HealthPark Two opens at Tradition Medical Center

The new space we are in is 17,000 square
feet that we took over the second-floor of Tradition HealthPark Two building. We
have GI over here, the general surgeons, vascular surgeons will be here. Urology.
We will be getting pulmonologists seeing patients out here and of course primary
care. More convenience for patients. They can come and see all their specialties
in one place. They can see the primary care. If they have the urologist. Their
surgeons right down the hall. Lots of the physicians working together to take care
of the patient more collaboratively. I want them to know that this is all for
them and that I want them to be comfortable here and I want them to let
us know if there’s anything we can improve on. And I want it just to be a great patient experience for them.

1 thought on “HealthPark Two opens at Tradition Medical Center

  1. Please provide a map of where this new facility is located for those of us who are new to Martin Memorial?
    Is it close to Hobe Sound?

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