HealthCasts – Robert Watkins IV, MD – Practicing at Marina Del Rey Hospital

The Marina Del Rey
Hospital HealthCast, featuring the doctors of
Marina Del Rey Hospital You mentioned a lot of
places out there, a lot of different opportunities for people to seek relief
for spinal or back injuries. Why should people choose to come
down to the Marina Spine Center? What is it about your outlet
that people need to come see? That’s a great question, Tim! The Marina Hospital, my father and I
and Dr. Chang, our partner, we’ve worked there for
seven to eight years now, and it’s been such a great experience, I’ve worked at a lot of big hospitals,
major institutions, and the big hospitals have their role, for treating major car accidents
and big traumatic events and, you know, cancers
and tumors and really sick people, that we need the big hospitals, but for our patients that we see, ninety-five percent of them
are basically people, everyday people with pain or weakness
and some issue that they want to resolve and get back to their life. The Marina Hospital is such
a great small intimate hospital, where we only use two
to three anesthesiologists, the same X-ray techs the same nurses,
the same physical therapist, all our patients go to one ward
with all private rooms, and we work as a team,
we all know each other, we all like each other and I love
working at the Marina Hospital because everybody who works there,
we all have a common goal, to be the best we can be and provide
the best professional job we can, and we all want to help the person,
each individual person the best we can, and being with a group of people
that you know and you like, in a small intimate setting, where
everybody’s on the same page, and the same goal to help people,
it really comes across. I’ve had so many of my patients
tell me unsolicited, that they’ve had a great experience
at the hospital, that everybody took great care of them, they didn’t even want to go home,
they didn’t want to leave, and that’s really unique, nobody
ever wants to go to a hospital, nobody ever wants
to have spine surgery, but the, but knowing that at the Marina Hospital we can provide the
best experience possible, where people really enjoy
being at the hospital, and enjoy the nurses
taking care of them, because they know
the nurses care about them, and the physical therapist
and everybody at the hospital. The Marine Hospital has been
a great small intimate hospital that provides great care for our patients. The Marina Del Rey
Hospital HealthCast, featuring the doctors of
Marina Del Rey Hospital For more information on any of the topics discussed, please call The Marina Del Rey
Hospital Helpline at 855-51-SPINE or go to

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