Health clinic acts as safety net

LionCare is a clinic that serves the underserved and uninsured here in Harrisburg. We call ourselves a safety net. People come with all kinds of needs. It may be something as simple as athletes foot. It could be untreated or undiagnosed diabetes or it could HIV AIDS. Penn State has put a lot of resources into just keeping people healthy in preventative ways. We give out a lot of vaccines every year. We are able to provide those screening exams for women and get men into some of the local programs for prostate screening. Some of those things will maybe never be measured but they are huge to this community. And then many people in dire need have been treated at this clinic and then connected to good resources. I can’t really think of anyone who would pick up on some of these needs if Penn State weren’t here to fill in the gap. Since Penn State is providing this service and since we are the safety net, sometimes there’s not that much farther to go. So people would be falling through the cracks. This is the last place to catch them sometimes.

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  1. Penn State Hershey physicians and medical students volunteer to provide medical care at the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg through LionCare. Check us out.

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