’m fine, honey. I… just don’t know what happened… I hope it wasn’t my fault. Can you remember what happened, Alli? I… Err… I was making dinner with mom… And… *COUGH*… I knocked over the paper towels, and the house caught fire so quickly we couldn’t get out. Jeez, that’s what we get for living in a wooden house… It’s still weird I can’t remember any of it… Yeah, weird… Well, accidents happen, and at least we’re all OK now. I’m sorry, but Alli is going to need her rest. She still has to recover quite a bit. Alli? Grandpa? Alli, the story you told us about what happened… I know you want to protect your mom… But is that really what happened? …yes… You know you can talk to me, right? I told you what happened, OKAY?! Okay… I won’t mention it again. I just want to make sure you and your mom are safe. I’d like to go to sleep again… She’s doing better than anyone could have expected. We’ll need to keep applying this cream to her burns. But if her readings keep going up like this, she could go home in a couple of days. You have a strong daughter, Mrs. Heart! That doesn’t surprise me at all. Hey Alli, you know what I brought you? Sewing materials! I thought we could make some stuffed animals, like we do at home. YES! And you bought some new fabrics too! I guess it’s appropriate to be stitching in a hospital… Mom, you’re so lame… Careful, or I’ll make these stuffed animals all by myself. Mom? I don’t really need this many stuffed animals… But maybe we could give them to the other kids in the hospital? That’s a great idea, honey. That’s very generous of you, Alli! Why don’t you follow me, and I’ll take you to the other children. I can walk around the hospital? I think we can make a small exception. That was great, right mom? It sure was, honey. Honey… Why did you keep this one? I dunno, I kind of like the way he looks… He’s got these dopey eyes, just like dad had. I’m sorry, mom… I didn’t… Mom? I really wish we could talk about him. I just miss him sometimes… I miss him too, honey. You’ve had to cope with a lot of responsibility from a very young age, Alli… Losing your dad, taking care of your mom… A child shouldn’t have to worry about all that. Grandpa, can I tell you something? But you have to promise you won’t tell mom. I promise. I… I wasn’t cooking… I know, honey. Your mom had one of her episodes, didn’t she? It… it was so scary… I… couldn’t get her to move. There were flames everywhere and then… everything just went black. You can’t tell her… Mom! Grandpa’s here! What are you so happy about? I know we’ve had our differences, but I just found another way for us to maximize our hospital’s profits. I’ve struck a deal with all the ambulance drivers in the city… Now anyone suffering from burns in Snuggford will be brought to the Little Creek burn unit. That’s not only irresponsible, Victor – that’s illegal. At worst, it’s frowned upon… John, I don’t want to fight you over every decision. A hospital needs to make money. Okay, Victor, okay. But can we even handle that capacity? Don’t be so modest – I’m sure you can handle it! One at a time, please! I’ll get to you all as soon as I can, but I just need you to be a little patient, and please bear with me. Is there anything I can do to help? If you could put the cream on Alli today, that would help me a lot… As you can see, the “sudden” influx of patients is going to keep me more than a little busy… No problem, I’ll take care of it! The cream’s in that cupboard, right? Ah, Donald – can you keep an eye on Alli while I’m washing my hands? *cough* *COUGH!!* Is everything alright, Alli? C… Can’t… *GASP* breathe… John, something’s happening over here! Sorry, It’s going to have to wait… This can’t wait! This… This can’t be… *GASP* It’s an allergic reaction… To what? Where are you going?! HEY! First my daughter-in-law nearly kills Alli, and now I have to worry about you doctors too?! I… I almost k… k… killed Alli?! You promised… Well, the allergic reaction’s gone now… So, there’s that… Hey Alli – how about we take a look at how your stuffed animals are doing with their new owners? It’s going to be okay, honey. It… It was all my fault… Alli could have died, and it was all my fault… Those episodes aren’t anyone’s fault, Mathilda. But what if the firemen hadn’t been on time…? What if the next time I have an episode it’s even worse…? I… I’m a danger to my own daughter… We got about halfway to pediatrics before she forced me to turn around. Are you okay, mom? I am now… Why don’t you go get some food in the cafeteria? My treat! And that’s just the start of my day… I’m really tired, Victor, but we do need to talk… Secretly replacing that cream, illegally paying off ambulance drivers… …a little girl could have gotten seriously hurt… OR WORSE! Come on, you can’t pin the blame for that on me, John. I know your priority has always been your patients… …but you can’t fault me for at least wanting to make this hospital profitable. My priority IS my patients, and that is why we’re having THIS CONVERSATION! YOU! YOU put someone’s life in danger today! You at least have to admit to that! I admit nothing. Maybe you should have been paying more attention to the girl. I WOULD HAVE, BUT YOUR STUNT WITH THE AMBULANCES KEPT ME TOO BUSY! Don’t get your panties in a bunch, John. Nothing bad happened, and we made a lot of money. Nothing bad happened TODAY, Victor. But what about tomorrow, or the day after? You just focus on saving patients, John. It’s clear that only one of us has any business sense. …just focus on saving patients… I’d like to speak to the hospital board, please. It’s your last day today, Alli. Are you excited to be going home? Yes! My mom and I are going to do all sorts of fun things this afternoon. We’re going to the movies, then to the mall, and tonight we’re going to eat at Betty’s diner! It’s going to be so cool, right mom? Oh… err… yes! Very cool! Sounds like a great plan! THEY TOOK MY MEDICAL LICENSE, JOHN! I guess you got what you wanted. Now