Heart Disease – LewisGale Medical Center

– My name is Shmuel
Shapira, I’m a cardiologist for about 30 years, and I’m part of the
LewisGale Medical Center. There is a few things
that everybody can do, the most important thing is
number one if you smoke quit, if you’ve never smoked
don’t start smoking. Exercise, patients should
find the time to exercise. I did, I don’t have much free
time but I do it at least two or three times a
week at least a four or a five mile walk. I recommend it, I do it myself. My wife is doing swimming
every other day and I recommend to people any
aerobic exercise that you can do. First you keep your weight
down and if you have other risk factors like diabetes
or high cholesterol or high blood pressure all that
will be much easier to treat if you keep your weight
down and you exercise. Listen to your heart, that’s
what I always tell my patients, listen to your heart. If something is changed, if you do have your have
your heart rate going up it’s usually causing you
what we call palpitations, it’s usually not normal. If you get short of
breath on a mild exertion that you didn’t have before,
just pay attention to it, tell your doctor. It’s not always the typical chest pain, this is usually the very late that happens so and definitely
with women they don’t have the similar symptoms that
men have so it’s later and it’s detypical but
it’s significant in a way that it’s new, it’s not
what you had before, pay attention, tell your doctor
and make sure your doctor pay attention to you.

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