Health and Social Care job profile: Student Pharmacy Technician

My name is Julie Kane and I’m a student
pharmacy technician. I assist the pharmacist; I help in dispensing
the patient’s medicines. We dispense medicines for community pharmacies and hospitals all
over the Southern Trust. Those half a million items need to be checked and accurately labelled
for the patient being sent home. Attention to detail is really important in
this job because we are dealing with patient’s medications and patient safety is the number
1 priority. The most challenging part of my job is the
busy environment, there are a lot of things going on, you have to maintain a high amount
of concentration. People that like maths and science would find
this job interesting because you are working with numbers and different medicines each
day. You have to enjoy working with others, you
have to be friendly, and you also have to like a bit of science.
I advise that you do a bit of research into the job and make sure you would be really
dedicated because it’s a lot of hard work. This job role has developed my confidence,
I’ve really learnt through training on the job.
Once you become a student pharmacy technician there is good progression, you can really
expand on your knowledge and your career path. The thing I love most about my job is that
I’m working in the process to help make a patient better, I can go home with the satisfaction
that I’ve helped them on their journey to recovery.

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