Health Matters Presented by Bon Secours: Cardiac Rehabilitation

>>Health Matters is sponsored by Bon Secours.>>Here at Bon Secours St. Francis Medical
Center, the cardiac rehabilitation program has a highly-trained, multi-disciplinary team
that helps to improve the lives of people with heart conditions. Joining me now is the program coordinator,
Nancy Anderson. So first, explain what is cardiac rehabilitation.>>Cardiac rehab is a supervised, monitored
program. From start-to-finish, the patient’s heart
rate and rhythm are monitored, and we can put together an exercise prescription. That prescription is advanced in time, intensity,
and resistance to improve endurance and stamina.>>And tell us about this brand-new facility
right here at St. Francis.>>This new facility is the first-ever outpatient
cardiac rehab in Chesterfield County. We’re located on-campus, across from the lobby,
and currently seeing cardiac patients that have had open-heart surgery, valve replacements,
heart attack and heart failure. Usually the plan lasts for about twelve to
eighteen weeks.>>Explain how the team here really provides
the best treatment for patients.>>The team here provides an individualized,
formalized education plan for the patient. It is catered toward them and their needs
and what they bring to us. Our staff also encompasses about a hundred
and twenty-five years of nursing experience.>>Well thank you so much Nancy, for sharing. If you want more information on the cardiac
rehabilitation program right here at St. Francis Medical Center, you can learn more by going
online to

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