100 thoughts on “Head Of Hospital At Epicenter Of Coronavirus Outbreak Has Died | TODAY

  1. 🤣🤣greeted, shake hands and hug by Cambodia president
    That guy gonna have a nightmare now. Waking up in the middle of the night don't know when the virus gonna strike. Hope he doesn't have a heart attack before the virus take him away😂😂

  2. they sat on the ship for days and days and cleared to get off the ship then all of a sudden theres infected people??? WTF is going on??? the quarantine period is NOT adequate or the virus is moving thru the air..

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  4. RIP Doc. 51 yrs is just middle age. Scary to think but everyone must be a carrier by now. Keep your immune systems high, stress levels low, don’t smoke cigarettes, stock up on N95 respirators, full body suits and Aluvia medicine just in case. Also, watch https://youtu.be/AoLw-Q8X174

  5. China: Our only level 4 Biolab for testing Infectious humans disease is 900 feet from Huanan Market.
    Also China: the only known population of COVID-9 infected bats 600 Miles away did it!👉

  6. Question- if the Chinese are so brilliant, WHY are the victims not wearing gloves, with their gowns, and mask? That would sugest others can't get it from victims bare hands. Doesn't show any common sense in regards to virus's spreading ability. Dumb as mud. 😷🤒🤧🤔🧐😖🙊🙊🙊🙊

  7. I told you so, Matthew Smith made the right choice to stay in his balcony suite on the ship in Japan. He will be off the ship soon. Running around like scary chickens often make things worse. This couple were acting like those who franctically dump their stocks at a loss when they see the market is down.

  8. WHO tells the world to not panic and wash your hands to prevent getting the COVID 19. They also said only people with compromised immune system are the ones who get more I'll and die. And here I am watching on YouTube that many healthy people are dying. I'm in panic mode and everybody should worry more about this epidemic…

  9. If you're on the front lines, with a weapon or a syringe there's always a chance of a mortal injury. These doctors are on the front lines… they may not be the smartest or diligent, but they are the bravest. Bravery cloaks all differently.

  10. THOUSANDS ARE ENTERING USA AND CANADA DAILY FROM CHINA……………… people think all flights are banned they are not…. the minimal tempature screening is easily by passed due to up to 3 weeks incubation period….. we need ban all travel immediately AND start testing locals with similar symptoms in areas where there has been detected cases…. otherwise risk rapid STEALTH SPREAD and 100x harder to contain…… please take action contact radio news mayors anyone that listen!! this week we need massive action

  11. "Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth… and soon, that debt will be paid."

    China is rapidly killing itself.

  12. this is is crazy…it looks that this virus will reach in hundred thousands ….Rich and countries with high technology like USA, Japan, Germany need to help china fight this deadly disease…

  13. I thinks its made bij people like the Spanish Virus around 1900. When the are to many people like china have and almost everywhere. It is good fore the economics if there died a lot and there will be space fore other new smart healtyer people ( like nature the strongest)
    survive. And china has a nasty dark system. And if they say there 60,000 sick you can count fore 300,000 or more !!

  14. 70000 with virus only 2000 dead but several are will known doctors. I call BS probably many more dead than they claim.

  15. I think that green lemon juice can prevent this coronavirus and help a lot but never use white sugar in lemonades because its refining and have chemical processed. Honey or brown sugar is ok to use.

  16. In my opinion
    It's all to clear
    Loosing direction and now loosing
    Control of who has it and who dosnt and allowing them to leave when they have it.
    Infecting 2.5 or 6.5 people they are around.
    Look this dosnt seem to be stopping.
    With the Brits getting ready to quaritine 1million people. Seems like something is up.
    Everyone that is smart is talking real stories.
    The ones that see what's going on
    See it
    It's worse then whats being reported.

  17. It's all over the news that where it started has a lab that examines that very virus. So that leads me and the news to believe that it was released into the air.

  18. Usen mascarillas hijos ya saben
    Oremos a Dios si ese pinche Dios existe y disfruten de la vida por que casi nos vamos a joder

  19. What a tragic loss of life for this talented doctor who could have had a long career serving humanity with his skills. It takes so many years of schooling and training to become a neurosurgeon. Good bless his family and thank you for your dedication to the Chinese people and medicine.

  20. No one must be allowed to leave the cruise ships. Does not matter how it makes others feel. They must be quarantined. Those released in Cambodia who flew back to their countries are now infected and spreading because they were freed from the ships. It must never be allowed.

  21. @1:55 FACT; These A$$hats A.k.a. the lame Stream media is lying to us all, The CDC and the WHO both know that this virus can be spread up to 21 days before the individual shows symptoms, they also know that if you’re on a plane with infected individuals, an N~95 mask will just not do! You also need goggles, because if one molecule gets in your eye of the virus 🦠 You Will Contract it!!!
    Why do they keep bringing this virus to our shores? Occam‘s razor would suggest because our government wants us all to get infected!!!!

  22. Of course there is a coverup and of course the communist government is evil. But I pray to God that the innocent people live through this plague.

  23. There’s more than 2000 dead. What a joke. It’s closer to 20,000. China is running out of body bags. They make body bags in China! Let that sink in

  24. Did CHINA unleash #BioMediaWarfare on its OWN PEOPLE to CRUSH the Health & Freedom Move? Hong King demanded freedom. Wuhan demanded better air quality for health. There were MASSIVE protests in both areas last July & August.


  25. R.I.P. Coronavirus is a new threat to the World in 2020. Of course especially to China. No one has experience to face it. Though flu kills tens of thousands of Americans every year, most peoples’ experiences with it are relatively mundane. We are also conditioned to focus heavily on new threats, looking for any cause for alarm. This can lead us to obsess over the scariest reports and worst-case scenarios, making the danger seem bigger still. Despite there’s a lot to be improved upon China is working so hard and as a kind person plz should show some mercy and pray for these countries and ppl. You don’t know when and where the new virus will appear. As Bill Gates said in TED“Now, part of the reason for this is that we've invested a huge amount in nuclear deterrents. But we've actually invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic. We're not ready for the next epidemic.”

  26. Not sure where it is, but I saw an interview with a western doctor asked about how the whistleblower who was only 35 could have died from this. Her thought was that he probably got a heavy viral load after seeing multiple infected patients and was not able to fight it off. People who have only one contact and get a small viral load may be able to fight it off more easily. It was just her theory but it makes more sense to me. People are claiming this only targets Asians, put outside of the Wuhan are and its surrounding province, there have been very few fatalities even in China. I think what is happening in Wuhan is a combination of high viral loads due to people being infected multiple times, less than ideal care, and not enough medical equipment.

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