Haym Salomon Nursing & Rehabilitation – Brooklyn NY

0 overlooking the majestic Verizzano Haym Solomon nursing home stands proud
of its accomplishment since 1955 0 our name is synonymous with the highest
standards of rehabilitative care in the tri-state area our stellar reputation keeps convincing
patience to choose Haym solomon for
postoperative and restorative care doctors always recommend home some
because their patients have very good outcomes I wouldn’t have my mom in any other
facility highly trained in advanced techniques I am Solomon offers a therapy program
that is a collaborative process crafted by all the specialized
departments rehabilitation that is a very good collaboration
between the administration nursing and the head of the department the
therapy regimen is individualize to the particular needs of the residents patience I’m very happy the process of
rehabilitation over here at Hyam Solomon the administration is
actively involved in the care each patient receives very few facilities
you can see the administrator going around on every unit everyone is
involved in ensuring that the residents receive the highest
level of care this joint effort to both the
administration and the professional care providers creates a climate of trust and
individualized attention I see that the staff acts very respectfully a distinctive feature
at Haym Salomon which paints a rainbow of color on each
day spent here is the exceptional recreational program
the very group and individualized activities promote a positive atmosphere in which
the residents and caregivers interact creatively staff members work
hard to get to know who the residents are what they like to try
to create meaningful days filled with lots of good
stuff music is harmonious with healing and is
a keynote segment of the program the smiles and displays appreciation
after each activity reflect the joy in meeting these
activities provide patients leaving our doors with restored
function after a wholesome caring experienced are forever grateful it really is a great place Haym Solomon aims to bridge the healing
process from hospital to home by promoting
quality of life and inspiring all our residents with
hope for a brighter future Haym Solomon will give your parents the
best medi-cal nursing and RehabCare in the most efficient and effective
manner Haym Solomon will get you back on your feet Haym Salomon will give you the care love and
support Haym solomon will make you feel like your at home and give you the best time

2 thoughts on “Haym Salomon Nursing & Rehabilitation – Brooklyn NY

  1. Doesn't this look great. Visit it, however, and check out the 2nd floor where patients are sitting alone in the dining room with one staff member sitting and watching. Hardly any elderly patient looks at another, they don't speak, there's no personal stimulation. It seems like there are too few staff members for too many patients, whether longer term or short term. I will be talking with administration myself but so far it's a far cry from this picture.

  2. I admitted my grandmother following hip surgery and 3 weeks of acute level rehab. Prior to requiring hip surgery, my elderly grandmother was living alone with minimum daily assistance. My grandmother only has good things to say about the therapy she is receiving at this rehab facility. However, her general daily 24 hour care is another story.

    The facility is continuously completely understaffed. The Rehab nurses and aides are unprofessional and rude. They have attitudes and intimidate patients. I had the facility transfer my grandmother from the rehab floor to the nursing care floor just to get her away from the physically and emotionally abusive rehab nurses and aides who hold zero professional care standards.

    I have been disappointed with the facility's general lack of communication. When I admitted my grandmother to this rehab facility I provided them with my PA and HCP documentation which I have due to my grandmothers mild early on-set dementia. I told them I was to be contacted for everything related to my grandmothers care. Yet, No-one at the facility has reached out to me about her plan of care (she has been there for going on three weeks). When I call to ask questions, ask to speak to a supervisor or social worker, I either get hung up on or leave messages that don't get returned.

    Example: My grandmother developed multiple large black and blue areas all over her body and a hernia feeling lump on her belly (non of which she had prior to her arrival at this facility). My grandmother showed these areas to her aides and nurses but they responded to her in a very dismissive manner. It was only when I came for a visit and asked about the concerning looking areas on my grandmother's body, did the staff decide to order a sonogram and blood tests.

    Another example: When I was looking for a nurse on the rehab floor to ask about the black-n-blue and lump on my grandmothers body etc… and asked a staff (who i assumed was a nurse) what her name was or what department she worked in, she refused to answer me. This staff also refused to let me know who the head nurse was or who the supervisor was. I later learnt she was a nurse on the floor. It took hours of persistence and not giving into the staff intimidation to finally receive the names of the head nurse and the name of the supervisor on shift. Ironically, I received this information from a family member of another patient. This family member had this info because she had just finished contacting administration to report neglectful care her loved one was receiving.

    While moving my grandmother to the nursing care floor secured a temporary safer solution for my 89 year old grandmother, she is now surrounded by residents who have multiple age related severe disabilities. My grandmother is now also being treated as a nursing home resident with less access to independent freedom during her free time. This whole experience is causing my grandmother a whole lot of emotional trauma. Her biggest fear in life has always been to end up in a nursing home. Now due to this rehabs lack of professionalism, she is being cared for as if she is in a nursing home and is surrounded by residents who are severely disabled.

    On the topic of safety, Friday evening their was no security at the front security desk. After asking around, it turned out that the man watching TV in the rec room was in fact the security member who was suppose to be at the front desk. This facility does not hold safe professional standards. I would not recommend placing a vulnerable loved one here unless you plan on being there with them 24 hours to look out for their well being.

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