you’re running this place alone. I never wanted… It doesn’t matter – this isn’t over. I’ll be back. Well, that was a lot of excitement… On to something much more fun. Alli, you’re ready to be discharged! What are you waiting for? Time to start that fun afternoon! This was the best day ever, mom! Mom, why are you crying? It-it’s nothing… I’m just… just going to get some fresh air… I love you, Allison. Grandpa? MOM?! MOM!? So? Am I already showing? No, if you wear your doctor’s coat you can hardly see a thing. Thanks. I just don’t want to tell anyone yet. I was kind of hoping to tell Allison first… How’s she doing? Neither her nor her mother have woken up yet. There were some complications during surgery… …and they need to give them some time to stabilize before they bring them back round. If everything had gone as planned, she would have started here today… I hope she’s okay. Me too – but try not to worry, it’s not good for the baby. When did asking someone ’not to worry’ actually work? Sorry. It’s okay… Daniel… Allison’s not doing great… I know… I brought her some cards. Come back to me, Allison… I don’t know if I’d advise an angry daughter to give up her kidney. Well, she did make the choice herself… And no matter their history, it is still her mother. Yeah… Even though she’d never admit it, Allison wouldn’t be the person she is today without her mom. I’m just saying that it won’t get any easier from here on out. Well, I’m not worried. I’ve got a feeling Allison will wake up and forgive her mother. I hope so… Let’s get back to work! Sophia, did you like the cookies? Actually, they were really good. They’re organic, from the local farmers market. That means they’re doubly good for the baby! You can take them, if you want. Thanks, Chance. …which is irritation of the joint; this in turn can cause pain in the lower knee. Wrr… Wh… Try to stay calm, you’ve been laying here for quite some time. I’m gonna get Quinn, he’ll explain it to you. I’ll be right back… I… Thank you, Alli, for saving my life. I… Stop! I didn’t do this for you, I did it for Ryan. I did this so I can finally get you out of my life! So why don’t you just leave me alone!? We both know that’s something you’re pretty good at. I know you’re just a baby, but a little help would be nice… Chance! Allison! I’m glad to see you back on your feet. Me too! Let me help you with that! You’re a natural! Thanks! I’m just happy to go back to work. Back to my normal life! Are you sure you’re ready, Allison? No one would blame you if you took a little time off. Please, no – I really want to keep myself busy, and forget the last couple of weeks. Well, let’s get to it then! So? Did you have a good day? Perfect! Well, it isn’t over yet… We have one more customer. Err… Sophia… You… What are you doing here? You… You’re pregnant? I am… Turns out Joe left me one more present, besides an enormous amount of lollipops. It’s Joe’s? Err, yeah? Who else would it be? Sophia’s here for an echo, and she thought it would be nice to have you with her. Really? It has Joe’s nose… I know you wanted to know, so I can tell you… HE has Joe’s nose! Well, are you going to join in? How are you doing? Finally, everything’s perfect. Nothing to worry about any more. That’s great, Allison. Hey, didn’t you want to tell me something before I had my surgery? Err, yeah, but… It’s not important… I can see you’re about to start your shift. I’m glad you’re feeling good, Allison. *RING RING* Hello, Allison speaking. Quinn… I really don’t feel like going back to that room… I’ve closed that chapter now. I understand you need to run your tests… Hello? One test, Quinn, but then I’m out of here… So you saw her leave with the kid? Yup – they took all their things with them as well. She… she’s gone? She just up and left – and we haven’t even done all the post-op tests! She’s gone… I don’t think you’re hearing me, Allison. We need to do those tests. Those tests are a formality, Quinn. On top of that, we can’t keep people here against their will. During the operation there were several abnormalities, Allison. Quinn, was the operation a success? Yeah, but… Then she’s no longer our problem. Come on, you’ve got to be around here somewhere… Daniel? I’m sorry, Allison. I didn’t want to burst your happiness bubble… The file… It… It’s gone… Well, it has to be somewhere… I’ll come and help you look after my shift. Thank you, Allison. I’ve looked everywhere in that closet, Allison. It’s not there. Hmm… What would you do if you found a random file? I’d take it to THIS office. Well, maybe that’s exactly what someone did… Let’s search your office. This is the last one. Fingers crossed… Looking for this? I was starting to doubt myself, but seeing how sheepish you two are looking… I knew you were up to something! Victor… No need for that – you’ll have your fair chance with the board. I’ve already alerted them to the situation, and we’ll be having a hearing in four days. Good luck! You’re going to need it… So… what do we do now? Let’s just try to get some sleep. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t look so good, Allison. I haven’t been sleeping very well, Chance… Is it okay if we just get to work… Did you get any sleep last night? Not really – I just kept thinking about Victor and the file. What does the file actually say? It shows that under my watch, a large shipment of amphetamines disappeared, and that many more amphetamines were ordered than normal. But there’s nothing showing you had anything to do with their disappearance? Not really… No… But I did give Quinn that bottle of medicine… But without Quinn’s testimony, Victor can’t prove anything. I guess you’re right… But how are we going to convince Quinn not to testify without letting him know what’s going on? I mean, it’s Quinn. I’ll order us some food – it’s going to be a long night… Maybe Victor won’t find out about Quinn… Daniel! Look at this! Well, it sounds nice, but it’s not really the time to go to