Health and Education in Africa: the Tarkwa Breman Model School for Girls and Community Clinic

(tranquil music) – I’m Shadrack Frimpong, an
international student from Ghana majoring in Biology in the
College of Arts & Sciences. I am from Tarkwa Breman,
a small, rural village in the western region of Ghana. Poverty and rural traditional
superstitious beliefs makes it so that many
parents do not place emphasis on educating girls. Consequently, you have so many
girls who are not enrolled in school and do find
themselves on the streets in major cities in Ghana. There, they fall
prey to sexual abuse and sexually
transmitted disease. With the President’s
Engagement Prize, I will be establishing a community
school for girls and a medical clinic
in my village. These facilities will not
only serve young girls and people in my
village but also people in the surrounding
seven villages. – I met Shadrack just
a short while ago. He’d tell me about what
he wanted to accomplish in his village in Ghana, and
it was an amazing combination of health and education
for young girls and health for this community. And I said okay, this
kid is really special. This is a kid I gotta
get involved with. – Shadrack Frimpong
is inspiration. No member of his family even
graduated from high school. He has really taken from
his education what it is to make a difference
in your own hometown. And in his case,
he’s going to make a revolutionary difference. – The success of this project
will rely on the support of students from Penn’s school
of architecture who will work to design the building, as
well as students from other schools who also join us in
Ghana to volunteer at a clinic and a school for girls. – My role in Shadrack’s
project is to lead a team of undergraduate students in
architecture to Ghana to assist in the construction
of the buildings. Building anything in an
environment like this will be, for our students,
absolutely unique. The construction techniques
will all be local, indigenous techniques. Our students will be learnin’
em for the first time. Working with the
villagers day by day in the construction
of these buildings. It’s a wonderful opportunity
for undergraduate students to see some other part of
the world and to take part in doing something
for other people. – If he could pull this
off, and I’m sure he can, this is a game changer,
because it’ll show his village that young girls can have
the same level of education, the same level of achievement,
get them out of their traditional roles if they want. Who knows where
this could end up, where we could see some
of these young girls being in our medical school,
you know, in the future. – This project will
have an enormous impact. I think Shadrack will
emerge as a leader in Ghana, building hospitals, health
clinics, and producing a model for the delivery of healthcare. I think we’ll hear a lot from
Shadrack in the decades ahead. (inspirational music)

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