Health Moonshot Showcase 2019: Scott Alpard, RealTime Clinic

My name is Scott Alpard and I’m a Co founder
and the COO of RealTime Clinic. RealTime Clinic was created for an issue that
I have a real personal connection with. I have a 16 year old son that had a liver
transplant when he was one and during that first year of life we had 20 hospital admissions
as well as suffering from an antibiotic toxicity issue which put him into multi-organ failure,
resulting in six weeks of full life support prior to receiving his liver. If that wasn’t enough, the complication also
resulted in him losing his hearing bilaterally, leaving him totally deaf, which he now has
a cochlear implant for. RealTime Clinic was created to solve this
problem. This lack of engagement between the patients
and the transplant care team as well as consulting physicians could have avoided half of the
admissions and most likely prevented the complications that resulted. Our moonshot is to eliminate preventable organ
transplant rejection. We have the team in place to make this happen. I have close to three decades of healthcare
leadership across academic medical centers and research institutions, leading patient
access and patient workflow integration, as well as strategy and operations. Our CEO has in depth experience with tel and
digital health as well as Ui design and our CTO has experience designing applications
for some of the leading companies in the world as well as designing a 911 EMS new response
system. For transplant centers and transplant patients. RealTime Clinic is the first patient centric
platform that produces a higher level of patient education and patient engagement to decrease
the risk and incidents of post transplant noncompliance, which is the leading cause
of organ rejection. Our approach is extremely unique and transformational. Our platform is self manageable. It personalizes the care for both the transplant
patient and their families and it engages both the transplant team and the patients
both pre and post transplant. Our solution has generated a lot of interest
and we’ve just finalized our first two paid pilots with two transplant centers in the
Texas Medical Center as well as we were approached by a consortium of centers led by Mount Sinai
to provide a patient engagement solution for their transplant, for their transplant care. It is time that there’s, time is needed for
a disruptive solution for this problem. Join us in eliminating preventable organ transplant
rejection. Thank you very much.

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