a convention, Allison. A surgical convention! And it overlaps with the board meeting! I’ll start arranging it today. He looks happy. Err… yeah. A day without a smile is a day you haven’t lived. Couldn’t have said it better myself. You know, it sounds like my teachings are starting to rub off on you. I’d like to book a single no smoking room in your hotel in Helsinki, please. Perfect, thank you. I was hoping to get one ticket to the surgical convention at the Messukeskus this weekend. You still have a couple spare? That’s great! Are there any seats left on the flight to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport this Friday at all? Hmmm, only on the red eye… Well, that’ll have to do. Yes, the convention ticket, hotel room and flight have been taken care of! No need to thank me – I know I’m amazing, Daniel! This is all the information you need – let’s go save your job! Ah-hem… Oh… Err, Yes, Quinn… Allison here has uncovered a great opportunity for us. There’s a big surgical convention coming up in Finland… …and we both thought it would be great if you could represent our hospital there. I mean, how can you have a surgical convention without one of the world’s best surgeons? We’ve printed out all the information you’ll need for the hotel and convention… Normally, I would definitely do this. But Victor’s asked me to testify in front of the board on that same day. Sorry, guys, but I need to stay in with the board if I want to receive any grants in future. You’re still so innocent and free… All you need is a little attention, and you give us your great big smile! Maybe you should just stay like this. Life gets complicated way too quickly… It seems like motherhood is something that’s in your DNA. I’m not too sure about that… I’ve had an idea about who might be able to help us, but you’re not going to like it… I don’t know, Allison, Ruth’s kind of scary. Don’t be a wuss… We’re all out of ideas, and she’s the only other person who knows the truth. I’LL TELL YOU WHERE YOU CAN PUT THAT PAPERWORK!!! If you’re both here, this can’t be good. Let’s have it. Well… I understand… I understand, but I can’t help. If I don’t find a way to pay the mortgage on my mother’s house, they’re going to throw me out. Then there’s the institution my mom’s in, which isn’t covered by her insurance… I’ve got a whole set of problems of my own to deal with. It’s not like we were running some medical trial which required the extra medication. You know, one of those trials run by the interns… And even if you made one up, you’d have to find an intern dumb enough to testify she’d filed the paperwork incorrectly… An intern so clumsy she accidentally used all the medicine, instead of just the medicine for the trial. Thank you, Ruth. Oh no, don’t thank me. This isn’t my idea – I’d never suggest anything so stupid. Are you sure he’s worth lying for, Allison? I’d do the same for you. After the hearing, we’ll figure something out for your problems as well, I promise! Stupid kids… Sniff sniff… Sophia? Allison? What are you doing here? I… Well, I heard you crying… You don’t have to hide your crying from me. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve got you beat… It’s just, people expect me to be so happy… And, I mean, I am… But I’m also worried… I’m going to have to raise a child… alone… in my crappy apartment. If you want me to, I’ll be there with you every step of the way. Thanks, Allison. I could really use your help. Let’s go to the maternity ward, and get you some of Chance’s tea to help you relax… Thanks Allison, I really needed that. No problem, just know I’m here for you! I’ve written up the reports, and the fake trial request form, but they still need your signature. Stop! You don’t have to do this for me. If they find out… I… I did this. Maybe I should be fired… Nonsense… We need to do this. I could join in this meeting, if you want me to, dad? No – I don’t need anybody else. This will be my moment. Welcome, everyone. Victor has brought forth a motion of no confidence. These are serious allegations, which we certainly aren’t taking lightly. I hope you can back them up, Victor. I most certainly can… Okay. We’ll start with the opening statements, and then review the evidence. At the end of the day, each party can bring forth witnesses to corroborate their case. I’m sorry, I really thought I had handed in the trial request. I know it was a mistake, but it’s more a clerical error than anything else. I guess that’ll have to do… Ready for your last day on the maternity ward? Wow, with everything that’s been going on, I’d almost forgotten. Yup, I’m totally ready. So, why didn’t you turn in your research request? I did, but something must have gone wrong at the archives. What did you hope to gain from the drug trial? To better understand the side effects of the drug. Ms. Heart, what is your relationship with the defendant? We’re just colleagues. Did you really think you’d get away with this? This is all just a big misunderstanding! You understand you can no longer be a doctor, right? …but I only ever wanted to be a doctor. Chance, is it okay if I go a little early? I have somewhere I need to be. No problem – as long as you promise to join my clay workshop that’s coming up. I promise. Our time always flies by so quickly, but I do enjoy what little time we share. Me too, Chance… Ooh, I’ve got to go! Look out, Allison! AAAaaaAAaaRgg! It… It hurts so much! A…Alli… Allison… Ryan!? What happened!? There’s no time to talk – we need to get them into surgery! D-don’t… leave me… H… help… us… But… This is going to be a tough one, Allison, so I could really use your help! But you’re going to have to decide now. We’re in OR3. Patient: Mathilda Heart, she’s been in a car crash. Lost control of the wheel for as yet unknown reasons. Lots of abrasions and lacerations, no internal bleeding. Ryan will be okay, he’s in the emergency room now. That’s good news. But I need your help quick, Allison… That