Health Clinic Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On one… two… three! We are having the official ribbon cutting for our school based clinic here at Merriam Park Elementary School. Health Partnership clinic started 26 years ago with the mission of providing quality, affordable healthcare to all. Shawnee Mission realized there was a need
within the schools that kids needed access to physical healthcare, mental healthcare, and dental services. The goal that we have is simple, to break
down the barriers to healthcare and provide medical attention to our families and our students. This school based health clinic gives kids
that needed medical attention… and it gives them a medical home that some of them do not have. I thinks it’s really innovative and I think
the feedback has been really great from families… as a mom myself I would like something like
this so I just think it’s good all around. Anytime you have a partnership between two
great institutions, you can’t have anything but success. Even the first day that we were open we had
people here… and over spring break we had people waiting to get into to see the doctor. So we’ve had a great response and we’re looking
forward to expanding in the future. Wellness is so important for our kiddos because
they’re here to learn… and they can’t learn unless they’re healthy. If they have a toothache or if they have a
health issue going on we need to address that first so that when they’re sitting in that
seat they’re ready to learn.

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