Health Students Give the Gift of Time in the Community

>>Good job! You want to leave that on?>>My name is Rene Ramsey. I’m a fourth semester
nursing student at Sac State, and we’re here today
volunteering at the SAHA Clinic.>>You know where this goes?>>So here at the SAHA
Clinic, we serve individuals and families who are
uninsured or underinsured and underserved in
the community. [ Background Conversations ]>>So you have your lipid
panel, your renal function, and your hemoglobin
A1c and CBC done. [ Foreign Language ]>>Saying we came as asylee and
we didn’t have any insurance, and now his case has been
accepted as asylum case and he’s going to be given
Medi-Cal, and hopefully he will, and medical insurance, and hopefully he will be
able to have a doctor. [ Background Conversations ]>>This is called SAHA Health
Center where we have huge wave of refugees coming to Sacramento
area, mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan and from Iran. We see patients from
different walks of life. Our mission is to serve people who are uninsured
or underinsured. It’s been a great experience
working with our students. It’s not only just
nursing students but also speech pathology
students.>>A thousands hertz. Testing.>>It is important for
us because, as undergrad or grad students, just
as students in general, we can already start
helping others. We can give back to the
community, so, which makes it, which makes our education
more meaningful. [ Background Conversations ]>>And now I’m going to be
starting off with the right ear and I’m going to be going –>>This is extremely important
in that it’s experiential. It’s authentic. It’s genuine, and it’s hands on. It’s real life training. And they’re here working
with other disciplines, so it’s in a professional
as well. And they have the
opportunity to be exposed to perhaps health
care disparity issues and that’s why there is a need for a health care
community center, and they have the opportunity to
be able to learn from and about and with each other in terms
of different disciplines.>>Can you hold this for me? Hold it right there.>>This clinic is only open
once a month right now. We’re hoping to eventually
in the future be open more than that, but just one
Saturday a month is not too much to volunteer for it. So we’re happy to be
here and donate our time. [ Foreign Language ]>>He’s saying this is a great
idea to have students serve in the community and help, and
they’ve been very good and great in the way they’ve
been treating patients. [ Music ]

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