car crash really did a number on her. Let’s start by disinfecting and stitching every wound we find. About 1 hour later… I’ve never seen so many lacerations… I know, but we’re almost there. Looks like that’s all of them… Good – let’s check the read out. This is really bad, Quinn… Organ failure due to high levels of unknown toxins – this has nothing to do with the car crash… We’re going to have to hook her up to a machine… …and keep her in a coma for now. Waking her up will only make things worse. What should I do? I’m going to take a look through the data… There’s nothing more you can do for now. Oh, no… Tell me that you’re just moving some boxes!? No… I… I’m no longer working at Little Creek… As of today, Victor is in charge. I’m so sorry, Daniel… My mom and brother… It’s okay, I understand. I heard what happened. This was my fault anyway. They did let me keep my medical license, so I guess I should be thankful for that. Is there anything I can do for you? No… It’s been a long day, I just need a little time to process things… I guess we both do… So you’re sure you can’t fit more beds into your intensive care unit? Do you see any space for more beds? I guess we’ll have to cut costs on equipment then. I see you’re not having a great day either… Nonsense, it’ll take more than that oaf to get me down. How’s she doing? During the operation, we found several heightened toxin levels in her kidney. These toxins have been entering the bloodstream and causing havoc. Loss of oxygen, muscle damage, not to mention a very erratic heartbeat… We’ve had to put her into an artificial coma so we can slow her entire system down… If we woke her up, she would die within the hour. If only we’d done that check up… There’s no use in regretting the past. I’m going to run some tests. If Victor will still let me… Thanks, Quinn. Wake up, sleepy heads… I’m here to pick you up, Ryan. The kids have been asking about you. I guess I could use the distraction. How are you holding up, kiddo? I’ve had better days… I’d give you a hug, but… We probably shouldn’t. Sometimes, the world just stinks… That’s your great insight, huh? Nah, just something some guy once told me. Good luck, Allison. I… I’m out of ideas. All my tests came back inconclusive… Every test spells out something different, and the very next test excludes the first result… On top of that, I now have a strict per-patient test budget. I’m not allowed to ’go on a wild goose chase’… Victor? What do you think!? To be honest, though, even with more tests, I wouldn’t know where to start. So there’s nothing you can do? I’m afraid not… You could always talk to her… Talk to you… I hardly know you… And that’s not my fault, is it? You know all the mom-daughter moments I’ve had to miss out on? How desperately I wanted to have a mother?! The only thing you had to do was to BE THERE!!! The only thing I had to do was forgive you… Not be so angry… not send you away… It couldn’t have been easy on you either… I… I just wish things could have been different… Quinn told me there’s nothing more he can do for mom… Well, he might not be able to do anything, but I’m not giving up yet. I’m done with giving up. I’m going to do everything I can, Ryan, I promise! We’re going to save mom. But I can’t do this alone… I’ll stop by Ruth’s after my shift. Ruth? Do you know your door has no lock? Yup. They changed the locks, so I had someone remove it. But I’m sure you didn’t come here to talk about locks… No… I need your advice. So somehow, I need to do more tests – but I don’t know what tests to do. And on top of that, Victor won’t let us do any more anyway. I’ll look at the file. I’m sure there are still plenty of things we can test for, BUT… It seems to me that you still need help from someone else too. You need someone who has experience in bending the rules. I’m not sure if Daniel will want to help me after all that’s happened… Allison, that boy would rob a bank for you if you asked him to. Hmm… I guess I’ll have to try. Thanks, Ruth. Ruth, are you sure you don’t need any help? Don’t be silly, this house was too big for me alone anyway… Victor! You can’t just take one of our carts. Don’t be so over dramatic. You can make do with just one cart. You know how much Queensburrow Bridge is willing to pay for one of these? This hospital is going to turn a profit, and it’s going to turn a profit QUICKLY! You can always put your complaints in my complaints box. ARGH! I can’t work like this… Don’t worry, Sophia. We’ll make it work. You just try and relax… I guess it’s time… Daniel? Are you up here? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know your mom and dad were over… I can come back later. Don’t be silly! We’re just here to celebrate Daniel’s new job at Queensburrow Bridge. Queensburrow Bridge? Yes… I was going to tell you… I didn’t want to go back to my self-pitying again, so I applied for a job at Queensburrow. And they were glad to have me. That’s great, Daniel! Yeah, it is. But that’s not what you wanted to talk about, right? No… I also wanted to do something, instead of feeling sorry for myself… But I need your help. Well, I could probably slip in the extra tests you need at Queensburrow. Are you sure? I couldn’t ask you to do that… Allison, you were willing to risk everything for me – it’s the least I can do. Thank you, Daniel. Just be sure Victor doesn’t see you collecting samples. I’m sorry, I’ve got to go… Someday, you’ll have to tell me why you and Allison aren’t a couple… JOHN!? So, if you can sell patients on this special hospital bedding… Victor, most of my patients are in comas or experiencing heavy trauma… Well, It never hurts to try… Well, maybe we can try and sell it to the family… I like where your head’s at! Phew, that was close… I thought Victor said we couldn’t perform any more tests… These samples are going to be tested over at Queensburrow. That’s some smart thinking, Allison. Do you have all the samples? I’m just finishing the final one… And… there! Done! Great! I’ll get started on them right away, but it’ll take some time. I’d best get going – wouldn’t want anyone catching on. Daniel… I owe you. …he literally took away the chairs in the waiting room. These are pregnant women we’re talking about. You think that’s bad… Yesterday, like some evil villain, Victor took away half the toys in the children’s ward. He also replaced all our sheets with thinner sheets. Because “If people aren’t comfortable, they’ll leave quicker” He also switched to cheaper cleaning supplies. Smell me, I smell like a lemon… I really hate lemons… If this keeps going, there’ll be nothing left of this hospital. Someone’s going to have to do something… I’m sorry… I fear this has to do with Victor’s grudge against me… I’ll go talk to him this evening, and see if I can get him to lay off. *Knock, knock!