Health Sciences Clinic | RMIT University

(Background music.) On-site at the RMIT Health Sciences Clinic final year students from Chinese medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy and psychology put their studies into practice. Based at Uni Hill, Bundoora, the clinic provides high-quality services to the public at reduced-cost. Chinese medicine students use herbal medicine and acupuncture to provide relief for chronic pain, respiratory and digestive complaints and allergies. Joint and soft tissue manipulation and exercise are used by chiropractic students to help musculoskeletal injures. While osteopathic students use a range of hands-on techniques to check conditions including headaches, sore neck, back, arms and legs. And psychology students provide individual and group counselling, addressing issues including depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. In this real-world environment students learn the fundamentals of patient care, learning to conduct a thorough assessment, diagnose and develop treatment plans under the supervision of registered practitioners and RMIT academic staff. It’s these experiences together with a focus on evidence-based healthcare teaching that gives RMIT students the skills that are valued in Australia and around the world. (Background music)

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