Heart Institute at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point Holds Its First TAVR Reunion

(upbeat music) – We’d like to thank
each and every one of you for coming here tonight. We’re celebrating a hundred TAVRs. We projected about 47 for the
first year, and as of today we’ve done 121 TAVRs. (audience clapping)
(uplifting music) We’re very proud of the TAVR program. And many milestones throughout the years and many milestones to come. (audience clapping)
(uplifting music) – We started our program
just over a year ago. It is very exciting and
humbling to see our team make such a difference
in all of your lives. – On behalf of my TAVR team I would like to thank
each and every one of you. And trusting Bayonet Point Hospital for your cardiovascular care. Things are happening rapidly
in the field of cardiology. So we’re not done yet. – It has just my honor and privilege to work side by side with Vivian. She changes people’s lives. (audience clapping)
(uplifting music) – You all mean so much to me. So, I have a few patients that would like to share their stores. Mr. Roger Cody. – Sweetest lady I’ve ever met. I speak for all of you out there that have had the procedure. God bless the staff at Bayonet Point and everybody connected with them. – I am eternally grateful to the team. Thank you for my life. I’m really gonna make the best of it. – My wife and I can’t say
enough about Bayonet Point. Dr. Hatel, I owe you my life. – I’m on this mission to develop a completely heart-led hospital. Where we always lead with our heart. We can make a powerful
difference in someone’s life. (audience clapping)

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