* Come in… John, I was wondering when you’d show up… Do you like what I’ve done with the place? No need to be mean, Victor. You’ve won. Oh… But there’s totally a need to be mean. I didn’t spend the last 15 years clawing my way back to the top for nothing. Okay, Victor, feel free to take your revenge out on me… But these people – they don’t deserve that. The patients don’t deserve that. And even by your standards, you’ve been enormously harsh. Harsh?! It was harsh of the board to take my license over a small mistake. It was HARSH for my partner to report me to the board in the first place. Harsh?? I’ll show you harsh… You’ll feel exactly like I did as everything I cared for was taken away from me. Harsh… you haven’t seen the half of it… I will run this place into the ground, but not before I turn a profit on it. You can’t… Oh, I can. And I will… Feel free to leave any time now, John. Welcome to our team meeting! I was walking through the basement, and I just happened upon a treasure trove of old unused equipment. And I thought to myself: These models are actually still pretty good. It’d be a shame not to use them. And if we all start using the slightly older machinery, we can sell a lot of our newer devices. But some of those machines haven’t been used in over 10 years. Yeah, do they even work? Most of them do, but I have an ’old country’ guy that’s fixing up the rest… You know those machines aren’t up to the current safety codes. We’ll have a small group of people evaluate which machines are and aren’t up to code over the coming months. But in the meantime, you’ll all just have to get used to doing more things by hand. We used to do everything by hand back in the day, and I never heard any complaints back then… I thought you were going to talk to him… I did… I’ve got the results from the tests Ruth ordered. Wait, why are you working with CF100’s? Those are from the 1980s!? That’s not important right now – let’s go see what Ruth thinks… We’ve got the results! Well, hand them over, dear… Here! It’s very hard to see, but there are some small deviations in hormone levels. It seems the liver isn’t breaking them down completely. The slower liver function keeps adding more and more hormones to the bloodstream, which may be causing some of your mother’s symptoms. The rest could be caused by a relatively simple blood deficiency, made worse by the hormones. It makes sense that Quinn didn’t find this, it’s almost impossible to spot. Luckily, a slow liver is very treatable if we treat it in time. We just have to give it a boost with Livax. And we’ve got Livax right here! Then what are we waiting for? So this will save mom? There’s a good chance that it will. You’ll have to keep administering the Livax throughout the day. This has got to work… I’m sure it will! Now the waiting starts… Do you guys want anything to drink? What’s happening? Nothing good… Her hormone levels are through the roof, and her liver’s failing… Somehow the medication only made things worse… But… that’s impossible… What do we do now?! We either find the cause, or… Let’s just say we need to find the cause… Sophia, how long do we have to find out what’s wrong? I’d say 24 hours max. 24 HOURS?! But a whole range of doctors has been trying to figure out what’s wrong with her for the better part of a YEAR already! This will never… You guys will nev… Ryan? Ryan? But… If Ryan has these types of episodes too… They can’t be psychological… They… they’re hereditary!!! And those episodes come from the brain, not the circulatory system. Huh? What happened? You had an episode, like mom used to have. And that might actually help us find out what’s wrong with her. Hmmm, so the symptoms are: Stress-induced episodes, increased hormone levels, kidney failure, liver failure and it’s hereditary… Hmmm… It couldn’t be paragensis, because that doesn’t increase hormone levels… Allison… Give me a second, I’m thinking… It… It’s advanced Herkins disorder… Can someone tell me what advanced Herkins disorder is? Herkins is a hereditary brain mutation in which the brain creates thick extra pathways, mostly connected to emotional trauma. Those pathways can interfere with any part of the brain, and can cause anything from mood swings to motor issues, and even mental disabilities. Once it gets to the advanced stages, the trauma becomes irrelevant… Survival chances drop close to zero… And to treat it, you need a top tier surgeon to perform conscious brain surgery. Well, you certainly have one of those! You’d do that for us? I would – but we do have a bigger problem. Yesterday, our neuro-endoscope was sold to Queensburrow. And we need to start the operation ASAP if we want to have any chance of success. I still have some connections with our helicopter pilot through Joe. Well, if Sophia preps your mother for surgery, and you can fly to Queensburrow, I’ll get the OR ready. That’s enough of that, now get going… Ryan, can you go see Connor today and fill him in? Don’t you worry, Miss Heart – your daughter is going to save you! Is she good to go? She is… I just hope Allison gets back in time. Alli, you can’t be here… You