Hear more about the UW Health Lupus Clinic

>>I think Lupus patients when they see
a Rheumatologist they’re overwhelmed, they’re anxious because the diagnosis
is unclear, the prognosis is unclear. So coming to Lupus Clinic we not only focus
on physician’s perspective of disease, but we also focus on patient’s
perspective of disease. Whether, even after disease is getting
control, whether their feeling the similar way or they still feel that Lupus is affecting
their physical activity, their quality of life. So I think that aspect of
patient’s perspective of disease, focus on that aspect is really important in
the Lupus Clinic, and we have several tools to make them feel better in those non
specific or those fatigue or other domains, which makes their quality
of life really limited. So the Lupus Clinic is one stop where they can
meet the Rheumatologist, meet the social worker, meet the pharmacy support or pharmacy
student to help with, and we are all here to help them overcome different
phases of the disease or challenges coming up with the disease. And there are these new therapeutic options,
which are coming out and are promising so this could be a site for future research
trials where patients can get enrolled into and at least a different therapeutic options,
if they have failed the ones available.

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