Health Informatics – Oregon Tech Online

Health informatics is
in big demand right now. Every clinic, hospital
system, insurance company is looking for professionals
that can do data analytics, can apply that in a
health care setting. All of these organizations
have big interest in being able to
provide a better experience for their patients,
to help reduce costs, being able to provide
a competitive edge for themselves. So health informatics
ties all of that together. We are very closely
lined with industry needs and expectations. They are career ready when
they walk out our doors. And it doesn’t matter if
you are in an online program or an on-ground program. Our online students are
held to the same standards as our on-campus students. We expect the same outcomes,
and those expectations are high. We really take an applied
learning approach. We have the senior project. This really allows
them to go in depth, solve a problem for a
business in the industry that they want to be in. It really does set us apart. What truly sets us apart is that
we align with the Oregon Tech mission statement of
hands-on applied degrees. And that really carries
through to our online programs and online degrees,
which presents a really unique opportunity
to students across the world.

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