need to go. Quinn explained everything to me. Chances are I’ll die either way, but you can still live. She’s right, Allison, the fire’s spreading too quickly. There’s just no way we can finish the operation in time. And I’m afraid we can’t move her in her state. No… I’m not leaving… Alli, you have to. I can’t be the one who puts you in danger all over again… Mom, don’t you see that this isn’t your choice to make? I’ve run away from enough of my problems… Alli… I’m not going anywhere! This won’t be the same as reading it in a book, Allison… …but I know you covered this in medschool! I… *COUGH* I’ll go get help! Looks like Quinn has already started removing the skull-cap. Let’s continue drilling away part of the skull to expose the brain. So far, so good. Now we’re carefully going to remove the bone. Yes! Now, let’s use the spotting fluid on the entire surface. Well, that’s everything. Now we just need to wait for the problem areas to show up on our scanner. Come on… YES! Those… Those pathways are pretty big. If just one of these cuts breaks the barrier of the pathway, my mom… she’ll… Don’t think about it, Allison. Okay Mom, after each cut, I’m going to need you to perform a little task. Mom, can you talk to me for a bit? I… I came to visit you once, you know. What?! After I hadn’t had any episodes for a year. You were outside, goofing around with your grandpa… The two of you looked so happy… I didn’t want to ruin that. I… I’m so sorry I left you, Alli… It’s okay now, mom… But… maybe… we shouldn’t talk about things that will have us both in tears… Allison! You can still leave, Allison… We had this conversation, mom. I’m not leaving here without you. Mom, can you squeeze your hand into a fist and then stretch out all your fingers? Yes… Yes, I can… But… Allison… I don’t feel so good… We don’t have much time left… I need to remove the pathway that’s causing the increase in hormones. MOM?! No time to waste. I guess I’ll have to do this blind… Come on, mom, stay with me… We’re almost there… Done! Please hang in there… A… Alli… Mom! Just let me staple this up and we can go… Alli… Mom, I have to finish this up before we can go. I did it! I saved… …you… Allison? I… I’m not going anywhere… You’ve become such an amazing woman… We’ve got to go, Allison! Take good care of her, okay? Do you think we’ll recover from this? Losing Little Creek, losing our family hospital? Take a look around, Daniel. The entire family’s here… Everybody’s safe… We’re all together… You’re right, we’ll be okay. We are going to have to talk about it, though… What? Well, you just ran into a burning building to save me… Hey, you went in there first… Fair enough… But there are easier ways of telling me you love me, you know… What? I… I… So… we’re pretty sure Prof. Myers won’t be returning after his breakdown. That’s why this will now be your department. But… Your desk is over there… Yeah, OK, but I don’t… If you need anything… Keep it to yourself… No one cares. Wait… Isn’t there someone… Oh, yes. Don’t forget you’ll also have to do an evaluation of all the Little Creek staff. We need to know if they’re fit for work here. I expect that won’t be a problem. I don’t think… Great, good luck! I guess I got a promotion… Best get started on the work. Looks like there’s a lot of it… You forgot a full stack of paperwork in my office. But we never went into your office… That’s nice. I don’t do paperwork. That’s the work of the lesser doctors. And by that, I mean you. My favorite woman in this hospital! Oh, I just feel terrible doing this to you… You can do whatever to me… What? Err… What? This work. I wish I could do it for you, but I’m afraid… I just can’t… No problem, I like helping… …you out. You’re here to bring me more work, right? Err… no? Why? This is the psychology department, isn’t it? Er, yes, I’m sorry. What was it you wanted? I used to work in… Well, actually I used to own Little Creek Hospital. I’ve arranged for all my friends to come and temporarily work at Queensburrow… But only if they get cleared by the head of psychology… Which is you… Can you take it easy on them? They’ve been through a lot. Sure. Thank you. Err, Daniel… while you’re here… You’re on my list too. So I rushed over to Little Creek in my car as soon as I heard. Then I took one of the fireman’s hammers… And then I saved Allison and her mom. I feel like you might be skipping over some of the important bits here, Daniel. Can you tell me step by step how you got to the room with Allison and her mother? I totally forgot. I have this thing – we’ll have to talk some other time… …and that’s why you’ll have to fill in these forms by tomorrow. Thanks, doll. Oh, look – it’s the girl who drives ambulances off cliffs and runs into burning buildings… Just so you know, THIS hospital is MY hospital. And we can totally do without a bad luck magnet! So maybe do us all a favor and fail your psych eval, OK? Well… Well! Maybe you should fail your… psych… eval… Don’t worry about her, she’s like that to everyone. I’m Sam. Allison… Sit down, we’ll do your evaluation during my shift… Okay, let’s start with the fire, do you know how it all started? Yes. The fire started because of Victor. He replaced all our equipment with faulty equipment. It almost felt like it was intentional… You then ran into a burning building. Not a lot of people would do that. Why did you? I had to get the machine I picked up here to my mom in Little Creek hospital, or else she’d die. I wasn’t just going to give up. I only just had her back in my life… You and your mom don’t have a normal mother-daughter relationship. Can you tell me a little about that? I could… Do you have a couple of hours? Honestly, I think what matters is that we’re okay now. Can you at least tell me how things changed for you and your mother? I just didn’t want to be angry any more… It wasn’t helping anyone. In fact, it was only making things worse. No one ever lost anything by forgiving someone. Lastly, do you