Health clinic coming to the North Valley

HEARD BACK IT’S AN AREA OF ALBUQUERQUE THAT’S NEEDED SOME MEDICAL ATTENTION FOR YEARS. AND NOW, IT’S GETTING IT. ACTION 7 NEWS REPORTER MEGAN CRUZ TELLS US ABOUT A NEW CLINIC THAT’S COMING TO THE NORTH VALLEY. ALBERT GONZALEZ SAYS HE LIKES LIVING IN THE NORTH VALLEY… EXCEPT, FOR ONE THING: You have to go to the emergency room, because there aren’t any clinics that I know of here. A LACK OF MEDICAL CARE IN THE COMMUNITY. BUT NOW, UNM HOSPITAL HAS A SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM. YOU’RE LOOKING AT SKETCHES OF WHAT WILL BE… THE NORTH VALLEY CENTER FOR FAMILY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH. UNM SAYS IT’LL BE ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST CLINICS, SERVING ABOUT 2-THOUSAND PEOPLE A MONTH. IT WILL OFFER A VARIETY OF HEALTHCARE SERVICES – SUCH AS PRIMARY CARE, PREDIATRICS, AND WOMEN’S HEALTH. I think it’s great! it’s going to be a 22 beds. And this is where the clinic will go: on the corner of Mildred and 4th Street. Management says one of the reasons they picked this location, is because it’s along a bus line It makes it a convenience for them. SOMETHING ELSE MADE EASY FOR PATIENTS – A lab onsite, radiology onsite, and pharmacy onsite, so it’ll be one stop shopping for those patients. UNM PLANS TO HAVE SHOVELS IN THE GROUND HERE ON TUESDAY. IT SAYS IT’S EXCITED TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY. Multigenerational in that area – a lot of pediatric children in that area, some of them are being raised by grandparents so the clinic would serve the whole age range. IN THE NORTH VALLEY, MEGAN CRUZ, KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS.

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