Healthbreak – Aortic Clinic, Kathleen Lamb, MD

(light instrumental music) – [Announcer] HealthBreak is sponsored by, Tower Health, Advancing
Health, Transforming Lives. When a problem is found in the body’s largest blood vessel the aorta, Reading Hospital offers a
multidisciplinary aortic clinic to help find the best
treatment for each patient, Dr. Kathleen Lamb explains. So instead of going to two to three different doctors appointments, the surgeons can see the patients together and often the cardiologist
can be there as well to identify which procedure would be best for the patient. – [Beverly] And Reading Hospital offers multiple treatment options. – [Dr. Lamb] Historically
it’s been open operations, where we make an incision on the belly or an incision through the
ribs to repair the aorta. We also here at Reading have advanced endovascular
capabilities which means that we can do minimally
invasive operations through tiny needle punctures in the groin and repair the aorta. For more free information on the Aortic Clinic call 484-628-HELP or visit our website at For HealthBreak, I’m Beverly Herbert. – [Announcer] HealthBreak is
sponsored by Tower Health, Advancing Health, Transforming Lives. (light instrumental music)

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