think you’re ready to get back to work? I really, really want to get back to work. I understand, but that isn’t really the question I’m asking. Do you think the fire has in any way impaired your judgment or skills? Honestly… I… I don’t know… So? How did I do? I can’t really tell you yet… So there’s no trace of Victor anywhere… It’s like he’s disappeared… Ruth! Sophia! You look like you’re ready to pop. I FEEL like I’m ready to pop… If raising this kid is half as hard as carrying it, I don’t know how I’ll manage it alone… Yeah, about that… I heard your house is still for sale. Maybe if we pool all our money together, we can try and buy it back. You wouldn’t lose the house, I’d be out of my crummy apartment and we’d all be able to help with the baby. That just might work… I mean, it’s plenty big enough… We’d still have a spare room. …it’s just… sometimes I feel totally insignificant… …like I’m a side-character in some sort of weird game… …like the writers keep forgetting I exist. Sure, they gave me some lines, THIS TIME. But I never do anything of any significance. So? What do you think, doc? Well… I think our time is up… Ah, here it is… Chance? Yes, that’s me… I’m not sure where to start… We can start wherever you want to start… Is this confidential? It is… Okay… Thank God, Chance. Help me, please! Chance?… Chance?!… What are you doing?!… Chance?… Help!… Is it normal to have these kinds of dreams after something traumatic? It was a dream? Oh, yeah, sorry, I should have started with that, shouldn’t I? Whoopsie… Oh my… I’m not interrupting important reading, am I? No, not at all… Allison, what can I do for you? I kind of wanted to know if you’d made up your mind about my work status? I really want to get back to work, and being at home is driving me up the walls. How about we compromise and you come and work for me for a while? It’s not like I haven’t got enough work to go round… Great! Thanks Sam, you won’t regret it! Well, let’s get started then! I’ll see you later… Can we do this quickly, because I’m fin… Allison? Hey Connor… New girlfriend? Yeah… Something like that… Let’s start your evaluation, Connor. Good luck. You too… Ah, you’re already studying up on the job! Daniel! I was just coming to see you… Tonight – you and me, dinner and a movie, my treat. That sounds amazing, but I’d never let you pay for me. After all, I’m a gentleman. You’ve already arranged for us to work at this hospital… On top of… Oh, yeah… saving me and my mom. It’s the least I can do… I mean… It’s already going to be impossible to pay this off… like… ever! Are you enjoying the new job? I know it isn’t Little Creek… It’s great! I have a lot to learn when it comes to psychology. Awesome. Guess I’ll see you tonight! Ah-hem… Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t see you there! I figured… You’re… Mason… It says here you’re the son of Victor… That’s right… And no, I have no clue where he is… In fact, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on that. You can accuse my dad of a lot of things, but leaving quietly into the night… So, what do you think happened? I don’t know – but something is very wrong… I’m sure at least one of the people who were in the fire must know something! I’m sorry… I didn’t know he’d be going to this movie too… Don’t worry. That guy, he was your past. I get to be part of your present, and hopefully your future! …so when I woke up this morning, I heard the voicemail you left me… Yeah… turns out, you can’t delete those things from the caller’s side… It was sweet… I’ve never had someone sing to me before… You were a bit flat on the chorus, what was it again… “Al-li-son, we’ve had so much fun” Everyone’s a critic… Dork. A dork with a pretty girlfriend. Ah-hem… Daniel, I need to talk to you about these tests you ordered… I can’t find the patient file… Walk with me, I was about to get a SMOKE. Guess we’ll have to do that some other time… Glad you guys could make it… No worries – this place has the best chairs and sofas in the hospital. Yeah, Queensburrow isn’t really patient-friendly when it comes to… Well… Everything… Honey, I think most inner-city hospitals are like this. We were just spoiled by the beauty of Little Creek. …Little Creek… I guess we’ll just have to make do, until it’s rebuilt. I don’t want to make things any worse, but I crunched the numbers on us buying my mother’s house… We’re short… Like a full person short… What are you guys talking about? Aha! So this is where they’ve been hiding all the pretty ladies! Oh, stop it… Yeah, seriously, stop it… Don’t frown, it creates wrinkles… I come bearing gifts… George… You know, the head of Queensburrow… He’s a very hard guy to impress. But the one thing that never fails to impress him is helping out other departments. The man loves to see the departments working together to one common goal. So, I thought, let’s do these girls a favor and bring them some of my work… Now wait a minute… We’ll do it! Thanks, girls… What? You know he just suckered you into doing his work, right? He can sucker me into doing anything… Okay… Well… I’m here. What’s so important? Tomorrow, I’m moving, and I was wondering if I could get a day off? Sam… will you tell Miss Heart, she doesn’t have to ask me for free days. It’s okay, Allison, you can have the day off. Can I leave now? You can… By the way, did you see we finished all this work for Leon? If you did work for Leon, then why are you bothering me about it? All I want is for you people to leave me alone. LEON… Didn’t you have a dinner to get to? Sorry I’m late… No problem at all, I had very good company. I’ll go check on the food. I knew he was funny, but you never told me how cute he was. Mom… Just saying… Browned Butter Blueberry Pancakes… Yes, I’m sure they aren’t as good as your mom’s… But your mom is a treasure trove of information about you. Mom? Daniel, these… err… these candles… You want me to get some matches to light them on fire? Daniel? I think we’ve all