Health Services: The On Campus Clinic

Hi and welcome to the University of Texas at Arlington Health services. Your On-Campus Clinic Health and wellness strongly correlates with academic success, missing just a few classes can have a significant impact on your performance We’re here to support your academic success by providing excellent health care and promoting wellness The Health Center offers many services focused on keeping students healthy, if you are currently enrolled in at least one on-campus class You have already paid your medical service fee, allowing you to take advantage of our services. If you’re sick, injured, or have a health concern you would like to discuss. You can make an appointment to receive a medical consultation with one of our friendly medical doctors or nurse practitioners The medical services fee covers medical consultations, nursing care, HIV and AIDS information, health education, birth control prescription counseling, referrals and foreign travel advice. Sometimes additional services such as lab testing or x-rays are needed to diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries While these services are available in the health centers. They are not included in the medical services Students can expect to pay small fees for additional services including lab tests, X-rays Medications, Immunizations, certain physical exams, and minor procedures. If you don’t have the money at the time of the appointment Don’t worry, you can charge it to your MyMav account. Just make sure to pay the balance within 30 days to avoid a late fee. To find out more about health services, our events, or opportunities to get involved; like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or just come on in! For hours of operation and a list of services visit the website listed below

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