Healing Touch at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

News with Cameron Kent Wanda Starke I twelve weather plus chief meteorologist Lanie Pope this is wXII 12 News one of you could simply touch someone and that person will begin to feel better that’s what some doctors and nurses are doing at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Kimberly van Scoy shows us how Healing Touch works the ancient world meets modern medicine in this hospital room at Baptist Medical Center this is called Healing Touch therapy an approach to wellness that dates back to biblical times it addresses physical mental emotional and spiritual health needs it is a connection between touching a person and also touching that person with a sense of compassion to perform Healing Touch nurse Deborah Larimore and dr. Cathy Kimber used their hands above and on a patient’s body the goal is to affect the body’s energy fields and promote healing enormous benefit they feel better right away they usually feel more peaceful they feel more relaxed less anxious less pain and more receptive to whatever kind of advice we discussed studies have also shown that healing touch therapy shortens hospital stays Jim Newsome who recently had surgery believes that I got out of the hospital very quickly the experience of healing touch he says was like a gift I felt the compassion and caring of the person that was giving it to me I think my sense was just a sense of calmness those are just some of the reasons dr. Chuck Tegeler also uses Healing Touch with his patients really been gratifying to see how you can can affect healing in someone doesn’t always mean cure healing can take place in all sorts of realms including the mind the spirit and the emotion Healing Touch is currently only offered in a few areas of Baptist hospital but more research projects are in the works Kimberly van Scoy wXII 12 News and Baptist is only one of 30 hospitals nationwide doing research on the benefits of feeling cut

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