seen enough fire for a while… Daniel? Allison won’t be here today, she’s moving… Yes, I know, I came to talk to you… Oh… Then please, take a seat… What’s up? This… This is hard for me… Ever since the fire, I haven’t been sleeping at all… Every time I try, I see a wall of red, and I can feel the heat of the fire again… I get anxious just thinking of fire – but seeing fire… Don’t worry, that’s normal. You’ve been through a very traumatic event. We should plan a weekly appointment to talk, though. Okay… For now, I could prescribe you some pills for the anxiety. Oh, err… no… no pills… It’s… err… against my religion… Look at the time, I have to go… I think this is the last of them! Where do you want it? Upstairs, please… I’m so grateful you and Ryan could help out, mom. I’m kind of used to having to do these things alone. No problem, we’re here whenever you need us. In fact, we’ll be here even when you don’t want us too. Yeah, I now have a big sister who lives in the city… …finally someone who can take me out to bars! Don’t you dare! Don’t forget to take your medication, Ryan. I don’t think I have it in me to perform another brain surgery… That reminds me, dear – you’ll have to get yourself tested too. Take this kit. You can bring me your blood samples after your shift tomorrow. I’m happy you called me in, Olivia… Even though we lost the vote to keep me in Little Creek, two to one. I still appreciated your support. Oh, I didn’t vote to keep you around… What?! In fact, if it were up to me, I’d take your medical license and have you removed completely. But your family still has some connections. I called you in to warn you. I’ve got my eyes on you! You’d better behave like a choirboy on Sunday. Because if I see you so much as take a q-tip home, you’ll not only be out of this hospital… You’ll be out of the medical field completely! I don’t know what to… We’re done – consider yourself warned. No one gets away with any of that malarkey on my watch! You look kind of confused… Yeah, I just had a pretty weird conversation. But that’s not important right now. Both Ruth and your mom called me… I need to make sure you don’t forget about the samples you have to send in today. First I had no mother, now I have two… Hey, be careful what you wish for. *RING RING* Okay… We’ll be right there… The hospital board has called all new employees in for a meeting. Sounds serious… I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had a meeting with the board. If you can all quiet down, please. We’re holding this meeting because we have to talk about the future. Let’s not dance around the matter… The board is looking into the costs of getting Little Creek rebuilt… But as of now, this is exploratory only. Exploratory?! Does that mean Little Creek might not be rebuilt? That is correct… But what about our jobs? As of this moment, Queensburrow has gracefully accepted to take all of you on as its employees. You can thank George for that. NO! Err… No, that won’t be necessary… Please, don’t come by my office to thank me. And what about my dad? We’ve set up a commission to find out what happened to Victor. I’m sure that the subject matter of this meeting has come as a surprise to you all… But for now, let’s call this meeting to an end, and you can all start your work fresh in the morning. This is becoming quite the spot to hang out. Oh, I’m sorry, I should have asked… No worries, I kind of like the company… That was quite the meeting yesterday. Yes – it looks like we’ll be working at Queensburrow for the foreseeable future. I don’t mind, I like it here! Naturally… Well, maybe Jenny’s right. I mean it isn’t Little Creek… But the city may have its charms, and who knows, it could be kind of exciting. Like we normally don’t have enough excitement… Talking about excitement… It’s our house warming party tonight – did you all send out your invitations? Okay, then I’ll see you all there! Oh, I almost forgot… Sam, here’s your invitation. I… I’m invited? Of course! You’re the only one who knows the ins and outs of Queensburrow. She said friend… Hey Sam… A couple of us are driving to the housewarming together, you want to join us? Sure… Sure… Go ahead, I just need to finish up this one thing… You coming? Yeah, sorry… So girls, are we ready for a new adventure? All the Little Creek women living together… …living together with a little man. It’s going to be so AWESOME! I might be going mad, but I think I actually agree with Jenny for once… Me too… I finally feel like I’m right where I belong… Ah, honey… Time to get this party started! Mom, Ryan! I’m so happy you’re here! Still not going anywhere. Can I give it to her? Sure. An empty frame? I thought maybe we could take a picture together as a family… I love it! Now you just have to decide if you want it to be just us, or with your other siblings? I… I forgot about my other siblings… That’s understandable, with everything that happened… Allison, come on, I’ll tell you all about them. DING DONG! I… I didn’t know if you were coming… I’m not… I mean… I’m just here to drop off a little housewarming present… A luchador apron and some matching oven mitts… I just thought… It’s perfect… …and oddly enough, I didn’t have them yet. You sure you don’t want to come in? I’ll see you at Queensburrow… Okay, lovebirds, there’ll be plenty of time for that later! Who wants to light the candles? I will! You… You have fun… I’m going to get a glass of water… Sam? You think you can still prescribe me something for my anxiety? Sure… So, you changed religions? Here, I always carry some anti-anxiety medicine with me… Where’d you go, I didn’t see you there for a minute… Yeah, I don’t… It’s happening. What’s happening? It’s happening now? What do we do? I’ll go get the car! I don’t own a car… Take mine. Okay. Thanks, Daniel. That was very nice of you… offering to help clean up. No problem. I like helping out wherever I can… *KNOCK KNOCK*

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